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Mozilla Reps in 2020 Berlin All Hands
kpapadea on February 17, 2020 02:30 PM

14 Reps were invited to participate in this year’s All Hands in Berlin.

At the All-Hands Reps learned some easy German words  (Innovationsprozess-swischenstands-schreihungsskizze), did some art (see here X artistic endeavor during a group activity), and learned about cultural differences in communication.

Of course, it was not all going around, spray painting walls, and trying to understand the German sense of humor. The reps went down to serious Reps business.

To be sure that issues that were relevant to the Reps would be discussed in Berlin, all the invited Reps were asked to fill out a survey. The answers from the survey revealed a series of community issues that limit participation, as well as issues with the infrastructures of the Reps program. Putting together these answers with the themes that the Reps council worked on their OKRs last year,  these issues were prioritized for discussion:

  • campaign and activities,
  • communication between Mozilla and Reps,
  • how to grow and activate communities,
  •  mentors program, onboarding,
  • Reps program’s infrastructure.


So, to discuss how to tackle these issues and how to bring forward the program in 2020 the reps had meetings (lots and lots of meetings).

On Tuesday  Reps were divided into small groups to discuss the above-mentioned issues. In every group, they were asked to discuss the current state and to imagine the ideal state for each issue by the end of 2020.

On Wednesday Reps were asked, “are we community coordinators yet?”. We agreed to prioritize the themes we discussed on Tuesday based on the above question and thinking around which one of them can strengthen their role as a community coordinator and, therefore, help to grow healthy communities.

Based on that prioritization two themes emerged as the leading themes for 2020: communication between Mozilla and the reps program and campaign and activities. That, of course, doesn’t mean that the rest of the themes are not equally important. The Reps Council decided to put the focus on the first two while at the same time open the participation for the other themes amongst the Reps.

On  Wednesday the Reps Council met to discuss how to turn the 2 major topics into objectives and key results  of the program in 2020. This conversation is still going and the Reps Council will publish this year’s OKRs soon.


On Thursday all reps discussed the campaigns pipeline and how volunteers can contribute more actively to it.


So, what was the conclusion from this tour-de-force?



Regarding communication, the reps established that there was a  need for more consistent communication and transparency. So that they set this goal to be reached by the end of 2020:


  • By the end of 2020, Reps have all the information about Mozilla’s goals and direction and they have the effective tools and processes to pass that information to their communities.


More in detail this would mean, between other things, that there will be a clear channel of communication for Mozilla to reach reps, consistent communication around Mozilla’s top goals, and the capability to update communities in their own languages. This will require establishing resources dedicated to improving communication.



Reps established that there is a need to have more activities and campaigns in which communities can participate and that these campaigns need to be all in one place (the community portal). The objective is that:


  • By the end of 2020, Reps can suggest activities or campaigns to volunteers at any given time


Reps will also become more active in all the stages of a campaign pipeline, from the ideation to the implementation phase. To this end, communication and information between reps and projects/staff should become simpler.

Let us know what you think in the comments.


On behalf of the Community Development Team

Francesca and Konstantina

Hour of Code event at GRD college of Science
bhuvanameenakshi on December 25, 2019 10:43 AM


An orientation session on Mozilla projects was held on 6-7 December 2019 at Dr. GR Damodaran College of Science, Coimbatore. This talk was part of the “Hour of Code” event, which is an International event celebrated across the globe to encourage students to develop their knowledge on Computer Science. This event was supported by Open Knowledge movements like Wikimedia, Mozilla, etc.which would help students to share their knowledge in the form of volunteerships and contributions. The highlights of Campus Club program was covered as part of a focussed group discussion.

Hour of code event

The “Hour of Code” is an International event conducted across the globe to commemorate the birthday of Grace Hopper, a computer scientist. In India 1047 events were officially registered and were conducted region-wise. In Coimbatore, Dr.G.R. Damodaran College of Science initiated the first Hour of Code event in the city. The event was attended by 400-500 students, where 50% of the participants were identified as women, from various departments and 6 Open Source and Knowledge movements’ community members were invited as speakers. Among them were Mozilla, Wikimedia, Google Developers Groups, Facebook Devcircles, Women Tech Makers and School of AI where all the community representatives pitched to the student gathering on how to contribute to these groups. The students were enthusiastic to initiate Open source clubs and also nominate a Point Of Contact with the guidance of the faculty members.

The Orientation- Day 1

I was invited as a Chief Guest for the event to talk to students about how they may contribute to Mozilla and its projects. I presented to the students the various forms of Mozilla which would be of interest to coders and non-coders. This also included discussions on Campus Clubs, WebVR, Firefox Reality, Mozilla Hubs, Addons and Rust. As the participants from the college were mostly from Tamil Nadu, I also emphasised how contribution to localisation projects of L10n and SUMO.

Focussed Group Discussions – Day 2

On the second day I invited the students to form circles or groups based on their interest of contribution. There were four teams formed and I shared with the every possibility of getting themselves involved into the projects. Resources on where to begin and how to contact experts both in regional and global levels was made understandable to the participants. The final day ended with great discussions and also I encouraged the women in crowd to openly discuss about the issues they face and what will make them feel safe to sustain their contributions as a part of the community.

Press coverage about the event can be seen at Desathin Nambikai , The Covai mail news , Prime Time Tamil , Covai news and

Firefox Accounts Campaign – Ranchi
Md Shahbaz Alam on December 17, 2019 02:07 PM

We gathered with the open-source contributors in Ranchi and invited other open source communities, to take part in the discussion on “PRIVACY”. A word which is very much popular these days, companies, government organizations, and developers who don’t even bother to give this right to the users.

And when there is a fight for the freedom of the internet and user’s privacy, no other than Mozilla’s name comes into mind. An organization that is fighting for the freedom of the internet and users’ privacy. Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all.– we believe truely believe this and doing good is part of our code.

One login. All your devices. A family of products that respects your privacy.

We talked about why and how this family of the product will be helping users to fight against user privacy and keeping their data safe and protected.

Firefox Lockwise

Firefox Monitor

Firefox Send

Sign up for Firefox Account

Join the mission – 

MozCoffee Hong Kong 2019.12
Sammy Fung on December 06, 2019 02:46 PM

To support the Join Firefox Campaign, Mozilla Hong Kong community organise MozCoffee meetup in Hong Kong on 6 Dec. I share the new products Firefox Account, Monitor, Lockwise and Mozilla’s mission focus on Internet privacy. Some participants already have Firefox account and the rest of them are considering to create it soon.

Kingman shares the latest update about Common Voice for Cantonese. Cantonese is a newly available language on the Common Voice website to collect voice data. Some participants will tell their students the Common Voice project.

We also discuss Rust programming language, Firefox web browser and web extensions.

The post MozCoffee Hong Kong 2019.12 appeared first on Sammy Rock Symphony.

வாங்க தெரிஞ்சிக்கலாம் : மொசில்லா தமிழ் மொழியாக்கத்தில் பங்களிப்பது எப்படி? [காணொளி]
Khaleel Jageer on November 28, 2019 06:12 AM

மொசில்லா என்ற திறந்த மூல மென்பொருள் பரவலாகப் பயன்படுத்தப்பட்டு வரும், உலாவிகளில் ஒன்று. கணினிக்கான உலாவியாக உருவெடுத்த ஒரு தொழில்நுட்பம் இன்று, இணைய உலகில் தனியுரிமையை பாதுகாக்கவும், இணையத்தை கட்டற்ற அமைப்பாக வைக்கவும், தன்னாலான போராட்டத்தைச் சில சமரசங்களோடு நடத்திவருகிறது.

ஒரு பயனுருடைய தனிப்பட்ட தகவல்களை எடுத்துப் பணமாக்கவும், பயனர் வாழ் பகுதியின் அரசியலை தீர்மானிக்கவும் இணையம் பயன்படுத்தப்பட்டுவரும் இதே காலக்கட்டத்தில் தான், ஒரு அமைப்பு தனது பயனர்களின் தனிப்பட்ட தகவல்களைப் பாதுகாக்க வேண்டும் என்ற தத்துவத்துடன் உலகளவில் பல தன்னார்வலர்களின் உதவியுடன் இயங்கிவருகிறது.

இப்படியான பல கட்டற்ற/திறந்தமூல மென்பொருட்களுக்கு மொழியாக்கம் என்பது ஒரு முக்கிய படிக்கல்லாகும். அதாவது, வேற்று மொழியை அடிப்படியாகக் கொண்டு உருவாக்கப்படும் மென்பொருட்களை நமது மொழிக்கு மொழிபெயர்த்து அதைப் பலரும் பயன்படுத்தும் வகையில் கொண்டுசெல்வது முக்கிய நோக்கமாகும்.

அப்படியாக இன்று நாம் மொசில்லாவின் தமிழ் மொழியாக்கம் குறித்து இந்தக் காணொளியில் தெரிந்துகொள்ளலாம்.



Rep of the Month – October 2019
mkohler on November 04, 2019 01:16 PM

Please join us in congratulating Shina Dhingra, Rep of the Month for October 2019!

Shina is from Pune, Maharashtra, India. Her journey started with the Mozilla Pune community while she was in college in 2017, with Localization in Hindi and quality assurance bugs.

She’s been an active contributor to the community and since then has helped a lot of newcomers in their onboarding and helping them understand better what the Mozilla Community is all about.

She joined the Reps Program in February 2019 and since then she has actively participated and contributed to Common Voice, A-Frame, Localization, Add-ons, and other Open Source Contributions. She built her own project as a mentee under the Open Leaders Program, and will be organizing and hosting her own cohort called “Healthier AI” which she launched at MozFest this year.

Congratulations and keep rocking the open web!

To congratulate her, please head over to Discourse!

Mozilla L10n – Urdu Team Meeting
Md Shahbaz Alam on October 30, 2019 04:03 PM

This meeting was to bring together all the contributors of Urdu on a platform to discuss issues and solve problems. Also to decide the plan to create stylesheets, guidelines and active projects we will be focusing on. Following is the meeting note.

L10n Urdu Meeting : 27/10/2019 9:30 PM – 10:30 PM IST

Reps Event:

Members Joined:

With this I would like to thank our newest contributor to Urdu, Mahtab Alam, he has been in L10n space for a long time, but recently started contributing to Urdu.



Reps of the Month – September 2019
mkohler on October 17, 2019 11:11 AM

Please join us in congratulating our Reps of the Month for September 2019, Jyotsna Gupta and David Gonzalez Blanchard

Jyotsna is a Mozilla Rep and a Tech Speaker from Bangalore, India. The majority of her contributions goes to Add-ons, from building PrivateX to being an Add-ons Content Reviewer and a judge in the Firefox Quantum Extensions Challenge. She was also highlighted as a Friend of Add-ons in the last quarter of 2018 on the Add-ons blog. Besides all this, she mentored new extension developers in her local community and joined the Featured Extensions Advisory Board.

More recently she joined the Mozilla Tech Speakers Program through which she frequently speaks about cross-browser extension development at various events and conferences. She aims to hone her public and tech speaking skills to help and collaborate with open source developers and communities.

David has been a member of the Nicaraguan Mozilla Community since 2010 and a Mozilla Rep since 2011, the year in which the community began to participate and share knowledge related to the web and Mozilla. Since then he has supported different activities to promote openness on the web and everything related to the community both in Nicaragua and the rest of Central American countries.

He has collaborated giving talks, workshops, organizing activities with the aim of unifying the communities of Mozilla Central America. He is currently promoting the development of video games, virtual reality with WebVR, Rust, and Common Voice. His main interest is to share knowledge about software development and promote a web accessible to all. The most recent activity he participated in was Mozilla Activate 2019 in Nicaragua where they talked about different topics related to Mozilla Activate and about innovation on the web.

Congratulations and keep rocking the open web!

Rep of the Month – August 2019
mkohler on September 30, 2019 10:10 AM

Please join us in congratulating Yamama Shakaa, our Rep of the Month for August 2019!

Yamama is from Nablus, Palestine. She is a teacher and has become a very active Mozillian, she joined the Reps program in November 2018 and is also part of the Mozilla Tech Speaker program. She keeps contributing deeply in the program as Reps Resources member.

She also contributes a lot to WebVR, A-frame, and Common Voice. Like many teachers around the world she inspires many people – especially school girls in her region by teaching them how to solve problems through lines of code.

Congratulations and keep rocking the open web!

Speaker experience at DevFest’19
bhuvanameenakshi on September 22, 2019 04:11 PM

This was my first to DevFest as a speaker although I was an attendee for the same last year. This time Google Developers Group organised DevFest at Coimbatore and it was the first time the city was experiencing such a huge tech fest. I was very happy to be invited here as a speaker, I was amongst the tech giants. I also appreciate the fact that DevFest is not only for Google Open source community to share the stage but also there was a diverse participation for the same.

I spoke on my all time favorite topic “WebXR: The Journey to the Center of Reality”, I tried to grab the show with the demos and made the audience to experience Hubs as well. There were roughly 100 participants attending the event. To make the talk more interesting I distributed handouts at the event and asked the audience to experience some AR by opening an URL on their mobile phones.

All in all, I liked the hospitality and it was also a good networking with fellow Mozillians from all time. Also I liked the venue which was set up well and Coimbatore was amazing as always

Event website:


Rep of the Month – July 2019
mkohler on September 11, 2019 11:34 AM

Please join us in congratulating Bhuvana Meenakshi Koteeswaran, Rep of the Month for July 2019!

Bhuvana is from Salem, India. She joined the Reps program at the end of 2017 and since then she has been involved with Virtual and Augmented Reality projects.

Bhuvana has recently held talks about WebXR at FOSSCon India and BangPypers. In October she will be a Space Wrangler at the Mozilla Festival in London.

Congratulations and keep rocking the open web!

Common Voice Ranchi Sprint
Md Shahbaz Alam on September 11, 2019 08:27 AM

Common Voice is a project to help make voice recognition open to everyone. To create voice systems, developers need an extremely large amount of voice data. Most of the data used by large companies aren’t available to the majority of people. We think that stifles innovation. So we’ve launched Common Voice, a project to help make voice recognition open and accessible to everyone! Raise your voice and get involved!

We in Ranchi decided to host a series of events to achieve a certain goal for Common Voice.

The goal of this series was to achieve 6000 Clips of Audio Spoken from each participant, and tell you upfront, we did!

We kept the event on each Friday with limited participants:

  • Wasaf: 790
  • Kashif: 935
  • Barkatullah: 700
  • Parwez: 324
  • Arbaz: 504
  • Saif: 609
  • Ekram: 1008
  • Rizwan: 450
  • Mahtab: 456
  • Masood: 325
  • Yusuf: 312
  • Ritesh: 367
  • Aamir: 498

Next Friday on Aug 9, the counts were: Farhan and Wasim joined as from this event

  • Wasaf: 1590
  • Kashif: 1835
  • Barkatullah: 1865
  • Parwez: 1504
  • Arbaz: 2094
  • Saif: 1605
  • Ekram: 1908
  • Rizwan: 1490
  • Mahtab: 1206
  • Masood: 1625
  • Yusuf: 1112
  • Ritesh: 767
  • Aamir: 1498
  • Farhan: 676
  • Wasim: 754

Next Friday on Aug 16, the counts were:

  • Wasaf: 2407
  • Kashif: 2935
  • Barkatullah: 3261
  • Parwez: 3514
  • Arbaz: 3094
  • Saif: 1905
  • Ekram: 4808
  • Rizwan: 2490
  • Mahtab: 3206
  • Masood: 2125
  • Yusuf: 4312
  • Ritesh: 2567
  • Aamir: 3444
  • Farhan: 1835
  • Wasim: 1987

Next Friday on Aug 23, the counts were: This Friday, I was not present, Mahtab took the lead and organized the event.

  • Wasaf: 4432
  • Kashif: 4935
  • Barkatullah: 4261
  • Parwez: 4513
  • Arbaz: 4592
  • Saif: 3400
  • Ekram: 8808
  • Rizwan: 4490
  • Mahtab: 4206
  • Masood: 5124
  • Yusuf: 5213
  • Ritesh: 4765
  • Aamir: 5312
  • Farhan: 3832
  • Wasim: 3943

We skipped next Friday and organized our last event on Saturday, Aug 31, the counts were:

  • Wasaf: 6328
  • Kashif: 6010
  • Barkatullah: 6261
  • Parwez: 5513
  • Arbaz: 6000
  • Saif: 5700
  • Ekram: 12434
  • Rizwan: 6053
  • Mahtab: 4206 (Absent)
  • Masood: 5124 (Absent)
  • Yusuf: 5213 (Absent)
  • Ritesh: 6765
  • Aamir: 6839
  • Farhan: 4791
  • Wasim: 5200

In Total, we have managed to verify 92,437 Audio Clips

All the Volunteers are continuing this journey and will be taking part in Common Voice Booth at DevFest Ranchi on 22nd September.

Reps OKRs for second half of 2019
kpapadea on August 12, 2019 04:29 PM

Here is the list of the OKRs (objective and Key Results) that the Reps Council has set for the second half of 2019

Objective 1: By the end of 2019, Reps are feeling informed and are more confident to contribute to Mozilla initiatives

  • KR1: More activities related to MDM campaigns are reported on reps portal (30% more reporting)
  • KR2: 10% of inactive Reps are getting reactivated via the campaigns
  • KR3: 3 communities that haven’t participated before in campaigns are now joining campaigns regularly
  • KR4: Reps report feeling more involved in the program (success increase of 20%)
  • KR5: More than 80% of the reps are reporting that they know what MDM is about
  • KR6: More than 70% reps are voting in autumn elections
  • KR7: More than 50% of reps are sharing feedback on surveys about the program


Objective 2: By the end of 2019, Reps have skills that allow them to be local leaders

  • KR1: Due to the skills that the Reps have obtained, they now contribute to a 20% increase on campaigns contributions
  • KR2: 80% of mentors are reporting that are ready to lead their mentees due to the new mentor training they got (⅘ satisfaction rate)
  • KR3: 90% of the new onboarded Reps are reporting that are ready to become local leaders in their community due to their onboarding training


Objective 3: By the end of 2019, MDMs recognize Reps as local community builders / helpers


  • KR1: 10% more bugs reported for budget / swag (filing on behalf of the community)
  • KR2: [on hold] when the MDM portal is ready, 80% of the leaders of the communities join Reps

Let us know what you think by leaving feedback on the comments.

Beta Testing BugHunting
Md Shahbaz Alam on July 16, 2019 09:15 AM

Hello Everyone, It’s been almost 9 months since I wrote a blog. There are pending blogs coming soon from Oct 2018, which includes my journey experience and speaking experience from southeast Asia.

After a series of WebExtension events in Ranchi, It was time to test our Favorite browser, we organized two BugHunting events one on 25-May-2019 and next on 09-June-2019.

The first event started with downloading the Firefox Preview after signing and setting up the Google Play account. We have also discussed the importance of Bug and why one should always report.

Mozilla was launching a NEW Android web browser and they needed us to get it ready for the free and open web.

We followed How to Bug Hunt section of and Shared the bug entry details

The event concluded with some delicious food at dinner as most of them were keeping Ramadan Fast. So, we preferred the night to do the event.

The second event had a different goal, we divided the team into two, one who attended previous Bug Hunting Event and the second set of people were new to Bug Hunting.

For newbies were followed the above steps and for ones who attended the previous event, were asked to go through bugs faced by each other and helping others to file the bug they encounter. We have submitted 56 bugs in total using bug entry.


We concluded the event with awesome food and more bugs!!

Some of the feedback/ bugs we found:

  • It is showing less advertisements
  • It suggest sites automatically( autofill )
  • Multiple tabs works very smoothly
  • Save collection of sites
  • we can blacklist sites
  • we can block microphone while using this browser
  • crashes a lot
  • instagram works smoothly
  • Do not allow to go back from websites such as
  • No Download options
  • Download tracking is not available
  • lags while scrolling to websites like
  • Data saving option is not available

Some specific bugs/feedback


Rep of the Month – June 2019
mkohler on July 05, 2019 11:37 AM

Please join us in congratulating Pranshu Khanna, Rep of the Month for June 2019!

Pranshu is from Surat, Gujarat, India. His journey started with a Connected Devices workshop in 2016, since then he’s been a super active contributor and a proud Mozillian. He joined the Reps Program in March 2019 and has been instrumental ever since.

In addition to that, he’s been one of the most active Reps in his region since he joined the program. He has worked to get his local community, Mozilla Gujarat, to meet very regularly and contribute to Common Voice, BugHunter, Localization, SUMO, A-Frame, Add-ons, and Open Source Contribution. He’s an active contributor and a maintainer of the OpenDesign Repository and frequently contributes to the Mozilla India & Mozilla Gujarat Social Channels.

Congratulations and keep rocking the open web!

To congratulate Pranshu, please head over to Discourse!

8 Years of Reps Program, Celebrating Community Successes!
kpapadea on July 03, 2019 12:23 PM

The Reps program idea was started in 2010 by William Quiviger and Pierros Papadeas, until officially launched and welcoming volunteers onboard as Mozilla Reps in 2011. The Mozilla Reps program aims to empower and support volunteer Mozillians who want to be official representatives of Mozilla in their region/locale/country. The program provides a framework and a specific set of tools to help Mozillians to organize and/or attend events, recruit and mentor new contributors, document and share activities, and support their local communities better. The Reps program was created to help communities around the world. Community is the backbone of the Mozilla project. As the Mozilla project grows in scope and scale, community needs to be strengthened and empowered accordingly. This is the central aim of the Mozilla Reps program: to empower and to help push responsibility to the edges, in order to help the Mozilla contributor base grow. Nowadays, the Reps are taking a stronger point by becoming the Community Coordinators.

You can learn more about the program here.

Success Stories

Mozilla Reps program proven to be successful to help to identify talents from local communities to contribute to Mozilla projects. Reps also help to run local/international events and helping the campaigns to take place. Some of the campaigns happen in the past, was a collaboration work with other Mozilla teams. These are list of some activities or campaigns which collaborating the Reps program with other Mozilla teams. Until today, we have total 7623 events, 261 active Reps, and 51,635 activities reported on Reps portal.

Historically, the Reps have been supporting major Mozilla products through the whole existence, from the Firefox OS Launch to supporting the latest campaigns. Events that help to promote the launch of new version of Firefox such Firefox 4.0, Firefox Quantum, and every Firefox major release updates. Events that care about users and community such Privacy Month, Aadhar, The Dark Funnel, Techspeakers, Web Compatibility Sprint, Maker Party. Events relate to new product release such Firefox Rocket/Lite and Screenshot Go for South East Asia and India market. Events relate to localization such The Add-on Localization. Events relate to Mozilla’s product such Rust, Webmaker, Firefox OS.

Do You Have More Ideas?

With those many success stories on the past in helping engagement of local communities and helping many different campaigns, Mozilla Reps still looking forward to many different activities and campaigns in future. So, if you have more ideas for campaigns or engagement for local communities, or want to collaborate with Mozilla Reps program to get in touch with local communities, Let’s do it together!

DevCon Summit 2019
Bob on June 22, 2019 02:11 PM
“The Future of Jobs, Embracing Industry 4.0” was this year’s DevCon (Developers Connect) Summit 2019 was all about. Held at the SMX Convention Center of SM Aura in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City earlier today, I was invited to represent Mozilla and sit as a panelist around the topic “Preparing for the Jobs of the […]

New Council members – 2019 Spring elections
kpapadea on June 04, 2019 04:02 PM

We are very happy to announce that our 5 new Council members are are fully on-boarded and already working moving the Mozilla Reps program forward.

In more detail here are the subjects that they will work on:

Of course we would like to thank our outgoing Reps council members Daniele, Manel and Oarabile for all their contributions during their last year in the program.

The Mozilla Reps Council is the governing body of the Mozilla Reps Program. It provides the general vision of the program and oversees day-to-day operations globally. Currently, 7 volunteers and 2 paid staff sit on the council. Find out more on the Reps wiki.


Rep of the Month – April 2019
mkohler on May 13, 2019 05:07 PM

Please join us in congratulating Lidya Christina, Rep of the Month for April 2019!

Lidya Christina is from Jakarta, Indonesia. Her contribution in SUMO event in 2016 lead her into a proud Mozillian, an active contributor of Mozilla Indonesia and last March 2019 she joined the Reps program.

In addition to that, she’s also a key member that oversees the day to day operational work in Mozilla Community space Jakarta, while at the same time regularly organizing localization event and actively participating in campaigns like Firefox 66 Support Mozilla Sprint, Firefox Fights for you, Become a dark funnel detective and Common Voice sprints.

Congratulations and keep rocking the open web!

To congratulate Lidya, please head over to Discourse!

WebXR talk at VIT DevSpace
Vitchu on May 12, 2019 05:52 PM

VIT, Vellore is one of the most reputed college in Tamilnadu. At the end of this March they organized DevSpace, Computer science department and Computer Society Students branch of college teamed up and organized this event. It is one of the amazing event and the students were very enthusiastic to learn more.

DevSpace 2019 Speaker Tag

I got opportunity to share about WebXR (focusing WebAR mostly using Aframe and AR.js) for this event. I was very excited to talk about WebAR for this event mainly because this is the first time I am going to give the talk on this topic and as usual my Mozilla Techspeaker friends and MozillaReps helped me a lot to prepare this topic. To name few friends Fabien, Karthikeyan and Bhuvana.

My Agenda of the Talk

  • To discuss Why WebAR instead of Native
  • Different Technologies / libraries
  • Different types of AR apps
  • What is Aframe
    • Showing Demos of Aframe
    • EC System in Aframe
  • What is Marker Based AR
    • Building Custom Markers
  • Limitations of Various Libraries

Why this is amazing event

Devspace has attracted more number of students and student startup. Around 150 students had attended my session. There were some more session a day before and after my session. Session from Amazon, IBM Watson, and so on were there. Then in the afternoon the hackathon was there. It will be great if more and more session like this happen at this college. After the event was having the discussion with the organizers about improving the event. There was a plan from the team to make the FOSS Specific conference to bring in more students across Tamilnadu. Two teams who were doing projects at the hackathon had been doing projects related to Augmented Reality. They were thinking to use Aframe and AR.js. Still most of the students / professional are thinking more projects around Marker based AR or when they go for Markerless AR then its very huge for implementing. More proper library support should come so developers can hack and build some amazing things.

I am very happy and should thank organizers team for the effort they made. They helped right from booking the tickets, late night check-in to the room for my stay, dropping me again at the railway, the ID card they designed, fetching the details about the speakers instead of asking us.

Discovery of another passion!
bhuvanameenakshi on April 07, 2019 06:37 PM

During this year’s traditional festival of Tamil Nadu, I not only celebrated it in a holy way but also I learnt, shared and discovered. Yes, this was the exact time that the Firefox Fights For You video challenge was open and I was always eager to put my creative skills into this.


Once the challenged was announced I questioned myself how to do this in a unique way because I was sure that everyone willl literally localise the content and edit the videos accordingly. But to stand out of the crowd there must be a wow-factor that not only impress the judges but also attract a lot in YouTube and other social media platforms as there were two types of awards. So, I thought since the harvest festival of my state was also fast approaching I gathered my friends and other Mozillians in my town as they had a lot of festive holidays. The next day, we planned to go to the country side nearby and do the video shoot. The plan was to do the video not only with localised content (the Mozilla TN L10n played a vital role in the precised translation), but also to show the culture of our region.

After we stepped into the fields the villagers looked at us in surprise and mistook us as the movie actors/ directors. I spoke with them all and made them feel comfortable and asked them to participate in the video too. Although many of them were shy, I managed to convince a few girls and boys to do a little stuff.



We took a few breaks in between the shoot and I observed these young crowd from the country side alone happened to use smart phones. I was happy that they were digitally connected, so I just tested their literarcy on web as they had some 2G speed internet connected to their phones and also they have laptops at home which they get from the government for free of cost. I asked them the frequent browser they use and the default answer was Google and I asked them why not Firefox and their response was that they did not know much about it because they are hardly even taught to handle the gadgets but just they see Google everywhere they even thought its the only existing browser.

I took this opportunity to share them what latest Firefox browser and Firefox Lite  has for them and how they must be very aware of the “privacy and security”. It was very new to them and I also showed them MDN, which willl be helpful for them start with. They apparantely did not know they can develop things themselves and even make their own user. Moreover, I also encouraged all the people of different ages to use internet in a healthy way because the community consisted of farmers and owners of very small-scale industries. They were awe-struck to know the benefits and opportunites.



The place where we went to take a video shoot at last became a campaign mission. Anyway I loved the way things went. I am so happy that I educated many and also I provided certain directions on how the video has to be composed and asked everyone to tell out the dialogues assigned to them.

The main things that highlight our video:

  • Localised precisely
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Clarity on the content
  • Most of the participants were Mozillians
  • Spread it widely

Finally, the videos were uploaded on YouTube and the words were spread on many platform (the Mozilla TN Social Media team did a great job!). Also I was inspired with the other videos too and I appreciate everyone who took efforts to do this.

After few days, the winners were announced and was really astonished to see that “we” won the “The most Popularity Award“. Yes, it was a great team to work with and I thank every MozillaTN  contributor who worked on bringing out things very perfectly as I tried to visualize.


As a reward all the participants received a cool special edition T-shirt. Thanks Mozilla and Mozilla Reps for the same

Above all celebrations and suprises, the most important lesson in my life is that I found the hidden talent in me as “director“. I never imagined myself in this context before but I just loved doing this. Thanks Mozilla Reps and Firefox for this opportunity!


































Add-ons session at LPU
Vitchu on March 31, 2019 03:50 PM

LPU generally called as Lovely Professional University is well known university in India. Recently the students club organized one of the amazing event #DiveIntoOpenSource

It was not a very easy travel to LPU. I to some extent I love travel but too much of travel is very difficult. The schedule of travel was very difficult around 7:30 PM i started from office, my flight was around 10:30 reached Delhi around 2:00 and was there for more than 3 hours and then from 5:30 started from there and reached AMRITSAR around 6:45. From there Amritsar started in the bus and travelled to Punjab and reached around 10:00. It was very difficult travel which was first time inside India. I had the keynote session “Getting Started with Open source” where I was about to share my journey in Open source. Since I reached late the students were waiting that time was caught by Vishal, this is the really good attitude which I liked. I always say to my mentee we should always make sure no one waits for us. In India, still we are new to FOSS technologies, students / professionals still go behind Brand names even when they know / use the alternatives.

So I got up freshen-up and reached the Workshop room around 10:40. There myself and Shivam started our session on WebExtension. This topic is always close to my heart. WebExtension is one the way we can interact with Browser Features and make them work for us. Browser is always meant for users to work, it will obey for us and this is the way its designed for. Browser are designed for people. Myself and Shivam divided the Session as below.

  • Introduction of WebExtension by Viswaprasath
    1. What is WebExtension
    2. Types of UI and Scripts
    3. How to configure developer settings in Browser
  • Live coding and Demo by Shivam
  • Code explanation by Viswa

Each and every session is unique, we get to meet large number of audience and learn something new from them. One of the feedback I got which was “They got to learn how the Keep by Google Add-on on Chrome sends selected data to” ( an example using Context menu) Around 2 PM we finished our session and started for lunch.

In the afternoon session We had other session in the afternoon.

  • Plasma Mobile
  • Kotlin
  • Git and Github

At the end of the day we had some of the group pics and ice breaking sessions like Quiz.

As a speaker I personally vouch other Evangelist should come to this college and share their technical knowledge. I can say the students who attended the event had enough knowledge to under Javascript / Kotlin / Other topic. I even saw some of them were easily using Amazon AWS.

I was Unfortunate was not there for the second day, heard we had session on pontoon L10N tool, Aframe and many more.

Some of the Resources shared at the event to learn MozWebExt

  • Documentation : Link
  • Video tutorials :
  • Code Samples : Link
  • Free E-Book : Link

Rep of the Month – February 2019
mkohler on March 14, 2019 12:32 PM

Please join us in congratulating Edoardo Viola, our Rep of the Month for February 2019!

Edoardo is a long-time Mozillian from Italy and has been a Rep for almost two years. He’s a Resource Rep and has been on the Reps Council until January. When he’s not busy with Reps work, Edoardo is a Mentor in the Open Leadership Training Program. In the past he has contributed to Campus Clubs as well as MozFest, where he was a Space Wrangler for the Web Literacy Track.

Recently Edoardo helped out at FOSDEM in Brussels as part of the Mozilla volunteers organizing our presence. He helped out at the booth, as well as helping to moderate the Mozilla Dev Room. He also contributes to the Internet Health Report as part of the volunteer team to give input for the next edition of the report.

To congratulate him, please head over to Discourse!

Rep of the Month – November 2018
mkohler on March 06, 2019 11:06 AM

Please join us in congratulating Viswaprasath KS, our Rep of the Month for November 2018!

Viswaprasath KS, also know as iamvp7, is a long time Mozillian from India who joined the Mozilla Rep program in June 2013. By profession he works as a software developer. He initially started contributing with designs and SUMO (Army of Awesome). He was also part of Firefox Student Ambassador E-Board and helped students to build exciting Firefox OS apps. In May 2014 he became one of the Firefox OS app reviewers.

Currently he is an active Mozilla TechSpeaker and loves to evangelise about WebExtensions and Progressive Web Apps. He has been an inspiration to many and loves to keep working towards a better web. He has worked extensively on Rust and WebExtensions, conducting many informative sessions on these topics recently. Together with other Mozillians he also wrote “Building Browser Extension”.

Thanks Viswaprasath, keep rocking the Open Web!

To congratulate him, please head over to Discourse!

2018 Year in Review with AMO
championshuttler (Shivam Singhal ) on February 13, 2019 05:27 PM
Sibelius Monument, Finland

Each one of us have some goals to complete, things to learn, and places to visit. With the year getting ended, it is time to lock back and see what all did we do for the last 365 days.

Well, 2018 have been a phenomenal year for me. Working with Addons aka AMO Team is where the major part of 2018 was spent. I have learned how to work remotely with a cross-cultural team. I have met some super awesome people like Caitlin , Rebecca and many more. I fixed ~50 Bugs in AMO. I got to meet a lot of great people, built connections and learned things. I am really happy to see few of my goals getting completed. I failed of the things miserably too.

Here is everything I did in the last year. January
  • Got the idea for create-web-ext — a scaffolding tool for browser extensions.
  • Talked to my mentor Trishul about it.
  • Pitched the idea of create-web-ext to Mozilla Addons team and asked to submit it as GSoC Project.
  • Declined as GSoC Project. Decided to go ahead to develop it.
  • Made team with my Mentor Trishul and Tushar to start working on the project.
  • First International Flight to Finland for Methane Hack. Won 1500 Euros.
  • Spent many sleepless nights with Trishul, Tushar to work on create-web-ext.
  • Made the prototype of create-web-ext. Trishul pitched it in Addons Show & Tell Meeting. Got good feedback about it .
  • My first code contribution to AMO, a small patch for amo-frontend.
  • Was working on another patch, sadly never completed it, huh.
  • Applied for the Featured Addons Advisory Board. REJECTED
  • Fixed 8 bugs in addons-server and amo-frontend
  • Was working on twitter card implementation for addons, sadly never completed it. Felt demotivated so many times due to this bug.
  • Send 9 patches to addons-server and amo-frontend. Learned about the css property: word-wrap: break-word;
  • Went to Finland again to OuluHack Hackathon. Won 1000 Euros
  • Sent 3 patches in amo-frontend.
  • Made the dropdown on AMO better. Learned about test assertions.
  • Fixed 6 bugs in addons-server and amo-frontend.
  • Deployed Static themes on production on AMO Frontend.
  • Learned that RTL means Right to Left and LTR Left to Right.
  • Wrote code in SQL for the first time ever for AMO Server.
  • Gave talk about browser extensions in DevConf
  • Met dgplug members Farhaan, Sayan and many others in DevConf’18.
  • Fixed 10 bugs in addons-server and amo-frontend.
  • First patch to Webextensions API.
  • Went through many sleepless night to setup Gecko on my laptop for the patch. Took more than 15 days.
  • Decided to dual boot with Fedora OS for Gecko.
  • Sat next through to Wifi router for ~8 Hours to setup Gecko.
  • Sent 5 patches to addons-server and amo-frontend.
  • Added developer policies in footer of AMO.
  • PyCon India, my 2nd time , which I attended as a volunteer.
  • Met dgplug members again in PyCon.
  • Applied for Mozilla Addons Reviewer. Rejected. Lesson learned — need to work on my JS Skills.
November & December
  • College Exams, practical and lot of college useless stuff.
  • Managed to solve 5 bugs in the mean time only.
  • Joined Featured Addons Advisory Board for next 6 months.
My plans for 2019
  • Helping beginners For 2019, I am looking to help few handful new code contributor to AMO Project because I feel while contributing in code you get to learn a lot of things like how to communicate, code is just one part of it .
  • More patches. I am looking to submit patches to Addon Manager and Webextensions API in Firefox.
  • Eat, sleep, code, gym, repeat. Being a software developer you are most likely to keep sitting on your chair for the major part of your day. This year I want to take out more time for physical activities.

Reps OKRs – First half of the year 2019
kpapadea on January 29, 2019 06:24 PM

Here are the OKRs for the first half of the year:

Objective 1: Reps are the bridge between their local communities (Mozilla or other local open source communities) and the Mozilla contribution opportunities

  • Key Result 1.1: 60% of Reps have a connection with another open source community (as a result of our community connection training)
  • Key Result 1.2: 70% of Reps have gathered data about the interests of their community

Objective 2: Mozilla projects reach out to Reps as gateway to community engagement

  • Key Result 2.1: 200 employees say they know about the Reps program’s purpose (Implementation hint: We aim for an All Hands Lightning Talk and being featured in the tl:dr newsletter with an update about the program)
  • Key Result 2.2: Reps collaborate with two new functional teams

Objective 3: Reps feel more involved in the program

  • Key Result 3.1: As a result of the mobilizing activities of the Reps we are able to connect 50% of campaign outcomes to their mobilizing efforts

Objective 4: External, non-Mozilla entities identify the Reps program as a connector to the broader Mozilla community

  • Key Result 4.1: External open source communities are informed about 2019 Reps plans with two publications
  • Key Result 4.2: By updating the Reps description in all resources to reflect the current purpose of the program more people could explain the purpose of the Reps program

Objective 5: Existing Reps and new applicants understand the resources we provide —

  • Key Result 5.1: we have less questions by new Reps on understanding the community coordinator role (Implementation hint: Document resources on what we provide)

Objective 6: We understand what is missing for the Reps Program to enable personal growth

  • Key Result 6.1: 50% of Reps have reported what the Reps program helped them to do in terms of community building and personal growth
  • Key Result 6.2: We identified 3 new personal growth area opportunities we want to provide

2018 – Red letter days, Mozilla and Me :)
bhuvanameenakshi on December 31, 2018 06:30 PM

Date: 31.12.2018


With the New Year fast approaching I just recollected the sweet memories that the past year 2018 has given me. Of course a lot of ups and downs, without which life can’t be interesting.

Firstly I express my gratitude to all the situations, people and Mozilla for giving me more than what I expected in my life. I would like to share significant events that happened as the 2018 is going to fade out in a few hours.

January – Started my internship at the Defence Research and Development Organisation, Bangalore.

February- Was officially selected as “Mozilla Reps“.

March – 1) Invited as a speaker at PES University, Bangalore and addressed about WebVR with a mini-hackathon.

2) Invited as a speaker at SRM University, Chennai for Mozofest 2018.

April – Completed my internship at DRDO

May – Successfully graduated from college with B.E. degree

June – Inaugurated a campus club , Tezilla at Narasus Sarathy Institute of Technology, Salem.

August – 1) Selected as a speaker at Devconf 2018, Christ University, Bangalore and spoke about Aframe and its applications where my audience were mostly developers and industrialists.

2) Mentored students of KGiSL college, Coimbatore for “HackyGenius” hackathon on AR/VR.

3) Started my internship as a Research Intern at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

September – Organised Dark Funnel campaign at Salem.

October – 1) Hosted a WebVR workshop at Vidyavardaka College of Engineering, Mysore.

2) Was selected as a facilitator at Mozfest 2018, Ravensbourne University, London. (very first time in my life I flew overseas)

November – Hosted a workshop at the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka.

December – 1) Mentored students of Ramaiah Institue of Technology, Bangalore at the Local Hack day 2018, a hackathon hosted by Github.

2) Hosted the first ever MozillaTN e-meetup on Mozilla Hubs.

3) Successfully completed intership at IISc, Bangalore.


Thanks a lot 2018 for all these joys. Hoping 2019 gives me more happiness and opportunities


Happy New Year all!!!




ASEAN Mozillian Localizers Meet at Hanoi, Vietnam
Bob on November 19, 2018 03:21 PM
All roads (flights, actually) lead to Hanoi, Vietnam as the Mozilla Localization Team hosted a Meetup/Workshop for Mozillian Localizers from Southeast Asia on the weekend of 17 to 18 November. The delegation from Mozilla Philippines (MozillaPH) is composed of Kemuel Domanog (from the province of Laguna), Amiel Pastor (based in Bacolod City), and myself. Our […]

An escape to The Square Mile #Mozfest2018
bhuvanameenakshi on November 03, 2018 08:31 AM

Dates of the event: 26,27 and 28, Oct 2018.

Venue: Ravensbourne University, London

My first trip overseas came true  just because of Mozilla and Mozfest2018. In first place my sincere thanks to Mozilla Foundations and Sarah Allen for helping me to make myself all way to London and for Mozfest.

I arrived at the Heathrow airport on 25th morning with my crew of Indians and we started to explore the city with our journey in the tubes. An ecstatic view of old and new buildings and with the 6 degree celsius made me remember Ooty and Kodaikanal in India. It was like me entering into a country whose replica remain similar under the name of India. So it was like a home away from home. When I was initially confused with things happening around it was so good to see the British people helping me and easing me out despite me being a stranger.




I stayed at Modrian London- The sea containers hotel, which was located at the banks of Thames river and the location was very busy with tourists, office workers and Mozillians. A walk along the bank of Thames was very serene and relaxing. Every morning I loved the breakfast at the hotel and the British style of starters satisfied my appetite.

On 26th morning I was very eager to meet all the virtual people in their physical forms. Had a few minutes of training session and met other facilitators who had come for the same purpose as me. I was thrilled to see people who were attending Mozfest for  the 3rd or 4th time consecutively and learnt a lot from their experience as a veteran. Then we moved to our spaces and I introduced myself to the team. There I saw my family, yes they are none other than the wranglers of my space, and my face beamed with excitement when I met them in person. David Bild, Mariaon, Stephanie, Yo Yehudi and Marcos were all helpful to me throughout the days of the event, they guided and appreciated me for all the efforts I paid for.

I also made a poster which was appreciated by many and I stuck it on the elevator in order to promote my session. But what I did was very minimal when compared to the posters of other sessions which were all around from washrooms to trash cans, where ever there was little space left.

Then the big day came, it was 27th and I had to present my session on “Farmer’s Gear” under the Openness space and I was a bit tensed because my presentation was the first session of the day. Initially I did not see much participants but later I went around to call people for my session. Atlast some 7 interested folks joined me and a few left before the conclusion. Not sure if they had to rush for their own sessions or something more interesting than mine . But my purpose was solved, I wanted some inputs in a diverse context and I did manage to get it. Thanks to Dirk and Zannah for helping me to organise my session plan. Although my audience were 7 in number after my session I went all over the space to know what was happening. In this way, when I met people and they asked me what session I had been doing for the weekend I got to spread a word about my project to more 20 people and they also gave me valuable feedback, so my number of participants is actually 27 . But it is not just for the number I was happy to get some volunteers who were eager enough to contribute for my project.




Moreover, there was another session which impressed me a lot. It was called “VR colored girls musuem” and my passion towards VR and AR drove my interest to know more about it. I attended the session and was also ready to contribute for the same. It was astonishing to know that LaBrina Loving, Community Manager from Microsoft was also part of the project.

On 28th, I explored other spaces and was inquistive in solving the puzzles in the 7th floor.

Mozfest is the right place to meet the people from Mozilla and Mozilla Reps program , which is my favorite part not just because I am a Rep but because of the sole responsibilities and other stuff I do as a part of the Mozilla Community of my region. Happy to meet Konstatina and Michael Kohler, I did clarify all my doubts and also shared my experience as a Rep with them. Also, it was great to meet Caitlin and discussed my ideas I had for Mozilla Addons and how eager I was to develop one. David Ross helped me to take a tour through the Science Fair and helped me to connect with more people. I was all about awaiting for the openings of Tech Speakers and got the right chance to meet Flaki and expressed him my crave to join the program.

Also got the right chance to visit the Mozilla UK office and it was super awesome. Loved it!!! Discussed about Mozilla IoT and Firefox Mixed Reality and other trending projects.





The final day came, the last day of the trip and I wanted to cover some popular attractions around and my fellow Indian Mozillians accompanied me.




I just could not await for the next Mozfest. Truly I had so much attachment towards the place and people that I left London with drops of tears running down my eyes.

Mixture of emotions, thrill, connections, family, bonding and me made Mozfest2018 complete

VR and AR on the Web @ Cognizance 2018
Md Shahbaz Alam on October 04, 2018 05:14 PM

Mozilla India’s first collaboration with Cognizance 2k18. Spreading the Mozilla mission in Changa. Also spreading awareness for online privacy, MozActivate campaign. Amongst students from all over Gujarat, in the technical fest hosted by CHARUSAT, Changa. This will be the 1st year when Mozilla India will be present at Cognizance or Changa.

Reps Event Page:

The event started with the formal introduction of the speakers, Pranshu Khanna and Md. Shahbaz Alam

Event pics:

We were fortunate to have good volunteers with us, who helped as managing this event Pratik, Sumed and Shivam.

Volunteers helping participants with their scenes.

Sharing the best pratices with the students and prize distribution.


Dedication shown by the participants.




Our Team


Sideloading Oculus Go with Firefox Reality
Ram on September 16, 2018 10:57 AM
#FirefoxReality Oculus app launched! No more sideloading required 🙂 Here you go – @mozillavr #OculusGo — Ram (@ram_gurumukhi) September 19, 2018 Update: As you can see from tweet above, the Firefox Reality app is directly available on Oculus AppStore now and you do not need the sideloading anymore, however if you still want to … Continue reading

DevConfIN 2018
Mehul Patel on September 14, 2018 10:27 PM 2018 is the second annual Developers’ Conference to be organized by Red Hat in Bengaluru, India. It is meant to provide a platform to the local FOSS community participants to come together and engage in the knowledge sharing through technical talks, workshops, panel discussions, hackathon, and such activities.

More about my talk and conference can be found here;

Our goal is to promote and educate people about authentication & authorization. Also, learn about the different concepts JS and how that make up an application secure.

As usual this time also, at end moment I’ve decided to attend this conference and since this conference is organized by Red Hat so I was quite excited to speak here. DevConf first time happening in India. This conference originally started on 10 September 2009, this was the first ever conference organized by Red Hat Czech Republic in the Czech Republic and the rest is history.

Due to flight delayed I reached the hotel late at night and was too tired but there some points left to add in the presentation. I was actually preparing some demos which I wanted to demonstrate to participants. Even after so much tired the energy level was same, thanks to Red Bull as well to keep me awake.

Picture Credits: Viral Parmar

I have talked on “JS Authentication with Auth0“. This was introductory talk about the JS Authentication, where we have discussed the role that Auth0 authentication plays in modern software development where it is a lot more than just the login screen.

First, we gave a bit of background that Authentication and Authorization are two different processes. This time Viral Parmar who is a cybersecurity expert in his region join me for this session and shared some great trips to about online security.

I ’ve already discovered Auth0, an Authentication as a Service. Using their JavaScript SDK you can able to offer social logins using Github, Facebook and much more from the web interface. At the time of writing it’s free for up to 7000 registered users and they offer a nice web interface to manage all users who signed up / logged in. More you can explore from here;

We have also covered the following points in the talk;
  • web security Vulnerabilities
  • Passwordless authentication
  • SSO
  • How to use Auth0 as authentication
  • Brute force attack

At the end of the talk, we have received so many questions but mostly on SSO as participants are quite curious to know more about. Some were working professionals and there were asking about how they implement SSO on their business set up so all an all it was quite a healthy discussion. Some questions we have answered them after wrap up and over a cup of coffee in break session.

Also, while walking to booth sections got a chance to interact with many participants from the conference, some were known faces who attended our talk and some came up with new questions. This is the best part of being in the community where you will get a chance to exchange your knowledge and you always go back home with some new learning or experience.

In my every event I am always seeking for feedback’s from participants/attendees/visitors, doesn’t matter its positive or negative because if you know the feedback you can definitely work on it to improve for next time to make it better.

Selfie with amazing open source peers. There is one of a favorite quote I would like mentioned here;
A conference is a gathering of people who singly can do nothing, but together can decide that nothing can be done.”   – Fred Allen

                                             Awesome people.

Hope you enjoyed my blog!




A day admist techie geeks #Devconf2018
bhuvanameenakshi on September 09, 2018 08:19 AM

Dates of the event: 04 & 05, August, 2018

Venue : Christ University, Bangalore, India.


This is the first conference as a speaker I attended and it turned out to be a great event with huge bunch of people interested in tech and only tech (I like this kind of community basically). The whole space around me was filled with chit-chats on technology, discussions about programming and fresh Open Source ideas. The decorum was well maintained with debates and discussions in workshops and speaker sessions, ultimately a lot of ideas shared. So, all  this can happen only in this interesting arena called “Devconf”.

Devconf 2018- India, is the second annual meetup organised by Redhat and one of the massive events for all the like minded tech savvy people under one roof. It was a 2-day conference and the first day the intensity of the summit was elevated with the keynote session by Ric Wheeler on his journey in Open Source. I went around for other talks and also was part of the Mozilla Booth where my contributions on WebVR were displayed.

In the evening the most awaited part happened, I delivered my talk under the title : “Behind the screen: WebXR revealed”. It was very interesting to have assorted age group people and they were interested to learn more about what is Virtual/Augmented/ Mixed Reality. I demonstrated a few samples on how I used A-frame to create different VR/AR scenes. The best part is I had many people who spoke with me after the talk and how they very curious to go about this. Happened to meet much experienced audience from giant industries too and they discussed with me on how this technology can be of great help to improve their organisations.

The second day was kick started with the keynote session by Christian Heimes, who spoke on security and efficient encryption techniques. I was fortunate to meet him in person on his visit to the Booth area and explained about the products we worked on. Definitely, he’s a man of good humane and is constantly in touch with me and eager enough to know more about my interest on AR/VR.

These two days I enjoyed as it was like more of a carnival and this was a great opportunity to meet a lot of my fellow Mozillians. A lot of whom I was contacting virtually so I little struggled to recognise them    However, the multifacet community I had ever seen and always vibrant , so very proud a Mozillian.

Thanks Devconf for giving me this opportunity and also I loved all the photography booths, they make me look like a popstar indeed

Also the Twitter wall, I stood beside it often to check if my tweets came up there

All in all, Devconf is the colloquium where one can share, debate, invent and discover new ideas.

Kudos to the team and I loved the swags!

Devconf India 2018
Vitchu on August 10, 2018 08:08 PM

DevConf Contributor Conferences are technology conference events for Linux and JBoss Developers, Admins, Linux and other open source project contributors, organized by Red Hat. This is the 2nd time happening at India, it was one of the amazing open source event I attended recently.

Two months back CFP was released, as soon as I came to know about it applied for Mozilla Community booth, personally there was call from inside to apply for this meetup. We were very lucky our Mozilla community got opportunity to present various contribution areas at devconf, which is mostly dedicated to developers. And Priyanka shared about this in Mozilla India community mailing list.

This time MozillaIN community had Amazing booth where our focus is to share about Aframe , Rust Language , WebExtension

Before Meetup, one of the first task is to bring design for Booth, our theme was based on Rust, Firefox Family (& Webextesion), Aframe, we gave this requirements to Mozilla Open Design team, and one of contributor from India Tanzeel Khan brought the beautiful design (above one). But due to some issues were not able to print this, but in the large LCD TV we showed this majestic poster during break (when we are not showing demo).

Second major task was to bring pull contributors who are going to speak at various sessions and also volunteers who can be at booth. Our plan is to make sure minimum 3 are present at any moment at booth. At first invited Ramdayal, Abhiram and other speakers, they brought in huge number of other Mozillians who will participate.

Day 1

The Day 1 started with amazing show by Christ University students. Then Ric Wheeler started Keynote “Open source is better for companies/businesses, communities and developers” of Devconf. Once Keynote is done, we (Ram dayal, Bhuvana and myself) started towards Exhibition area to setup up Mozilla booth. It was start of the day, there were already many open source booth setup by other communities ( Elastic, FSMK, devopedia , Openshift and so on..).

Soon we setup the Mozilla Booth, large number of attendees started joining us. Soon Abhiram joined us to help and share about Rust Language. He started to share about Rust and also about his Amazing rust series which is available in for 1 month trial. He brought the QR code ready so whoever wants to learn can scan and visit website directly. Sharing his Tweet which he made after event.

At the mean time, on another side Ramdayal was sharing his experience about WebVR. Rakhi was sharing about Mozilla Contribution in general, I was setting up with the Code demo for WebExtension. Bhuvana was helping me to setup her WebVR demo , old but we can use this to explain about Aframe simply.

After their session Mehul Patel and Viral Parmar came to Mozilla booth and sharing their knowledge about Rust and Privacy. Our Swag superstar Prathamesh Chavan traveled from Pune to Bangalore, and without taking any break he reached venue ( remember Bangalore airport to Venue will take around an hour).

Around afternoon, Shivam Singhal gave his Session on WebExtension and Bhuvana gave her session on WebXR. And also Lavish Aggarwal joined us and started sharing about WebExtension.

During one of the free moment we Mozilla TechSpeakers got chance to click ourself

Around 5:30 PM we all Mozillians left after having some casual talks like what we are going to focus on future, and exchanged lot of interesting ideas. Around 750+ members might have joined us at booth.

Second day started at 9:00 AM as usual. We made sure no one is waiting for us. The crowd was comparatively less at the morning as we had Keynote starting.

We are joined by Jyotsna Gupta , Lavish , Tushar Arora , Abraar Syed , pooja and many others (sorry forgetting the names). At times went to other booths and goto learn interesting projects like Foreman, Elastic.

Dipesh monga was giving his talk on second day about Dark side of Internet of things.

At the second afternoon, I requested a click with Sayak, its not easy to catch him, I have been to pune twice for COEP FOSS Meetup and GNUinfy 2018 but was not able to meet him. He is one of the very good friend and we used to talk randomly for very long time. Along with us we have Swarnava Sengupta a very calm person who is amazing contributor to AMO advisory board and Mehul who is actively bring more rust contributors.

On Second Day evening I was fortune to meet Deb, one of the long time Mozillian who was looked like Coding God for community members from Mozilla India, he is one of the greatest Mozillian I have met.

We tried to capture some of group pictures, for sure some contributors who actively were in booth or giving talks are missing in pictures.

Thanks to each and everyone who made this Devconf a amazing experience. It is one of the most recommended event and each developer should try to attend. We can get opportunity to meet many amazing people here.

Mozofest 2018
Vitchu on July 08, 2018 12:30 PM

Mozofest  is an event organized by SRMKzilla club each and every year. This year they had big plans for this event. Usually they used limited number of events this year they had Speaker series, Hackathon and other events which educate about internet.

Pic Credits: Mozofest Team from SRMKzilla.

I was asked to filter the Call for proposals this year and also to judge the hackathon along with Karthick, Dinesh and Jayesh.

It was 3 days events, and on first day small quiz competition , coding event and other happened.

On 2nd day, Jayesh organized  Hands-on session on Rust and on another side Bhuvana & Karan ganeshan was giving session on WebVR. At the end of 2nd day around 5.00 PM 24 hours hackathon was started.

Rust Workshop Agenda

      • Mozilla and rust
      • What is rust? Why rust?
      • Projects where rust is used
      • Features of rust
      • Ongoing projects on Rust
      • Hands on Rust
      • Q & A Session
      • Subscriptions to rust mailing lists and channels
      • SWAG Distribution
      • Feedback and Wrap up session

On 3rd day, we had our  SRM FOSS Meetup, which was the most awaited moment.

This FOSS meetup was inaugurated by long time Open source contributor from Chennai.

Again on Day 3, we had a small introduction talk on Rust by Jayesh and WebVR by Bhuvana.

We are amazing number of sessions by Mozillians.

  1. Python 3 by Sriram.
  2. Getting Started to Open source by Balaji.
  3. Rust by Jayesh.
  4. WebVR by Bhuvana.
  5. Contributing to L10N by Dhinesh.
  6. QA by Aditya
  7. Why WebCompact is important by Karthikeyan.
  8. Getting Started with Privacy by Sayaji.
  9. Auth0 by Mehul.
  10. WebExtension by Khaleel.
  11. PWA by Viswaprasath.

On the evening I gave a basic introduction Progressive Web Apps and Service workers by using a small demo (creating simple About us page).

After all the session were over on that day, we were given opportunity to judge hackathon projects.

  1. Karthikeyan.
  2. Dinesh
  3. Jayesh
  4. Mehul
  5. and myself.

It was very organized. Over 600 people from different parts of Tamilnadu came to booth, workshops , talks.

LinuxCon China
Md Shahbaz Alam on July 05, 2018 04:43 AM

LinuxCon China was a technical conference for developers, operations experts (architects, sys admins, devops), business, compliance and legal leadership and other professionals to come together in an informal setting to learn from open source experts, have fascinating discussions, collaborate with peers, and gain a competitive advantage with innovative open solutions.

This year I got an opportunity to talk about and represent Auth0 and Mozilla at LinuxCon. It was a 3-day conference where My first talk was based on Serverless where I was representing Auth0 and next day I was representing Mozilla with A-frame and WebVR theme.

The first day was really amazing as I had to visit all the sponsor’s booth where I got swags and most importantly networking. My talk on Serverless was at 16:20 Chinese Time. It was wonderful to see many attendees waiting for the talk, I started the presentation where I discussed the basics of Client-Server architecture and why we need security layer and how one can get started with serverless. The response of the talk was really good as many came after the session for the get started link and to clear their doubts. It was a good day at the conference.

The second day, I had an open session at the CNCC, where I was given a space where attendees came to interact and know about the project. The project I was having was of A-frame and WebVR. It was really fun to interact with the Chinese attendees as many were unable to understand or speak English, so I had to use VPN to use Google Translate( good translation ). Many were excited to know about A-frame since it requires a very little amount of background in computer science to get started. I have shared the links with them via email and wechat. It was a good day to conclude the conference and very happy to represent both Mozilla and Auth0.

Sorry for not taking lot of pics. Thank you and enjoy the panda kick

Taking WebXR to the most energetic gen
bhuvanameenakshi on May 29, 2018 10:20 AM

Venue: Academic heights public school, Hyderabad

Date: 20.05.2018

I in the first place wondered whether a topic like WebXR going to complicate the audience I targeted for the day. My audience included 50+ kids, their parents and their guardians of the AHP school. But when I showed the crowd the VR googles and asked the question what is it and what does that deal with, I got answers from 5 kids. With no doubt the kids were familiar with Virtual Reality as they had played games in malls and game arcades in their city. Also they were familiar with Augmented Reality as they had played Pokemon Go in their mobile phones. This eventually made my job easy.

I amused them with the fusing results of AR and VR and how this can lead to WebXR. They loved experimenting with the VR googles. They in fact gave solutions on how their education system can be improvised with technologies like these. It was very much vibrant to see these kids who wanted to make their classrooms more interesting.

The afternoon session was mainly focussed for parents and guardians. I emphasised on why this gen must be involved in learning latest technology. Also in most parts of India after a girl child finishes her studies, about 70-80% percent are married at an earlier age (that is before they getting an industry ot real technology exposure), so application of knowledge is very less. To overcome this I shared ideas and motivated the parents to allow their girls to freely explore what they need in life in terms of technology or any other innovation. Furthermore, I took myself as an example and told them my journey and how I got into Mozilla and also how Mozilla helps its women contributors through its Womoz program.


The final touch as usual, no matter whatever the age group my audience fall into, they always love the swags from Mozilla.

As a closing note, I thank AHP school, Hyderabad for inviting me as a speaker for their Summer School progam 2018. Also my humblest gratitude to Mozilla and Shahbaz (my Reps mentor) for always encouraging me to participate in these wonderful events.

Organise things right!
bhuvanameenakshi on May 15, 2018 05:31 AM

The Global Sprint which was going throughout the world on various projects made Fahima and me to think about the event in our home town too. So I took the initiative to organise all things required for this event. I thought this way I would also learn a lot on event organisation and hosting.

We had 15+ participants who actively took part in this event. The event was focussed on SOHW(Spread Open Healthy Web) project and explained in what ways the participants can do their part in this project.


In this project we had various issues and its main objective was to be a single point of access to the resources thus helping the newbies to start their contributions. The issue had various interesting topics like making memes, designing logo and also many stuffs related to building the webpage for this particular project. Eventually, there were many options to contribute.

In the afternoon, we attended the global online conference call where everyone got an opportunity to speak about their projects. It was indeed amazing to see other projects happening world-wide. Found that this sprint was indeed spread across miles and had a great impact in relevant to current technologies and open source.







Finally, we concluded the event with some feedback from the participants and also distributed the swags. We are very much grateful Smt. Sujatha, Principal, Sai Bhuvaneswari Vidyalaya N&P school, for sponsoring a beautiful venue. The event was a great success and also we had contributors to this project from overseas where they worked in remote.

Thanks Mozilla for giving us this wonderful opportunity and swags


COEP FOSS Meetup 2018
Vitchu on April 27, 2018 11:00 PM

This is my second visit to Pune, after my recent GNUify event. GNUNify was mainly focused for Student developers, the target audience were getting started with Open source community. COeP Foss Meetup had well experienced developers and students who are contributing for FOSS community more than 1 year. Abhijit who is the professor at COEP and helping lot of students to get started with community. He is an amazing person I meet, who came forward to share his thoughts about my presentation and spends time with students and motivates them a lot.

The hall was really big filled with 200 attendees. Energy was really good and I was really excited to give the presentation. For this presentation I have been showing the demo with Commands API and tabs.ExecuteScript API. The internet was really slow during my presentation, due to this therewas some breakage in the flow. Abhijit Sir, came forward to share his Mobile internet and I was able to show the demo of my Youtube Extension.

Some of the questions came around the Chrome Compatibility, and one of the long time Mozillian Friend Ankit gave suggestions in improving the Extensions which is used for demo.

After my session we had amazing session by Kushal Das on SecureDrop. Then we had a session by Rahulkrishnan on Docker.

After the session we had a small Tea break session, where contributors from various projects came and had informal discussion. Some of the contributors who tried to become Mozilla Reps or tried to contribute to various projects shared the pros and cons in community.

In the evening I went to Ankit home and meet his family, had a very good tea time with them. After that we went to the near by mall and tried some amazing local food.

I personally felt this is amazing Meetup I have been. I really felt bad I didnt plan to attend the second day of the event. In upcoming years I will make sure to give talk on this Meetup. Personal thanks to Vikrant (student from coep), who was with me for the whole day.

Md Shahbaz Alam on April 27, 2018 05:59 AM

Lovely Professional University is a private university situated in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. It is a well know educational institutions in the country with around 34000 students and over 130 programs. Mrinal and I were invited to LPU for a workshop on WebVR ( Virtual Reality ). We reached LPU on 17th April and visited the campus.

The morning started with a good cup of tea

We reached the auditorium on time. And yes it was filled with 1300 students. One of the biggest auditorium I have seen till now.

The event started with a brief introduction of speakers and then I started the explaining the difference between Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. Also Why we need these technologies?

Started with the Aframe Presentation slide to explain the basics of WebVR and A-frame. Students were really interested to know more about it.

After a while, students were getting bored, so I started with Virtual Girlfriend story ( Prathamesh’s story it is ) to explain the difference of VR, AR, and MR. And what all application we can build and solve real problems.

The event was really good, students asked many questions related to Mozilla, it’s product and Open Source in general. Would love to visit again

Event pics can be found

10 Years as a Mozilla Volunteer
on April 09, 2018 07:29 PM

March 10th, 2018 marked my 10 year anniversary as a Mozilla volunteer. I wanted to write this blog post for quite some time now, but as y

Virtual Reality @ Indian Institute of Technology (BHU)
Md Shahbaz Alam on April 09, 2018 06:25 PM

Again trio has come together for a wonderful event. This time it was IIT-BHU. The event started with the introduction of the speakers, Shahbaz, Umesh and Prathamesh ( trio aka SUP ). Prathamesh started the session explaining the difference between VR, AR, and MR. People were amazed to know that they will be creating their VR experience after the brief presentation.

After Prathamesh, I talked about basics of WebVR and how easy it is to build in just a few lines of codes.

The hacking began with remixing Hello World example on glitch.

In this blog, I’ll be using more pics to describe what happened in the event.

How many of you know Virtual Reality?


WebVR mentors helping participants in solving their problems.


Participants helping each other and more focus on the challenge. Yes, we do have our famous WebVR contest here too. Best scenes get an A-frame tee.

Time to see the VR experience on the headset. Participants loved their first experience and the best part was, they were seeing their own imagination and faces show all.

Playing with the LEAP, Leap Motion’s hand tracking technology is designed to be embedded directly into VR/AR headsets.


Trio with IIT-BHU Event Team


Following are the Scenes created by participants:

Visit the following link to experience the beauty of the WebVR.

It was a wonderful event, really love the enthusiasm of the participants. Full pack auditorium is what you often see in colleges. Will be in the loop with the participants and will be bringing them to the next stage.

Yup, we are back again and will be seen again.


A day as a speaker @ SRMkzilla
bhuvanameenakshi on April 01, 2018 01:04 PM


Date: 24th March,2018

Venue: SRM University, Chennai

The day started with the inauguration by the chief guest, Mr. Raaman. It was an interesting talk on Linux forum and how open source plays the real trend in today’s world. I was very glad and proud to be amidst of great speakers who were very much senior to me in age and also in experience.

My session happened in the second half slot and I initially gave a small pitching about my talk and audience who were interested to know more took part in my session. Surprisingly, I had 50+ enthusiastic audiences who were very keen to know the tricks and magic hidden in WebXR. I shared my in detail on how WebXR works followed by definitions on WebVR, WebAR and WebMR. Furthermore, I amused my participants with my demos and gave them an idea on how this technology can be used in real time for useful applications. Moreover, I shared about the WebVR Challenge and how to approach the same.




Finally, it was a different experience and I happened to gather around lot more knowledge through the sessions handled by my co-speaker viz.,

  • Jayesh on Rust
  • Sayaji on privacy
  • Anand on QA
  • Viswaprasath on Web-extensions
  • Mehul on Auth0
  • Karthikeyan on Anscible
  • Janani on R language 


These people  were amazing and it was worth networking with them. The day ended perfect and thanks to all the coordinators of  the SRMkzilla who made this a grand event.

Virtual Reality @ Hackfest, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad
Md Shahbaz Alam on March 28, 2018 09:45 AM

HackFest is IIT(ISM) Dhanbad’s 36-hour annual hackathon organized by the Computer Science and Engineering Society (CSES) and ACM Student Chapter, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad.

The event started with an introduction of speakers. Prathamesh, Umesh, and Shahbaz ( yep it’s me ), since we had limited time with us. So it was a quick talk-demo-workshop.

Prathamesh started with his favorite virtual girlfriend story to explain the concept of  Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. After a long and tiring hackathon, the audience seems interested and was into it.

I talked about the basics of WebVR, why we brought the VR on Web and what are their advantages. Used Kevin’s presentation for explaining the concept in details with his amazing presentation (

After explaining what WebVR is, we asked participants to visit and remix the hello world example on


Due to the limited amount of time, participants couldn’t finish their idea. So we gave them a contest, where top 5 scenes will get a surprise gift from us.

And here comes, what we love most. After event photograph with the participants.

We will be seen together soon in IIT-BHU.

Footprints 2018
Md Shahbaz Alam on March 26, 2018 05:23 PM

WebMR is a new technology which is in its initial stages. WebMR was the thing which has brought a huge participation at Baroda.

Everyone was eagerly waiting for us. Event started with a brief introduction of the speakers. Prathamesh Chavan and I talked about our love to open source.

Prathamesh talked about the differences of WebVR WebAR and WebMR. His way of relating things to virtual girlfriend has brought a new spark in attendees.


I talked about basics of Virtual reality and why we have brought the VR on Web. And how easy it is to code and experience the same.


Lunch time, we went to Nosh Farmaiye, best place in town for chicken kebabs. Must place to visit when you’re in town.

After the lunch we started the hand-on session of WebVR . And to do so nothing is better than a hello world example. We have used glitch to live demo the scenes.

First day concluded with the prize distribution to the top 5 teams.

Second day started with WebAR, I explained the differences and similarities in AR and VR. Here again started with hello world example using hero marker.
And talked about new features of AR and VR.

Definitely one day we would do a full session on WebMR.

My first talk on WebXR
bhuvanameenakshi on March 18, 2018 05:12 PM



Date: 17.03.2018

Venue : PES University, Bangalore, India.

This was my first presentation on WebXR as my previous talks were mostly focused on WebVR and projects related to it. There were around 150+ enthusiastic participants who actively participated in this event.


The morning first half session, I briefed about Mozilla and its projects. As the students haven’t come across Mozilla rather than its Firefox browser, I got this platform to rightly propagate about the community and how they can involve themselves in volunteer contributions both as individual and as an institution.  I mainly emphasized on:

  • Add-ons/ Webextensions
  • Localisation
  • SuMo
  • QA
  • WebVR
  • Mozilla Mixed reality

The forenoon second half session involved a deep dive into WebXR. I found the audience struck with surprise on how technology has rapidly grown and how Mozilla is also into the competition.  After giving a detailed notion on WebXR I showed a few demos on my contributions to WebVR and WebAR.

During the intervals the students got a chance to experience Virtual Reality world using VR googles.

There was a feedback form to be filled by my audience and based on this I was about to predict the count of participants for my afternoon session. To my surprise almost 80% of the attendees came forward for the hands-on session.

I initially helped with two different Hello World programs using A-frame. Later I hosted a mini hackathon that is, to create a WebVR or WebAR application on either “Informative Pokemon world” or “Press for Progress-International Women’s day 2018”.  Almost everyone gave a very unique try and within 30 minutes they were competing enthusiastically. Finally, I got the tiresome task of choosing the winner of the contest and I appreciated them with A-frame T-shirts. The students were indeed glad to take away the swags and were contented for the time they had invested.



My sincere thanks to the Computer Science department of PES University, Bangalore for helping me to get the happiness, because true satisfaction comes only in sharing. Also the coordinators and volunteers did a perfect job to make this show a grand success.

International Women's Day with WoMoz in Delhi
Sanyam Khurana on March 14, 2018 09:21 PM

We all know that every year, 8th March is celebrated as International Women's Day. It is a focal point in the movement for women's rights. On this occasion, all the Open Source communities in and around Delhi came forward to hold a mega-meetup to encourage more women to take active part in Open Source & Tech on March 10, 2018.

We were astonished to see the huge turn around of 180 people including 150+ women participants.

Mozilla Delhi, PyDelhi, PyLadies Delhi, LinuxChix India, Women Who Code Delhi, Women Who Go Delhi, Women Techmakers Delhi, and Women in Machine Learning and Data Science were the communities helped up in shaping the event.

Here are some of the volunteers who helped to make the event possible

We had 3 main technical talks which were all presented by Women having a decade of experience working in the technical field. Apart from that, we had several other lightening talks and community talks.

Kanika gave a lightening talk on "WoMoz" & encouraged students to contribute to Mozilla.

Later, I got a chance to give a lightening talk on "Why you should contribute to Open Source", to help & encourage folks to contribute to Open Source projects.

I want to thank everyone who helped with the event & Adobe for sponsoring the venue. Don't forget to join the Open Source groups in & around Delhi that you're interested in. As always, if you need any help on contributing, drop me a mail at Sanyam [at] SanyamKhurana [dot] com.

You can check out more photos of the event from here

Discussion: Aadhaar and Right to Privacy in India @ Delhi NCR
Tanzeel Khan on March 09, 2018 05:23 AM

To assess the status of Aadhaar Campaign in India and plan future initiatives to safeguard the right to privacy in India, a Talk Session was held at SpringHouse Gurugram on March 9 2018. Senior Global Policy Manager of Mozilla Jochai Ben along with his colleagues and the members of Mozilla India Community in Delhi discussed the … Continue reading Discussion: Aadhaar and Right to Privacy in India @ Delhi NCR

Three (03) Mozilla Talks in a Week!
Bob on March 07, 2018 07:08 AM
I was able to squeeze delivery of three (03) Mozilla talks during the week of 05 to 11 February 2018. To chronicle what has transpired during these three (03) events, I have this blog post… Prof. Belay Montes’ Class at UP Diliman I was invited by Prof. Belay Montes to give a technology talk to […]

Prayatna 2018
Vitchu on March 05, 2018 11:00 PM

Prayatna is one of the prime Technical fest organised by MIT, Anna University Chennai. It is an yearly where the number of students participating will be very high.

This year our community organized One day workshop of WebExtension. This time Balaji who developed amazing Add-ons previously and student from SRM University came forward to give session about his Add-ons and the WebExtension API he has used.

We started the session at 10:30 AM. First I gave talk on what are the different areas of Contribution where students can focus and which will be helpful to imrpove their professional skill set. Then I was giving the introduction of WebExtension.

By afternoon we gave a general introduction about what is WexExtension. After the lunch session Balaji started explaning his WebExtension Live Editor

After that we went for small Hands-on Session. In this session we were using Commands API to build our own custom commands.

Around 50+ students attended the session. Around 30+ received the follow up Email. It was one of the diverse group of students. Students across tamilnadu came. The reach about Mozilla community is good and many were interested to know about FSA program.

KGiSL Mozactivate 2018
Vitchu on March 02, 2018 11:00 PM

KGiSL community space is very close to every Mozillian around Tamilnadu, we had our first meetup there. There are lot of events related to Mozilla and open source communities happen at this space. After so long time I got opportunity to come to this space and share my knowledge about the WebExtension.

For this event, I personally started training 6 students before the event. My main goal is to make sure they are in good position to explore more about WebExtensions and answer the questions which are asked by their friends during session. It is like Train the trainers. We in Mozilla India community are doing great job by developing many WebExtensions but at the same time the number of trainers are less and it started increasing slowly in past few days.

On the event day around 35 students appeared, the attendence was very less due to the Job Fair happening in the city all of the sudden. Till Friday evening there were good amount of registration but sudden announcement of Job fair made Final year and Third year students to go there. They are the main audience of the session. But some of them turned up.

During this session I was discussing about ContextMenu, as the students will be more interested to hack them compared to any other API. The students present were able to grasp the knowledge very quickly. One of the interesting thing happned to me for the first time is, I have to work without computer; yes on that day I was using the Black board to teach students and this is the first time I am doing it. Explaining using Black board was very interesting and I was very happy to do it.

I was excited to know two of the attendees developed their extension and pushed them to AMO.

Blog post by KGiSL club

Most intersting and must needed part is, Sriram created Video about his extension, how he developed and explained his code, how to run it in browser. This is one of the great job done. I used to suggest many students about this, and Many techspeakers are now focusing on creating video tutorials, thanks to Sriram as he started at this early time.

In future I will be collobrating with this students and planning to continue creating more vidoes about WebExtensions. This will be really helpful and we can bring more students as TechSpeakers in future.

MozAMU: Mozilla Addons Development at AMU
Sanyam Khurana on March 01, 2018 11:41 AM

It all started with PyCon India. I met a few students of Aligarh Muslim University who were trying to teach about FOSS in their college. A few them were already contributing to Coala. We talked a bit and they were discussing problems they were facing to run that community. I already started a Mozilla community at my college in the earlier days. Since I brought up a lot of folks from my college community in the event, we together discussed How to nurture FOSS communities in college as part of PyCon India Open Spaces. Here is a glimpse of the same:

Later, these folks were excited and invited me as a speaker at their college. A lot of planning happened for the event and we were in touch almost daily for different things. We planned the event one and a half month in advance. Finally, on 24th Feb 2018, we decided to have a full-day event around FOSS at Aligarh Muslim University.

We left from Delhi at around 6:30 AM in the morning. We then halted at a cafe known as Break Point around Aligarh to have breakfast. We reached the university at around 10:20 AM.

We took some time to test the entire set-up and the event began at around 11:30 AM. I took the first session on Why you should contribute to Open Source. We discussed the question that somehow pops up sooner or later into everyone's mind while contributing to Open Source: What's in it for me?.

We discussed various pathways one can begin contributing to Open Source Projects like coding, writing docs, managing team, advocacy, documentation, translation, bug triaging, reviews, organization skills, soft skills & tons of other things that come as a by-product.

You can find the slides here: Why you should contribute to Open Source?.

We had a break for sometime and then started with the much awaited Add-ons session. Everyone was very excited to start learning to develop add-ons. I began with explaining the initial setup details & discussed JSON briefly to bring everyone on the same page. To make most out of the event, We also organized a few events previously to teach basics of JavaScript & JSON so that students so that they do not feel overwhelmed with the add-ons development.

Then Shashank (@realslimshanky) took over and discussed manifest.json and it's importance. Later we developed a simple addon -- borderify, which displays a border on every site the user visits. Some students also modified their scripts to make their add-ons do different things and posted them on twitter. Shashank, me and Shivam Singhal (@championshuttler) helped everyone with their problems during the development phase.

Since all of us are devs, we were able to quickly resolve queries of students. One of the most important things I noticed is that often people misspell either the name of their manifest file or some key in their manifest people resulting their add-on to not load during the debugging phase.

A lot of them then created addons on their own and modified their previously created borderify addon to do more stuff. I've tried to collect some of them here. For a more verbose list you can visit Twitter and search tweets tagging me (@ErSanyamKhurana with #MozAMU.

Imaginations ran wild and one of the attendee created an addon that replaces the word Google with Mozilla on every web page. You can see his hack here

To make the session more interesting we gave add-ons stickers to anyone who answers the question about what we were just telling them. A lot of folks praised and tweeted about the addons they were generating. We were able to generate 10,000+ impressions with more than 4,000+ accounts reached on Twitter for #MozAMU.

You can read the full report here.

Till this time, I never introduced to anyone about who am I and most importantly not listed any of my contributions in any of the projects. I don't want them to feel overwhelmed and assume that we people have some sort of superpowers that we're able to patch bugs in any FOSS project. I always make it a point to encourage them and help them land their first patch.

And my introduction summed that up in just one line I'm one of you -- a part of the community.

We then hopped on to discuss How do I start contributing to Open Source? where we specifically discussed How to find bugs on different projects through Bugzilla & Bugsahoy.

You can find the slides here. Then I discussed other Open Source projects I've contributed to like CPython, Django, Oppia, Mozilla's Devtools, Gecko-Engine & tried to find out similarities in various bug trackers. We then had a group photo with some of the attendees.

It was already 5 PM and we didn't go for Lunch since students kept us busy with their questions during the lunch break too :P

So, we decided to hop-on to a restaurant nearby with the core-team of students that helped in organizing the event with so much enthusiasm.

Then we clicked one last photo before leaving Aligarh at around 7:00 PM with the core-volunteers of the event who helped in all the preparations for the event.

In the end, I would like to congratulate the students for making so wonderful arrangements and pushing up the FOSS community in their college. I hope they will now start landing patches in different FOSS projects & we'll all meet again soon.

GNUnify 2018
Vitchu on February 19, 2018 07:39 AM

GNUnify is one of the amazing event where each and every year Mozilla India community make sure to participate. GNUnify is an annual gathering consisting of Free and Open Source software workshops, talks, seminars and BOFs (Birds of a feather), hosted by the Pune Linux User Group(PLUG) and the Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research(SICSR) in Pune, India. It is an amazing opportunity for people from FOSS communities all over India to meet each other and a good chance for newbies to find out how to get involved in FOSS projects and learn more about the free and open source culture. Mozilla has been actively participating at GNUnify since 2008!

This year along with the Mozilla contributors around pune I got opportunity to organise a workshop on WebExtension at GNUnify 2018. One of the main reason for my visit is to bring some more contributors to WebExtension community and bring more webdevelopers into WebExtension development.

Our Mozilla track was very strong we had some many topics to cover

  • VR session by Prathamesh
  • Marathi localization session by Narendra
  • Cook up Firefox- Privacy Settings by Ankit
  • Rust session by Mehul
  • Hardware track by Tripad
  • WebExtensions Workshop by Viswaprasath

In one room we had talks and in another room I was organising workshop. It was jam packed and very tight schedule, we Mozillians were not able to talk till 3 PM.

I was very excitied to talk on GNUnify, from 2015 (I wanted to talk about FirefoxOS previously) I wanted to give talk there as it was one of the big event we have related to open source technologies in India. As I got opportunity this year I was very happy to delivery it there.

I reached the venue sharply at 9:50 and was having some discussion with volunteers about the event in past and how it grew, the story they had about this event was amazing and it gave some more energy to me. And we started my session at 10:15, I started why we need WebExtension and backgrounds of it. But 10:35 the whole lab was filled with Students and Professors (I remember talking to 3 professor at middle of session and around 50 were there).

After some thoughts on WebExtension I showed them the demo of my favorite extension (Youtube controller), shared the story behind it. People got excited to know why I developed it, and the next one was to search a particular word in different search engine sites.

Around 11:15 we started to have hands-on session. First I started explaning them explaning about manifest.json and what are all the mandatory keys and values that has to be present, once they get familiar with it I started explaning the background.js file which we coded for our “search add-on”, using contextmenu. I showed the code sample with duckduckgo, but some of them understood the logic and tried to bring their favorite search engines (like Google, youtube, bing, wikipedia). Then we had a small break. After this we developed another add-on where we will be having our own custom shortcut keys for close the tab.

The attendees were interested to learn more on hacking WebExtension API. One of the amazing unique thing they felt is they are able to build similar to browser internal features. They wanted to dig more and bring some amazing Extensions in future. The response from faculty and students is amazing. I had personal talk with students for more than a hour and got chance to talk with Faculty who is handling Web Programming session. She shared it is interesting session and told she will ping back to discuss how WebExtensions can be made into their college syllabus.

In future I am sure, lot of amazing contributors will be coming as a effect of this event. One note which I came to know at the end of event is most of Reps from India who are present today came from this event.

I personally would like to thank all the Mozillians around Pune who made my day great and memorable one. Special thanks for the care shown by Prathamesh parenets, I didnt felt I am going for the first time to his home. The garden at their home is really good and well glued with nature. I am inspired a little bit by his father, may be in future will start gardening in my apartment.

Web Extensions, Womoz & Privacy
Sanyam Khurana on January 23, 2018 02:45 PM

A Saturday well spent teaching students about Open Source, Add-ons and Privacy.

We had an activity at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women (IGDTUW) for Addons, WoMoz and Privacy.

The session started with Trishul giving a talk on getting started with Add-ons. He explained about Web Extensions and how they are useful. He also depicted some of the extensions built by the community. He explained the use of manifest file and then students started making simple add-ons on their own. The borderify Web Extension was chosen to teach students. Me, Trishul and Shivam helped them whenever they were stuck.

The next session was took by Faye on Women in Mozilla and how we can improve the no of women contributors in the community.

The third session was took by me where I discussed about What is FOSS and why people should contribute to FOSS. We then discussed on various pathways one can start contributing. We also discussed on finding bugs through BugZilla and Bugsahoy for Mozilla.

Then Shashikanth discussed about importance of Privacy issues.

We ended the event with a capture of all enthusiastic faces in the meetup:

Moz-Fedora Day
Sanyam Khurana on January 14, 2018 02:45 PM

We recently organized Moz-Fedora Day, a one day event on promoting FOSS through Mozilla & Fedora at Investopad, Hauz Khas, Delhi on Jan 13, 2018. The aim was to depict the usage of packaging & building one of the Mozilla's project using Fedora.

The core event focused on making the participants automate the build of any of the Mozilla's open source project of their choice. The aim is to influence people to switch to Linux as a build environment (We used Fedora for this) and introduce the basics of the version control system (Mercurial in case of Mozilla). The event will also introduce to Vagrant for running standardized virtual machines for build environments.

The session began with Saurabh representing a bit about Fedora and other Linux Distributions. I discussed about Mozilla, it's mission and different projects. We then decided to package Servo in Fedora and guided folks through the steps to build the system. We used simple Vagrant setup to package Servo project with Fedora.

At the end of the event, we had a small discussion on how one can find bugs through Bugzilla & Bugsahoy. The presentation can be found here:

We also distributed some swags to folks who were able to make builds successfully.

Most of this was a hands-on session and I saw new faces who were truly excited to learn about these things. A Saturday well spent, spreading the love of Open Source.

Ending the year with MozCoffee
Sanyam Khurana on December 24, 2017 03:04 PM

We had MozCoffee Delhi on last Saturday, Dec 23, 2017. We had a lot of Rep Attendees this time with other Mozillians. What would have been a better way to end an year than the MozCoffee. From past various months, the activities in Mozilla Delhi came to a stand still. But then we had MozCoffee planned in less than a week. Thanks to my new mentor Trishul for arranging MozCoffee at Chaayos, Connaught Place, New Delhi on 23rd December, 2017.

We gathered up at the venue in the evening and met a lot of new and old people. We had Trishul, Faye, Sanyam, Tanzeel, Dvyik, Rajiv, Saurabh, Pushpita, Shivam, Tushar at the meetup.

The discussion started with Trishul explaining about his experience in All Hands Austin. He told about various projects that have been identified by Mozilla as the major areas of contributions. We discussed about both tech & non-tech contributions in various areas.

Near the end of the event, Trishul also helped me in explaining about addons. Since I've previous experience with JS, it was pretty easy to pick that stuff up.

Finally, we had some amazing photographs which would now become a memory for all of us.

Year in review 2017
Vitchu on December 10, 2017 01:34 AM

2017 is one of the amazing year I had. I have dedicated it fully to learn and share my knowledge about WebExtension and develop some WebExtension during my free time.


This is one of the best month and very good start of the year. In Tamilnadu we had lot of problems but we succesfully organised our first ever MozillaTN meetup, yes we were having amazing two day event where I was helping attendees to know about WebExtension. Before even the meetup some of the attendees started learning webextension, thanks to MDN and some of the articles I wrote


This is one of the milestone month for me, I got an opportunity to share about WebExtension in our local ILUGC meetup. ILUGC is one of the amazing community which is having the regular meetups for past 10+ years. Giving session there was really amazing and was an exciting one for me. Then at the last week I was able to visit SRM Univ after a long time and gave some basic introduction talk on WebExtension and Mozilla Community.


In march our MozillaTN community organised our first ever over night hackathon at KCG college of Technology chennai. We had 2 tracks WebVR and WebExtension. I was handling the WebExtension session and was mentoring the students on how to build it, and it is also my first hackathon with WebExtension development. Then on the last week went to VIT chennai to share about WebExtension, It was one day session where introduced students with WebExtension and also had some coding session to develop a small addon to close the tab on click of browserAction button.

Between April and June sometime I was involved in developing some add-ons and wrote blog posts about them.


Went to KCG Community space and shared about WebExtension development. We had the half a session to understand about Tabs API.

And early July I started planning about WebExtension on-line series where planned to create vidoes and train attendes one API per day and discuss about them on how to use it for developing WebExtension.


Went Dhirajzilla engineering college at Salem and gave an introduction talk about WebExtension. The biggest gift and surprise I got from the students I was able to meet my under graduate professor there. That was the happiest moment and I was giving talk in front of my professor about WebExtension. She was amazing person and inspired us a lot, she played a major role in shaping me and my friends during our college days. And went to Sairam college to have a booth and tell students about Mozilla communities in booth and gave a short quick talk Why WebExtension are amazing.


This is one of the good month. We planned a good open hackaton (any students, employees can join) at out KCG community space. This is the first open hackathon in that community space and around 20+ attendees attended and demoed 6+ addons. Went to another hackathon at SNS College of Tech Coimbatore, where had amazing set of students with good knowledge of what they are going to develop.


SRM university approached us and wanted to have a good purely technical hands-on session. This time we had 2 days session again (my 3rd one in a row). I was showing different demo and people loved contextMenu and omnibar search and most of them showed demo on it. And they were interested in learning it continously and the guy who hosted us was amazing, thanks to Anirudh for this opportunity.


In November after a long time had opportunity to talk at over night hackathon along with Santhosh, Karthick, Trishul. It was amazing to see kids right from 13 years. Some of them showed amazing demo like text-to-speech using Web APIs. It was cool at the same time was so tired.


Yes its year end and everything is bit slow. I got opportunity to attend All hands at Austin. I met amazing Mozillians and had lot of learning. Went to awesome dinner and Star wars
It was great to plan for 2018 related to WebExtension. I am very exciting for upcoming days.

Talks Workshops & hackathon Experiments

Developed some of the WebExtension which are used during various talks. All the code are available in github repos MyExtensions and MozWOC17

Having started writing a book on WebExtension along with Karthick, hopefully will be finishing by March 2018 and publish the first version for all the contributors.

2017 is ending with great moments, expecting 2018 will be much more awesome and helpful to learn more. Happy new year.

My Experience - Mozfest17
on November 09, 2017 09:52 AM

Right now, I’m on my flight back from London where I had the pleasure to assist to the Mozilla Festival 2017. I’ll try to use this 2 hours of my flight time to relate to you how my experience was before and during it as well as the things that really impressed me of it.

Let’s rewind to the first beginning of the Festival, Friday 27 at 5:00 a.m. On that time, I was just waking up after getting only a few hours of sleep because of all the excitement I was having for the festival, so I got dressed up as a zombie and after a really fast breakfast that consisted on the remaining cookies of the pantry and a really hot coffee that seemed like magma, I headed towards the airport. There, some boring and long queues where waiting for me, as well as, the not well-received security checkpoint where I had to take from my bag all the electronic things I had on it (More than half of a dozen, I think the security guy got crazy when he saw it). Finally, I made it into the plane and I headed towards London.

Once there, I used all the time I had until the festival to do some sightseeing in London and visit the typical places you usually go as a Tourist like the Big Ben, the London Eye or the Queen’s Castle (With the famous queen’s guards on it). Also, I tried the so famous “Fish and Chips”.

After all of this, it arrived the time, the time to go the Mozilla Festival in Ravensbourne.

A few minutes later

I saw the Ravensbourne building after a few minutes going around, so big, so squarish, full of strange circles on it… I went inside and I proceeded with the Check-In process where I got my Lanyard and I went inside of it. The first day it was a Networking event, I didn’t really get involved with it because it was my first Networking event ever and I felt like a fish out of water. Eventually I got the essence of it and I started meeting some great people there like Florian, Konstantina, Ayah, as well as, my mentor Michael. After it, we had dinner in a nearby restaurant and I headed back towards the hostel. First day was over…

The next morning, I woke up, 7 a.m. After some improvised breakfast in the hostel, I went to Ravensbourne, today it was the day to start with the sessions. I went to sessions about confidence, others about Privacy and also, I attended a really interesting talk about The lunch time was also kind of Networking so I tried to engage in different conversations with people around me, amazing time.

At night, Mozilla organized a party on the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) where there was some electronic music by a guy dressed like Tron, with really futuristic design and music. There was also some comedy on the Auditory, it was a great night but I headed back sooner than I expected because I felt really tired of all day sessions.

Third and Last day… We started the day with a Networking Breakfast in Ravensbourne sponsored by Flattr (You should check them out, they have great ideas). After it, I decided to go around and try the different stuff available on it instead of going to more sessions. There, I had the pleasure to try a great VR game about some experiments that took place in the military, also, I got to know about The Data Detox Bar and a bunch of other great stuff there to.

Finally, it was time to go, so I had to say bye to all the people I met during the festival day and I headed to the train (Funny story here, due to the time change, the app became crazy and it changed my whole schedule. I decided to trust my gut and I followed my prescheduled journey hoping to don’t lose the flight. It worked and after some crazy runs up and down the London Bridge station, I made it into the train and I headed towards the Airport. It was time to go back home.

My Story with Mozilla
on October 18, 2017 08:11 PM

I was in high school, sitting in the Computers room, taking part of a boring and monotonous class about Office IT. Because of that, I decided to open Firefox and start surfing the web for some entertainment to make the time passed faster. So, I clicked in the Firefox logo, Firefox popped-up and as soon as it opened, I realized about of a yellow square at the bottom of Firefox asking me to took part of Mozilla and become a volunteer.

In that moment, I was dubitative because I didn’t really know what to do or if it was worth it but I recalled a conversation I had with my best friend at that time about Mozilla and its principles and decided to give it a try… I pressed the yellow squared button and it redirected me into a webpage that showed me all the activities I could join  (Labs, Localization, Coding, Marketing, QA…).   After a few minutes, I decided that I wanted to help with QA, testing some products as Firefox Beta, Firefox Nightly or the now ceased Firefox Aurora because I wanted to make Firefox a better browser with less bugs and more stability.

Once I clicked it, it opened my email prompting me to write an E-Mail to the responsible of QA Area in Mozilla Hispano (who I would know later as Gabriela) stating that I wanted to contribute in that area and the reasons for it.  I wrote the email and she quickly answered it giving me some tasks to do in Teambox (A site we used in order to organize tasks and activities) as well as giving me some mentorship so I could start helping as fast as possible.

 Time passed really quick and I went from being a newcomer to be part as a member of Mozilla without with no more mentorship. Anyway, I kept in touch with Gabriela because she was my friend and still the responsible of the area. As time passed by, I saw a drop in the participation of the QA area so I proposed Gabriela a new scheme for it. She really liked the idea and she decided to offer me the possibility of being co-responsible of the area so I could help her with all the task involved which I clearly accepted.  

 A year passed without a lot of changes, I routinely participated in the friday testdays about Firefox Beta, we also organized an amazing Spanish testday which was well-received and well-appreciated for the Hispanic contributors of Mozilla and I tried to help in other areas like Marketing or Localization.

 One day, I saw a notification about a QA/Localization hackathon that would take part in Paris somewhere near November 2015. The idea of going to Paris to the Mozilla Office really fascinated me and I applied as fast as I could, wishing to be selected for it so I could have the opportunity to meet other people as passionate as I for Mozilla. Somehow, my wishes became true and I got the chance to travel to Paris and meet some contributors there like Facyber (My great friend Marko) or Marcia, a nice woman from Mozilla which I only had the pleasure to talk by iRC and the one who taught us all she could about FirefoxOS in the short time of two days. It was a really great experience.

Sadly, one day, Mozilla decided to cut off Firefox OS, and that decision took with it some ups and downs which made some contributors leave the community because they didn’t see a clear orientation or a clear focus and all the communities of Mozilla around the world saw a big break on its activities. In that moment, I was really busy studying for the exams of the university and other stuff so I became really inactive for a few months and I did not really see what was coming.

Once I returned, I realized how everything was stopped and I felt really guilty for it. For that reason, some contributors and I decided that it was time to relaunch the community and we got down to work for it. At first, we took some surveys and we decided some goals for the community but this approach didn’t clearly work out, so some months later, we decided to take it back and we proposed some interesting new projects to work on and as of today, it seems it has worked because we got new projects and new contributors working on them.

To conclude, I have to add that after relaunching the community, I got really motivated so I decided that it was time to step up and apply to become a Mozilla Rep as other people recommended me.

Weeks of Contribution- WebExtension Session7
Vitchu on October 02, 2017 12:54 AM

Date : 29th August 2017

Time: 8:30 – 9:30

IRC channel: #MozillaTN

This is our first series of the WebExtension webseries. The main agenda of the program is to get started with Mozilla community and discuss the syllabus we will be learning in this series.

In our previous session we get learned about executeScript API, where we built a small youtube controller.

In the seventh session we are going to learn about building a context menu.

  • Introduction about Add-ons Contest
  • Context Menu Video
Problem Statement

When we select some text, we get a suggestion to search with our default search engine when we do right click.
So instead of having only one search engine, our idea is to have more than one search engine listed so users can use their required search engine to searching the text.

MozillaIN Contest

Mozilla India community has declared a contest on developing Add-ons which should be working on Firefox 57 properly (means WebExtension). Best Extensions will be choosen and the winners will be getting the Limited edition AMO Pendrive. Last date is end of October 2017.

You can get started with building the context menu from the following video and this video is contributed by Trishul.

All the code samples discussed in the above video is available in the github and the detailed blog post on this particular API is shared before. Link of post


Name / Twitter handle

  1. Fahima Zulfath A/ @FahimaZulfath
  2. Balaji B / @balaji2198
  3. Mainak R. Chowdhury / @rcmainak
  4. Viswaprasath / @iamvp7

Etherpad of the session. Link is here

So, you wanna join us?


The Mozilla Reps program is open to all Mozillians who are 18 years of age and above. Before you become a Mozilla Rep, you must complete a short but rigorous application process in order to demonstrate your interest in and motivation for joining the program. Are you ready to take on the challenges and rewards of advancing your leadership to the next level in Mozilla? If your answer is YES, apply to become a Mozilla Rep today!

Not sure if you're ready for Mozilla Reps? There are many other ways to take the lead in the Mozilla Community. If you're a student, register for the Firefox Student Ambassadors program to gain experience leading projects at your school. And all of our contributor opportunities are available to you on the Get Involved homepage.

The Mozilla Reps application process involves three simple steps:

Thanks for your interest in making the Web better with Mozilla!