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Backup app now supports Firefox OS 1.1
on November 23, 2015 04:46 PM
My last blog post was in October so it’s time to give you an update about Backup app. Since the last...

The Journey Continues – Mozlando is Coming!
Emma on November 18, 2015 10:54 PM

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  The ‘Mozilla Coincidental Work Week’ brings everyone at Mozilla together in the same city, at the same time for the opportunity of collaboration – this time in Orlando Florida (Dec 7 – 11) !

‘Mozlando’ is the next stop on our Participation Cohort’s journey –  a perfect environment for goal-setting focused on building high impact participation opportunities with product teams.  Truly – a  beautiful opportunity to invest in, and with each other.

Over 100 volunteers will have the opportunity to work directly with teams helping design and strengthen goals which in many (and most)  cases includes Participation.  For those invited by the Participation Team, we will of course, be dedicating ourselves to that focus.


We have three distinct volunteer groups attending Orlando:

  1. Those invited by the Participation Team.
  2. Those invited by another functional area, but who are also part of the Participation Cohort.
  3. Those who were invited by another functional area, but currently have no Participation connection.
    1. Subset: those in this group who may, informally, have Participation goals in their work.

We will reach out with offers for 1:1 coaching for all in groups 1 & 2.  And for the subset of the 3rd group, will reserve blocks of time for those interested in Participation.

The coaching this time around even more important recognizing that connecting volunteers with the project goals is a critical step to bringing sustained strategic advantage to Mozilla . We are asking our cohort to research and consider the following:

  1. What are my participation goals for 2016?
  2. What are the goals in 2016 of the product team I will be working with?
  3. How do these align with my own goals for 2016?  What adjustments do I need to make?  What questions do I need to ask?
  4. How can I share what I learn, and bring others in who want to contribute to the same area of the project?

CC by-nc-sa 2.0 by Christos Bacharakis

At the heart of everything of course is people, why we’re here, why we care,  where we envision we can go individually, and with each other.  I’m looking forward to all of it!

For those who think of Orlando as ‘Disney’ and for those who think of Orlando as ‘Space ‘ I give you an image for everyone. ‘Mickey Mouse on Mercury’ CC by 2.0 Nasa Goddard Space Flight Center

Feature Image Credit:  Nasa on The Commons


KosICT 2015 – Report
elioqoshi on November 15, 2015 11:41 AM

As part of Mozilla Academy in Albania, a series of workshops focused on technical topics related to Mozilla, especially Firefox OS and Webmaker, we also had in mind to have a better cooperation with our fellow Mozillians from Kosova, to join forces for our next event held in Prishtina, Kosova: KosICT 2015.

With some other contributors from Open Labs, fellow Rep Kristi Progri and me travelled to Prishtina and met with Ardian Haxha, Rep from Kosova to get prepared for the event. KosICT is a non free conference ( paid entry) focused on new innovations in the ICT sector, concretely with a focus on Internet of Things, Virtual Reality and automation this year. Having said that,  the conference is not alike with any open source conference most Mozillians are used to, it’s quite more corporate and “fancier” than the average tech conference, so that should be noted. In any case, we as Mozilla Albania were going to have a booth there, so it was something quite casual where we also had experience with. No presentations from us this year (although holding a dev session might have been interesting).

The conference went pretty smooth the first day, with a relaxed atmosphere (too relaxed for my taste) and we were able to take advantage of our booth at quite some points, especially the lunch break. The second day felt a bit empty, with a very few people in the sessions, at which point we slowly felt the need to kill time. I must say that the conference has an interesting viewpoint on technical topics, but fails to stay realistic. Attendants were almost exclusively industry leaders in the region, leaving out the young and enthusiastic startup folks outside its borders.

In overall, we had lots of fun and were able to talk to quite some people, local and regional and it was definitely a great event for touching base with many people at the same time and place. I would not consider Mozilla’s presence as a success at KosICT ’15, but we definitely left an impression and come home with a rewarding experience on how to handle conferences which are more “corporate style”.

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Mozilla Tech Weekend in Berlin – November 28th & 29th
Michael Kohler on November 14, 2015 02:02 PM

The Berlin Mozilla Community would like to invite all of you to the Mozilla Tech Weekend on November 28th 2015. There will be tech talks on Saturday and workshops on Sunday.


Saarbrücker Str. 24, Haus C, Berlin

Sign up for free at

Schedule for Saturday 28th November:

  • Servo: Mozilla’s Parallel & Safe Next-Generation Browser Engine
  • Data reporting at Mozilla
  • Firefox OS: Why we exist
  • What’s new in Firefox

After the talks there will be some food and time to get in touch with developers and each other.

On Sunday there will be workshops on similar topics to follow up or get you all set up if you would like to start contributing to Mozilla projects. Sign-up for the workshops will be on-site on Saturday.

The Berlin Mozilla Community

#MyMozfest 2015
Emma on November 13, 2015 10:32 PM

The Mozilla Festival took place this last past weekend!   Mozfest is the first of three Global Leadership events we’re leveraging to empower a cohort of Participation Leaders in their goals for 2016.  This first group of 30  represents those whose goals strongly focused on developing and delivering programs that build skills (leadership and otherwise) of Mozillians.



Mozfest is the perfect place to meet kindred spirits, make new and valuable connections, and to experiment and get feedback  in real time.  Everything including sessions themselves, lend to hackability and spontaneous invention, the environment encourages a bravery to reach inside ourselves, and to recognize our potential to be the change we want to see in the world .

It was  very very exciting to be a part of designing an experience for this group that  included pre-event coaching, facilitator training, and leadership workshops led by George Roter.   We also hosted the first ever ‘Participation Space’ at Mozfest which was filled with sessions and activities the entire weekend. I wanted to share a few moments that stood out for me, with a sneak peek into what’s next.


  1. Adriano Capello’s Workshop “Leadership Games” , saw people sitting around a table with bags on their heads laughing and learning about leadership while making things.  This session would have continued long past the end-time if participants had their way.
  2. Gloria Dwomoh’s ‘Getting Started with Open Source‘ session.  This was her first-ever facilitation session, she did a great job.  The smile on her face made my day  – a facilitator was born :)
  3. Watching Christos mentor Gloria in a session on Scaling the Learning and Leading program at Mozilla.  Helping her find that thing she was good at, and could teach.  Huge talent.
  4. Saran Mansouri – Hacking Flexigons, took place in the Youth Zone, and by all accounts her session engaged a tricky group of learners in a big way.
  5. Tools for Growing an Inclusive Diverse Community by Larissa Shaprio was one of our best attended sessions in the Participation Space – thrilled to see this topic as part of our leadership focus.
  6. George Roter’s Leadership Kickoff story about Farmers and Farming, ask him to tell it to you in the context of community leadership.  Super inspiring.
  7. ‘The Internet Box’ a quick design by one of our cohort during the kickoff that showed the Internet as a box, with two doors. One door is Mozilla, one was through proprietary, privacy threatening orgs. Same technology, same box two doors, which would you choose?  Brilliant.
  8. Firefox OS App Building session by Errietta Kostala , saw engagement of new developers wanting to contribute to FFOS, and for the win – they were connected with project leads for Firefox OS Smart TVs.
  9. Ioana, Michael and Henrik who joined us on their own time  – ran sessions or otherwise made the space much more amazing because they were there.  Special thanks to Ioana, and Flore for help with space setup.  Also cheese and chocolate from Flore ;)
  10. The Participation Museum!  A collection of items
  11. The leadership wrap up!  By far my favorite moment as everyone sharpened their goals for 2016 and wore the Participation ‘cape’ to share their first milestone.

As the ‘space wrangler’ for Participation, I didn’t get out much :) but still managed these inspiring moments.  Looking forward to reading the blog posts of our entire cohort on their Mozfest moments.  Here are more photos of our caped cohort!

Next up, we’ll be holding our first call for those who attend Mozfest, and launching connective efforts to bring in  those who have yet to attend an event, or who sadly missed this one because of Visa issues.  Lots of goodness ahead!








Mozilla at Grace Hopper Open Source Day
Emma on November 12, 2015 09:58 PM

This past October, thanks to Larissa Shapiro, I had the incredible opportunity of teaching Open Source Participation at Grace Hopper Open Source Day.

In recent years, I would say the primary focus of my contribution to Mozilla has been an effort to create educational offerings and experiences with real world value, through open source participation.  And this event proved  that –  not only do people really want learning opportunities like this, but we can make the world a better place, and tech a more diverse environment in the process.

Some highlights in our success on this day:


We had a group of incredible mentors – I would have been lost without them.  Special mention to Paula (post main photo) who created virtual machine solution for those who struggled too long with their environments.  Mentorship is absolutely key to an event like this, and the talented people that turned up has me dreaming of a mentorship team for all technical projects..


I chose the website as a contribution project.  Primarily because I had experience with the environment and codebase,  and support from project team members:  Mavis and Hannah who were kind enough to tag specific issues with ‘Grace Hopper’.

I also chose this project because I knew the technology was both easy to pickup, and had real world value in the job market.   Finally, I knew  the ‘Ready, Write, Participate’ message would resonate with a group of learners..learning to Participate :)



Our group was brilliant. I worried that some issues with environment  (and we had quite a few) would dampen spirits, or result in people leaving.  The opposite happened.  Our group emerged in the very best way – a community and a team.  When one woman overcame an issue with a node version, she rose to help others reach their own success as well.  Experts in environments and issues emerged to mentor others, and by afternoon I had run out of ‘Grace Hopper’ tasks.

I had to remind at least one person to eat, and another woman in the last 15 minutes of the event, was on her feet trying to fix one last issue before submitting her pull request.  I was proud, and honoured to be part of a group so diverse (including a male mentor), that there was really no majority in the room.  That is an amazing feeling.



Our group demoed their work, and it was an zen moment, to see this group describe not only their work overcoming obstacles,  but what they accomplished and why the project mattered.  Hope to be back again next year!






Software Freedom Day 2015
amodnn [:amoz] on November 11, 2015 05:02 PM
Even though it’s late to post about the event, events like SFD can never go unnoticed. I have never seen any Open Source event in Mumbai as well planned as SFD 2015. Many dignitaries within India and abroad extended their support in terms of sessions and/or sponsorships to the event. Mozilla was a part of […]

The Journey Begins! Participation @ #Mozfest 2015
Emma on October 20, 2015 04:42 PM

“Participation doesn’t just happen, it’s built through great design & great leadership”

In three short weeks, the first of our Global Leadership Events: Mozfest 2015 will be upon us and with it increasing buzz of activity will be emerging as our cohort prepares for and travels to London.  Mozfest is an opportunity unlike any other to learn, teach, practice and collaborate.  We’ll use this journey to bring everyone closer to their personal goals for success at the event itself and as empowerment for our collective vision for Mozilla leadership in 2016.

This year’s Mozfest is a thoughtfully designed, energized mega-opportunity for learning to lead by – leading.  New to Mozfest this year is the addition of Pathways, best explained as a connection of sessions under one or more themes.  The most exciting part is not only that we’ve curated three pathways for Participation, but that in many cases they intersect other spaces at the festival for magnified opportunity and outreach.  Our three pathways are:

 Scaling participatory learning experiences This pathway is for participants with enthusiasm for teaching and facilitating, who want to take that passion to create resources and programs that teach others through participation.

Leading and building community through participation This pathway is for participants who want to deepen their practice on leading or building community, or who want to help people who are doing that.

New technologies for participation — challenge  This pathway is for people who want to take a technology lens through MozFest and build new participatory experiences with these technologies.

But wait, that’s not all!

We’re also excited to running many of these sessions, workshops, training and pop-up activities in our very own Participation Space.  Think  “learning, leading, making, and building” Participation all weekend – together in atmosphere intersecting  every other space in the building through pathways.

And best of all  –  all of this is a backdrop for some pretty amazing personal goals we’ll be working with each of our cohort leaders to design through 1:1 coaching.  The pathways are only the starting point in designing a Mozfest experience that brings our cohort closer to their vision for success at this event and for 2016,  personal goals they’ll be sharing out in Discourse leading up to the event in November.  Phew!

You can follow activities for this and other Global events on Discourse.  And using hashtag #Mozfest #ParticipationSpace


Image Credit:  Paul Clarke




How to Write a Good ‘Open’ Task
Emma on October 19, 2015 05:44 PM

The act of creating tasks in an open repository is not itself an invitation to get involved. Lets be honest about the ‘types of tasks’ we’re creating, and then just design properly for those we intend for participation.

In Whistler earlier this year, we gathered together a group of code contributors to better understand what barriers, frustrations, ambitions and successes they experienced contributing code to Mozilla projects. Above all other topics, the ‘task description’ was surfaced as the biggest reason for abandoning projects.  This, the doorway for participation is given the least attention of all.

As a result, I’ve paid close attention recently to how projects use tasks to invite participation, and experimented a bit in our own Participation Github repository.  Probably the best opportunity to understand what makes a task truly ‘open’ is to  to witness in ‘real time’,  how contributors navigate issue queues.   I had such an opportunity this week at the ‘Codeathon for Humanity’ at Grace Hopper Open Source Day, and previously leading an Open Hatch Comes to Campus Day at the University of Victoria.

A quick overview of tasks I’ve noticed:

Meta Task: Meta, Parent or or ‘Feature Tasks’ are a great way to track  the overall progress of an initiative or project goals. Unless identified as being this type of task though it can lead to a frustrating journey for someone interested in participation.

Project (Team Member) Tasks:  Tasks that require whole or partial involvement of a team member (staff or core contributor) to be completed.  There’s nothing wrong with this type of task, but calling them out as  being dependent on specific individuals  – saves time. Examples: ‘root access’ server tasks, or project management tasks.

The Garbage TasksA garbage task is one that appears to have no obvious purpose,  deadline or clear outcome. A mystery to the rest of us, these tasks appear to be connected to the single moments in time for the author.  These exist everywhere – and I witness the havoc they play on contributors.  Often created in a rush or with only the author’s intentions in mind, many of these tasks linger in ‘open’ states.  It takes a contributor a long time to discover the irrelevance of tasks like these.

Storytelling Task:  Different than a meta-task,  and not quite a project task, I’ve encountered quite a few ‘issues’ with a primary goal of storytelling or conversation with an extended opportunity to provide feedback through comments.  These are great for transparency and inviting interest, but if there is no clear call to action, it’s probably better as a blog post.

Open or Contributor/Volunteer Task:  Is a clear ‘ask’, with action items suitable for completion by an individual.   Components of a good open task are:

Appropriate Tag(s)

Helping people filter to Open Issues is a huge win for project and contributor.  We’ve been using a  tag called ‘volunteer task’ for this purpose, although we may change the name based on feedback.  It’s our most viewed tag.

Clear Title

Don’t use abbreviations in titles, and have a clear action reflected.

Referenced Meta/Parent Task

Creating and referencing a Meta Task Is a great way to connect open tasks to the impact of the work being done. They also help generate a sense of collaboration and community that makes work feel meaningful.


I use this in anticipation of questions, and often include reading documentation.  Prerequisites are also a way to help people quickly  identify which tasks are best suited to their personal goals and curiosity.  I include basic skill levels needed as well – with room for learning.

Short Description

Challenge yourself to bring the key points into the short description.  Use Bullet points to break down points vrs writing long paragraphs of text.  Link to longer documentation  (and make sure your permissions allow anonymous view).

Participation Steps

I’ve written a lot about designing participation in steps, and believe that breaking things down this way benefits contributor and project.  I know this probably feels tedious especially for smaller bugs, but minimally this means linking to a template explaining ‘how to get started’. Example steps might be:

  • Read Documentation
  • Build your local environment
  • Update the README with any issues you found during the build
  • Introduce yourself on Discourse
  • Self-Assign yourself this task and leave a comment.

Value to Contributor

I sometimes include this, and my opinion is this is where ‘mentored bugs’ could plug in vrs a bug being only about mentoring.  In the virtuous circle for participation, I think this reminds us to consider this perspective of contributors in all we design.

Although some of this might feel like a lot of work, it actually filters out a large number of questions, helps contributors connect more quickly to opportunity and helps build trust in the process.

Here’s one I used last heartbeat
I also consider Participation Personas when I design in case they help you as well.

Image Credit: Welcome by Stav



#MozBooth at Open House Unit ITB 2015
mfadhil on October 14, 2015 02:01 AM

Annually, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) arranges an event that introduce its student club to the freshmen that aims to recruit new member and facilitate every ITB students based on their interest. On this event, Mozilla Indonesia Community runs a booth to recruit more people who are interested in joining Firefox Student Ambassadors program, and also introducing the new Webmaker App for Android.

Bimo (FSA ITB) promoting the Firefox Student Ambassadors Program. Photo by Irsyad

During the event, I was helped by Rep and FSAs: Fauzan Alfi (Mozilla Reps), Hanfie Vandanu (FSA, Institut Teknologi Bandung), Bimo Aryo (FSA, Institut Teknologi Bandung), and Irsyad Riandri (FSA, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia).

Arrange the Puzzlebox into HTML Tag in a minute! Photo by Irsyad

Mozilla Indonesia Community was presenting a variety of activities during the event. We have #MozBooth where visitors can find out more about Mozilla and its projects, especially FSA Programs and Webmaker App for Android, HTML Puzzle Box Challenge, where visitors can learn HTML by playing the puzzle box and winning some stickers, and Social Media Challenge, by tweeting their experience about Mozilla’s Product. We also introduce the newly released Webmaker App for Android to the visitors and demo-ing the app.

Arranging HTML Puzzlebox. Photo by Irsyad

Our #Mozbooth mostly visited by the students who are curious with FSA Programs and HTML Puzzle Box challenges. We’ve got about 30 students who are interested to join the FSA Programs from this event. Our booth was also visited by radio club there. And they are so interested about our community and Mozilla’s mission. In the end of the event, we announce the winner of the Social Media Challenge and we’ve got one winner.

Social Media Challenge Winner. Photo by me

I would like to say thanks to my mentor Irayani Queencyputri for all the advises to prepare this event and Fauzan, also fellow FSAs: Hanfie, Bimo, and Irsyad, that helps me to organize this event.

Thank you!

Backup App (0.5) - Firefox OS
on October 13, 2015 02:02 PM
Backup app is updated to version 0.5. App has support for:1) SMS backup in HTML format.2) MMS backup...

Moving on to 2015-16 with the FSA program
Faye on October 08, 2015 11:08 AM

So in this post I had an idea to document what we are doing at the FSA program to engage Mozilla’s young  people.

Last term (2014-15) I was part of the pioneer FSA Eboard whose focus was on revolutionizing the program. I handled Club Development and that was honestly one of the best things that I have done for Mozilla so far. Now, I am continuing my work on supporting the program by digging deeper from developing Firefox Clubs to focusing on the ambassadors themselves. Formally, the name of my position would be Ambassador Impact Lead. I am grateful to be serving another term with the eboard with the amazing #FSADREAMTEAM!

Compared to my role last term where I set-up a structure and a system to facilitate club formations, my work for Ambassador Impact would be very similar to doing a research, where I continuously find ways to understand the FSA population and target market to develop the needed support and resources for the ambassadors.

As of now my planned projects are as follows:

I plan to launch the survey by November to serve as valuable input at the workweek and at least release the beta of the portal by the end of this year.

Regarding my personal goals for this term and this role, TJ and I talked about my aim to improve my facilitation skills. Perhaps my biggest dream right now is to facilitate a conference/ summit for FSAs. I would really like to try to facilitate an event with participants from a different country!

SO, let us have another awesome year again with the FSA team!

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Using Mercurial (hg) through a proxy
amodnn [:amoz] on October 01, 2015 02:53 PM
I had been searching and researching  on how to use mercurial through proxy. Even updating Ubuntu is not straightforward if you are lying behind the proxy. If you google it out, you will come across many forums that suggests proper command to be used. But I think there are some restrictions that I discovered today. […]

FOSS- a pathway towards good career.
amodnn [:amoz] on September 28, 2015 05:48 AM
I was invited to give a session on importance of Open Source for students seeking for a good career. The entire program was scheduled for two days, organized by Rahul Kanojia (Diplomads) and sponsored by MSBTE and BOAT. The audience of the program were engineering and diploma students, Training and placement Officers of various institutes. […]

Rep of the Month – August 2015
Ruben Martin [:Nukeador] on September 24, 2015 02:31 PM

Please join us in congratulating Wissam Alazzam and Hossain Al Ikram for being selected as Mozilla Reps of the Month for August 2015.

Wissam is one of the most active Reps in middle East, located in Jordan, a mozillian with great ideas, someone who is eager to help the other fellow Reps and Mozillians. the last big event he took par to it was the Jordanian Task Force – Mozilla Jordan’s first RTL Bugs fixing training.

Hossain is the awesome leader of QA community Bangladesh. He created an awesome team of QA BugHunters in Bangladesh, organize regular Community calls to mentor new people and did the QA Marathon Dhaka. Together with the team , he attends the Bug Verification and Triage days, testdays dedicated to beta builds or major features. He also organized Maker Parties and several MozCoffees that help many new contributors to ramp up specially in fields like Mozilla QA, Firefox Os or Webmaker.

Don’t forget to congratulate them on Discourse!

Why Right-To-Left is even more important for feature phones
nefzaoui on September 18, 2015 11:11 AM

It’s publicly knowledgeable right now that at Mozilla we’re working on allowing even people with no little to no technical knowledge to have access to the Internet’s content through making what we call Smart Feature Phones that work with Firefox OS, those flip flop phones and ones with possibly no touch screens, added to them smart features that are still suitable for the audience and the users of such devices.

read more

Backup App for Firefox OS
on September 16, 2015 03:41 PM
After the first (0.1) version of SMS backup app. Version 0.2 brings option to fetch Contacts on...

My Volunteer Opportunities this Heartbeat
Emma on September 15, 2015 01:26 AM

I am returning from a couple of weeks away: rested and super-energized about what’s coming next for the Participation Team and community leadership.

Based on research in the last two heartbeats we have now have an v.1 of Participation Leadership Framework, and we’re fired up and ready to go for the next three weeks developing and testing curriculum in line with that framework.

Volunteer sub-tasks volunteer for my heartbeat are: Curriculum QA  and ‘Workshop Co-pilot’. The first is really just about staying connected to the work, and providing feedback and suggestions through review.  The second is more of a role for this heartbeat, for someone interested in improving as a facilitator by co-piloting a couple of online workshops with me, and then running an offline version with local contributors in their region.  Please reach out in the task comments if you are excited about doing something like this!  As with previous volunteer tasks, there are more details in the issue.

Note: we also have ongoing development work on a fork of  in an effort to test the import and display external markdown files as content.  Thanks to @asdofindia for his great work and recent Pull Request to help this along.

For more on contributing with the Participation Team and the Heartbeat process check out our


That’s it!  Except as a final thing I thought I would share all the books that were recommended to me when I asked for suggestions for my time away. I highly recommend time away with books.

  • Mémoires d’Hadrien
  • Baron of the Trees
  • Confederacy of Dunces (Reading next)
  • The Circle
  • The Martian  (reading)
  • The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacaks
  • The Storied Life of AJ Fikry
  • All the Light We Cannot See (recommend for sure)
  • And the Mountains Echoed (recommend)
  • The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry







Weeks of Contribution – Impact on me & community part-3
Vitchu on September 06, 2015 08:18 PM

So this is the final post of this Weeks Of Contribution series. In previous two posts have been discussing about how it all started, and what are the syllabus we covered what we covered. This post is about who is contributing to which areas, here we will be mostly list the contributors in Tamilnadu region. When the Weeks of Contribution started the main aim was to bring new contributors. We would like to analyse how many contributors are started contributing newly.

Mozilla Location Services

Previously Contributing to MLS

New Contributors to MLS

  • prathik
  • Makilan
  • Vishnu
  • amaneight
  • gowthamvenkat
  • balatechone
  • venkatselva8
  • dvigneshwer
  • Manikanta
  • Silenced
  • krispokkuluri
  • arjunmayilvaganan


Previously Contributing

New Contributors

New Signups


  • Adam (New)
  • Sayan (New)
  • Subhash (New)
  • Viswaprasth
  • krishna (New)
  • Khaleel Jageer (New)
  • Karthic (New)

Firefox OS app development

  • Paarttipaabhalaji
  • Gowtham Venkat
  • Craken sio
  • Adam
  • Makilan


  • Vigneshwer Dhinakaran

Social Media

  • Manivannan

As a whole the new contributors are as follows who participated and Weeks of Contribution

  1. Manivannan
  2. Paarttipaabhalaji
  3. Gowtham Venkat
  4. Craken sio
  5. Adam
  6. Makilan
  7. Subhash
  8. Makilan
  9. Vishnu
  10. amaneight
  11. balatechone
  12. venkatselva8
  13. Manikanta
  14. Silenced
  15. krispokkuluri
  16. arjunmayilvaganan

The above people are actively contributing to any one of the project and spreading awareness in their places. We have left some of the contributors unfortunately sorry for that.

This was really a good growth having 15 new contributors is awesome. We will bring more active contributions in the upcoming days.

Weeks of Contribution – Impact on me & community part-2
Vitchu on September 06, 2015 07:40 PM

In my previous post I have shared what are the basic things we had for Weeks of Contribution program and what are short learnings in that. In this post you will be seeing what are the areas we covered and what we shared to participants.

Mozilla Location Services

We started with Mozilla Location services, in our region most of cells towers and wifi signals are not captured. I feel it is one of the most easy contribution to Mozilla, I have also previously written about MLS contribution how easy it is. The detailed wrap up about the event is also share in the blog.

The syllabus for area is very simple, how to capture the cell phone towers and wifi signals. Shared where it will be helpful to the community. In future we will be dealing about how to use the API’s.

For this we have created a small leaderboard which we will manually enter the scores, and updated it at the end of the 2 months to filed who got the maximum points.

We are seeing good contribution from contributors like Achyuth, Makilan who are helping to capture more tower and wifi signals.


One of the main reason why many people love to use Firefox web browser is because they can have it in their local language. We had introduction to pootle and Verbatim. We saw some new contributors started contributing. This area of contribution is done mainly by the contributors who love technology and love their language. Some of thoughts about this event is here.

Our mentor Khaleel is helping lot of new contributors.


This is one of the most important task for any software developer. He/ She has to write about what he has developed or what his module ll do in general. It is really a good learning when you contribute to Documentation projects like MDN. We had a session on MDN and maintain blog about your contribution. Before choosing this contribution path we had a small session on documentation contribution. You can learn about the documentation event here, the important achievement we have done is we created a small pilot project which will help share news to FSA bloggers.

One of the most active contributor for this project now in Tamilnadu is Adam, who is actively participating in Documentation projects.

Firefox OS app development

For past few days Firefox OS have gained lot of traction among developers and technologist. It is very important to bring more local applications to the Firefox Marketplace. We wanted everyone to show their code in github because we can find the bugs and report the developer.

Our syllabus is very simple,  Creating a github account then creating a responsive website then Making the github page website to Firefox OS app.

We saw some of our contributors creating websites for their college FSA club Paarttipaabhalaji,Gowtham Venkat Craken sio and so on.

In future we have planned to share more about Firefox OS API’s in detail, all the source code will be available by contributors. My main aim is to write a small book so contributors can learn in offline at any time.

Add-ons Development

Add-ons is helping Firefox browser is customizing. The crazy of developing Add-ons are there with developers for very long time. This is another reason for using Firefox browser. We had very small learning about how to setup for developing Add-ons. In future we will be learning more about WebExtensions. Naresh is helping lot of community members to know more about this.

SUMO – Support Mozilla

Many of the Firefox Users know whenever they get problems in their browser they will tweet about it, and some contributors will be coming and helping you by sharing the articles in twitter. The contribution as of now focused in this local community is very low, hope in future it will increase.

We have missed some of the good contribution area in this post, but we will not miss it to teach. This post is very lengthy I know very well, it will surely help the community members to get ignited and help the new contributors.

The next step is building stronger community with new community members. Regarding this I have already mentioned in one of the post. It is really a cool beginning we had.

Weeks of Contribution – Impact on me & community part-1
Vitchu on September 06, 2015 05:22 PM

I have been writing more about Weeks of Contribution program.  This program was first started by 4 contributors from Tamilnadu. Nareshkumar,Khaleel, Vignesh, Myself had some discussion when we meet and planned for some 1 month. Among us 3 (Nareshkumar, Khaleel, Viswaprasath)of us are Mozilla reps.

For first few days we had some basics works like website creation, common mailing group, Social media accounts in Facebook, twitter and so on.

I remember when I wrote my first post about Weeks of Contribution I have mentioned the below line

Hope at the end of this program around 20 new contributors will start contributing to various contribution areas.

Still we plan lot of activities to bring lot of contributors who will contribute to Mozilla projects for long time and with Good impact to Mozilla and also to Community.

We had very good support from other community members also, especially  vigneshwer who visited many FSA’s in different cities around Tamilnadu. One of our big support in our Firefox Student Ambassador-Regional Ambassador Lead karthik


At the Beginning we have got whopping 150 registration. We thought we are seriously going to make a very big impact. Seriously we are going to bring some more contributors to Tamilnadu, we were very excited to see this number. When we got this we know the only way to reach each and every one is web.


We had a plan to teach about the areas which we had learnt to some extent. Contribution is always a  learning process, we learn when we teach to others with this motto we loved teaching. Below are the areas we have targeted.

  • Mozilla Location Services
  • Bug fixing
  • One and Done
  • Documentation
  • Firefox OS app development
  • Add-ons Development
  • Localisation
  • SUMO
  • WoMoz

But not all the activities we are able to do. Due to  some other high priorities we had to skip 1 or 2 events.

Publicising Events

Each week on Monday will be contacting the other contributors what area can be focused on the weekend. Then will be sending mails in google groups (we are not able to send in bcc to many, Gmail thinks we are spamming people ), and we made a events in Google+ with hangouts on Air, and Facebook events so many people who are eager to learn will be loving to join us.

Some of the learning I got on this is

  • I learned well how to publicise the event
  • How to engage more with people both in online personal & group chat and offline.
  • Managing and planing online events.
  • How to teach people and planning a curriculum for continuous learning

What our Local community got

  • We after a long time, got many new contributors who are willing to learn.
  • A good Facebook group then page, active telegram group.
  • Lot of discussions and learning

This is the first post in this series will be sharing who are the contributors newly joined community and how all the existing contributors got engaged more.

Mozilla Thimble – Test Drive of Happiness
Emma on September 03, 2015 12:16 AM

In the last few years I’ve learned a ton about what helps people learn, where they get stuck and how to customize learning for various ages, interests and attention-spans. When ‘teaching the web’ for kids as young as eight all the way up to university students there’s always some level of trouble-shooting and  tinkering to do with tools I’ve tried so far (both on and offline). Mozilla’s Thimble had been one of those tools, but usually for the very early steps in learning.  For more advanced lessons,  I’ve tried a number of different solutions, all with some level of challenge.  For example I turned more to to show the separation of CSS/HTML & JS which was fun but only for super-short snippet-type learning.  I also ventured offline with simple editors like Notepad ++ only to run into knowledge-blockers with students – around file-systems or computer permissions for installing new software.

And so, I was super-excited to see the latest version of Thimble released this week – especially after I did some testing. Here’s why I’m  to go back to teaching with the (new) Thimble :

Customizable UI

The new Thimble allows you to expand your code view, or your preview as you need. Seems small, but huge change from the previous version.  With this, the brightness toggle, and text-size customization people will be able settle in to what works best for their learning.  And thank you, thank you – the preview screen stays at the exact-scroll position for refreshes.

Mobile View

Many kids  ask to make ‘apps’ in my classes,  when often what they really mean is “something  I can make and share on my phone”.  So while the mobile view is obviously great from the perspective of learning to design for mobile, it also helps students understand the web as a platform for their app ideas.  I imagine there’s more opportunity to extend that idea well beyond this as well with FFOS app preview perhaps.

File Management

A billion-times better.  Students can  now upload files they need vrs  ‘all code in one page’, or link to external files, which with  previous versions often resulted in mixed content errors.  Yes, so much awesome, including the ability to re-name files names AND upload entire directories, which makes it easy ( I think ) for people to fork and upload projects. I managed to exceed the maximum file-size for upload, but at 5MB seems pretty reasonable.  Having files lists also ‘bakes in’ an opportunity to teach file systems, best practices, naming conventions etc   – which in the past was offline only.  The only thing I couldn’t figure out, was how to download my project. Also next-wish : version control integration.

You can also take and upload ‘selfie’ images from your computer, which will be super-popular, especially for ‘photo booth’ type projects. Youth will love it, providing it passes the privacy agreements of students and schools – but then there’s a lesson to be made with this as well.

Suggested Attributes & Files

One of the biggest challenges and frustrations  of getting things working –  especially with younger kids is spelling mistakes of file names, attribute names – open tags, poorly nested tags… And so I’m thrilled to see suggestions & auto-complete as part of the new Thimble. Also showing which line has errors (without overwhelming popups) will be a huge help. I think there is also a way to use a color-wheel to add in hex colors (also helpful for younger learners), but I didn’t have a chance to test that.


Adding a tutorial.html file adds a ‘Tutorial’ view pane. I usually write my lessons in Google Docs, print and then give to students who are still learning to type, and so spend a lot of time looking from one to the other.   Huge win that instructors can write tutorials as part of the lesson, and that students can keep their eyes on the screen instead of bothering with a second set of instructions.  The only improvement I could ask for, would be the ability to assign specific tutorials, to files to create true lesson plans vrs one long file (also more value for sharing).

I’m sure there are a bunch of things I missed, but these are the wins for my classes.

Congratulations, and thank you to the Webmaker team, this is going to make things so so so much easier, and more rewarding for students and teachers.

On a separate note – I can’t help but think this would also help some of the curriculum development I’m working on – asking teams to develop content in Markdown.  I see there is a Markdown extension for Brackets, and wonder if Thimble can take on a new file type ‘markdown’ to help educators submit curriculum without coding knowledge.  Perhaps this is what that’s the potential for the tutorial file (and collaboration between educators and technologists)



ReMoCamp and the Leadership Summit
Rosana on September 02, 2015 10:50 PM

As part of the plan for Global Gatherings the Participation team announced a new event called the “Leadership Summit”. We’re excited to have ReMoCamp be integrated at this event and to bring together a bigger set of leaders. Our initial plan was to have this event happen this year, just as we have done in the past with ReMoCamp, but we decided to move it to January to have more time to prepare a fantastic event.

The summit doesn’t stand alone, it is one part of broader initiative with MozFest and All Hands, with each gathering playing different roles in empowering communities. Learning more about your goals at Mozilla can help you understand which of these events is the best one for you.

The summit will be an opportunity for local and regional communities to work alongside Reps, and for all of us to define what leadership means in the context of Mozilla.  We are fully aware that the the words “leadership” and “leader” spark some discussion in the context of Mozilla. And we are actively working toward a framework for investing in leadership within our communities. We need all of our current leaders to help us define and shape a leadership culture that is true to our values and will unleash the potential of our communities.

Historically Reps has been a platform for Mozillians to be empowered, and in many cases Reps empowered their communities. It evolved into a broader leadership platform for communities, and one of our more organized ones in Mozilla. We see everyday how the magic of great community leadership ignites people all around the world to join our cause. We are more than ever committed to supporting and elevating our leaders and Reps is an important program for doing so.

Because Mozilla values leadership that can come from all the edges and we believe that empowering individuals and communities is our secret weapon, we want to make sure that local communities and Reps are connected, that anyone, on any edge, can be empowered. Our goal is that the leadership summit will catalyze the energy from Reps and other leaders and ensure we are all working as a powerful team.

Apart from bringing a different (and a bigger!) group of leaders together, we also believe that thinking about leadership and impact in the bigger picture that includes local communities will ultimately help the Reps program evolve to serve much better our communities. We will get “outside of the Reps box” and think holistically how to organize ourselves to have more impact. And of course we need Reps mentors, but also new Reps and local leaders to be part of these conversations. And as you know we’ll be doing this in Singapore, a location close to where our most thriving communities are right now.

We hope to learn a lot from this first event to be able to bring that experience and learning to many, if not all, volunteer leaders. And as with all we do: the leadership summit is an initiative that is open and that you can help shape. If you feel strongly about leadership, about regional or local communities, about empowering others or if you have ideas on what we need, just drop me or the participation team a line. We are eager to hear your thoughts and understand how to make this leadership summit the catalyzer we all want to see.

App for SMS fetching for Firefox OS
on August 29, 2015 08:44 AM
SMS backup app for Firefox OS that I have been working on. Initial app:Currently supports XML and...

Participation Leadership Framework 0.1
Emma on August 28, 2015 10:52 PM

In the last heartbeat, as part of our Q3 goals for leadership development,  I interviewed a diverse set of people across Mozilla, asking what they think the skills, knowledge and attitudes of effective Participation Leadership at Mozilla are.  Two things really stood out during this process.  The first was how many people (staff, contributors and alumni) are truly, truly dedicated to the success of each other and Mozilla’s mission, which was really inspiring and helped inform the quality of this Framework. The second was how many opportunities and resources already exist (or are being created) for leadership development, that if bundled together,  with more specifically targeted curriculum and focused outcomes will provide powerful learning by Participating experiences.

This Heartbeat iterated on themes that emerged during those interviews.  I thank those who provided feedback on Discourse, and in Github, all  of which brought us to this  first  0.1 version.

Foundations of Participation Leadership are the  core skills, knowledge and attitudes that lend to success on both personal goals, and goals for Participation at Mozilla.

Building Blocks of Participation Leadership are units of learning, that together provide a whole vision for leadership, but individually build skills, attitude and knowledge that inform specific learning outcomes as needed.

Examples of skills, leadership and knowledge for each:

Personal Leadership

  • Accountability
  • Decision Making
  • Introspective, Authentic Leadership
  • “My Leadership Identity at Mozilla”

Essential Mozilla

  • Mozilla’s Timeline & History
  • Advocacy
  • Mozilla’s Mission
  • “Why Mozilla, Why Now, Why Me?”

Building for Action and Impact

  • Community Building
  • Agile for Participation Projects
  • Designing with Participation Hooks & Triggers
  • Building Bridges to Mozilla

Empowering Teams and People

  • Uncovering Unconscious Bias
  • Mentoring & Finding Mentorship
  • Teach & Facilitate Like Mozilla
  • Distributed Leadership

Working Open

  • Open Practices
  • Writing in the Open
  • Sharing & Licensing
  • Activism in the Open

Developing Specialization

  • Creating Automated Tests for Firefox OS
  • Inviting Skilled Participation to Fennec
  • Web Literacy Leadership

We would love your comments, suggestions and ideas on where we are so far. In the next heartbeat we’ll begin building and running workshops with these as guide, and further iterating towards 1.0.


Image Credit: Lead Type by jm3


Stumbling in God’s Own Country
KUMARESAN C.S on August 23, 2015 01:46 PM

Mozilla Kerala organized a geolocation stumbling contest – Stumbling in a Box for the Mozilla Location Services from August 2, 2015 to August 22, 2015.

Similar geolocation stumbling events have been organized by other communities around the world. The main aim of the event was to bring more contributors who would contribute to Mozilla Location Services.

We had planned this contest for the mozillians in Kerala initially. But we had sign-ups from other parts of the country too. So, we decided to give them a chance to participate and we would consider them eligible for the final prize.

We called the contest Stumbling in God’s Own Country. We had a few new contributors signing up for the contest. We mentored them and showed them how to contribute to mozilla by stumbling their way. Faheem K (fhm) rocked the contest with a whopping 548250 points. Kumaresan C S (KUMARESAN.C.S) followed with 42677 points and Achyuth K P (Achyuth) with 42614 points. The contest contributed a total of 728252 points to Mozilla Location Services

The final points table is as follows :

Name Leaderboard Nick Points Collected
during Contest
Total Points Global Rank
Faheem K fhm 548250 2033723 18
Kumaresan C S Kumaresan.C.S 42677 209001 289
Achyuth K P Achyuth 42614 165021 365
Nadeem Ahmed nadeem 23336 29642 1447
Sreejith S Menon 18274 37679 1257
Salman Faris Salmanfarisnbr 13111 13175 2142
shine shine 12577 90462 656
Shoble Thomas Shoble Thomas 6358 22883 1644
Mehul Patel Mehul Patel 5365 71176 793
Aman Sehgal amaneight 5240 68903 817
Shahin N P shahinnp 4372 10532 2371
Avin Varghese Avin Varghese 3948 30463 1429
Vaibhav Bajaj Vaibhav Bajaj 1943 32276 1391
Abin Abraham abin 187 287 5640

A few contributors on a stumble

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It’s not following chrome, it’s called making the web and the web’s content more compatible
nefzaoui on August 21, 2015 09:50 PM

From DownThemAll:

It is safe to say, that Firefox will not be Firefox anymore as far as extensions go, but instead will become yet another Chrome-clone.

A quote from a blog post I read about Firefox as a friend is going to die so I wanted to quickly echo an opinion I have off the top my head without being too technical:
I personally don’t see how implementing a common set of APIs or a spec that the rest of the browser vendors agreed on and implemented is turning Firefox into a chrome-clone.
WebExtensions’ concept is by far implemented everywhere else except in Firefox. So implementing that here is just as beneficial as when W3C publishes a spec about Flexbox or WebRTC or CSS Logical Properties (wink wink) and chrome implements that, and then Firefox implements it too: that. is. not. following. chrome, it’s called making the web and the web’s content more compatible, and if we are to sit in a corner and implement our own exclusive stuff we will only become another Microsoft of year 2000 with its ActiveX technology where the only way to have the luxury of accessing its features is if developers built their websites mainly for IE.

read more

Marketplace Day Events & Outcomes
Ram on August 20, 2015 08:09 PM
I am very happy to share updates from Hyderabad 2.0 & Jaipur versions of Marketplace Day & the impact of these events till now. Marketplace Day Hyderabad 2.0 This was nice to see the collab house again full of energy the night after the first version of this series. In discussion with the marketplace team … Continue reading

Weeks of Contribution – Documentation week
Vitchu on August 19, 2015 09:07 PM

For past few days we had events in our MozillaTN (Mozilla Tamilnadu Community). We had Weeks Of Contribution program where we introduced. It is one of the first series of program and is more ambitious for our local contributors. We had a very big roadmap for next one year.

On July we had Documentation session by FSA-RAL Karthikeyan. Karthikeyan is one of the most active FSA, he has contributed very well and has helped to build community in his locality. He is one of the most inspiring guy around Tamilnadu who helps students.

You can watch the video here of his entire presentation here  

And the slide used by him

We have seen good participation and the list of participants are as follows

  1. Karthickeyan 
  2. Rigin Oommen
  3. Mohammed Adam
  4. Bharath Vijay
  5. Kavitha Rani
  6. Viswaprasath
  7. Vikneshwar
  8. Venkat Raman
  9. Sarathkumar
  10. Faheem K

One of the most important discussion which happened after this event is Pilot run for Documentation project.

Karthik was very supportive in framing this project structure and gave suggestion whenever needed. In long run this project will grow bigger and we can see lot of interesting students joining the project.

Karthik Says about his presentation here

Online Firefox OS app development Introduction
Vitchu on August 16, 2015 12:25 PM

For past few days we had events in our MozillaTN (Mozilla Tamilnadu Community). We had Weeks Of Contribution program where we introduced. It is one of the first series of program and is more ambitious for our local contributors. We had a very big roadmap for next one year.

Last week we had introduction to Add-ons development by Naresh kumar who have been contributing for very long time. To follow this, we had Firefox OS app development introduction alone.

The main agenda for this is as follows

  1. Introduction to Firefox 
  2. Introduction about WebIDE.
  3. Introduction to Marketplace

The slide which is used for the Presentation is as follows

The whole video about regarding the presentation.

Some of our participants

  1. Mohammed Adam
  2. Arvind Srinivas
  3. Karthickeyan
  4. Nandha
  5. Anuraag
  6. Venkat Raman
  7. Indhumathi  
  8. Jayesh KR

We have planned to learn more about Firefox OS API’s in upcoming weeks. The journey of learning more about Firefox OS will be great. You can expect lot of post about this in upcoming series.

For this week we have a short website development task for attendees.  Some of the works are listed below

more websites will be updated in future.

Enable unverified add-ons in Firefox Developer Edition
on August 14, 2015 09:09 AM
Firefox Developer Edition, version 41 will auto (by default) disable all add-ons which are not...

SFD Mumbai (Event Announcement)
amodnn [:amoz] on August 13, 2015 05:39 PM
Software Freedom Day (SFD) is an annual worldwide celebration of Free Software. SFD is a public education effort with the aim of increasing awareness of Free Software and its virtues, and encouraging its use. Open Source Communities from Mumbai have been actively involved in SFD since its formation in the city. Every year, SFD, Mumbai […]

Webmaking with Mozilla at XIE, Mumbai
abhishekvp on August 09, 2015 07:29 PM

‘Webmaking with Mozilla’ – a Webmaker Workshop was conducted by me at Xavier’s Institute of Engineering, a prominent educational institute in Southern Mumbai, on Saturday, August 8, 2015.

Me with the Participants

The workshop saw a whooping participation of around 80 students, in spite of Saturday being a holiday for the institute. Most of the students were freshmen and were keen on learning about Open Source and the Web. The participants began filling in around 9:30am, and by 10:00am, we had a full house.

My Presentation during the Workshop

I started the workshop with a presentation introducing the concept of Free and Open Source Software to the students. I talked about the history of FOSS and the inception of Mozilla. Having briefed the students about Mozilla and its mission, I also touched upon the various Mozilla projects. Further I introduced the students to the Webmaker project and its tools –  Thimble, X-Ray Goggles, Popcorn Maker and Appmaker.

A Group working with Thimble

The presentation was followed by the hands-on session starting with Thimble, followed by other Webmaker tools. Due to a limited number of laptops being available, groups of 10-12 students were formed, with each group working on a laptop.

Students during the Workshop

Giving the students ample amount of time to explore each tool, I introduced all the 4 tools, one after another. The students, enthusiastically explored the tools and came up with some really cool makes by the end of the workshop.

Me with a group of students

I maintained a etherpad page for the event to keep track of all the makes, during the workshop.

The following are the makes that the students came up with, during the workshop:

Thimble Makes:


X-Ray Goggles Makes:


Popcorn Maker Makes:


Appmaker App Makes:


Students during the Workshop

I held pop quizzes throughout the workshop, awarding the participants with Mozilla buttons, lanyards and wristbands. After having worked with all the tools, I took a quick poll from the students on the tool they found most interesting. The popular opinion was X-Ray Goggles. At the end of the workshop, we had a group picture as a remembrance of this wonderful event.

Students enjoying Webmaking

I would like to thank Krishna Rohila, the Chairperson of Computer Society of India Student Chapter – XIE branch and his entire team, for helping me, during the course of the workshop. It was a great experience for me teaching webmaking to the students. Hoping to conduct more such events in the future!

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MLS Tamilnadu Wrapup
Vitchu on August 07, 2015 09:43 PM

For the past month lot of contributors around Tamilnadu are travelling with Mozilla Stumbler in their Android device. We have came to the end of the event. We have announced the contest on Jun 2015 after seeing many communities have the contest in their region to bring more MLS contributors. It is also like a small contest to give some introduction for the first time contributors. Very soon we will be expecting pan India level MLS contest.

We have also built the decided leaderboard to see share how much each and everyone are scoring. Around 30 contributors all over India have participated in the contest.  And I have kindly informed top contributors like Rigin, Kumarasen and others in our country to mentor the upcoming new contributors, so it will be easier for new contributors to show their face as winners.

This is one of the first Geolocation Stumbling Event for contributors of Tamilnadu. All the training were given in online and blogposts. People were able to contribute well with this.

So the Final list of People who contributed (overall India)

List of Tamilnadu Contributors 

So many have thoughts on what’s next step. As mentioned before in our Tamilnadu Community Roadmap the top contributors will be helping us in our  future events and building the strong MLS community in India and in Tamilnadu.

Introducing FOSS to Undergraduates !
amodnn [:amoz] on August 07, 2015 02:56 PM
I received a call from an entrepreneur and a very good friend of mine named Rahul Kanojia, who invented Diplomads, a startup aimed to provide training to undergraduates about the upcoming and trending technologies. He invited me to give a talk on Open Source Technologies to the students of Thakur College of Engineering and Technology. […]

Mozilla 2 School – Malappuram & Palakkad
KUMARESAN C.S on August 07, 2015 08:41 AM

Mozilla 2 School is an initiative of Mozilla Kerala exclusively for students of the schools of Kerala. Mozilla 2 School aims to empower school students to learn how to use the web and other technologies. Mozilla Kerala organized a 4-day back-to-back Mozilla 2 School events in 4 schools from August 3-6, 2015 in the districts of Malappuram and Palakkad in association with Kerala Startup Mission (KSM). Children of ages 13-17 enjoyed the introduction to the latest trends in technology and got a chance to play hands-on with a few of those technologies.

The schools that hosted the event are :

School Place Date
Islahiya English Medium Higher Secondary School Varangode August 3, 2015
MSPHSS Malayalam Medium School Malappuram August 4, 2015
Government High School Marayamangalam August 5, 2015
Government Higher Secondary School Marayamangalam August 6, 2015

The event was more of an introduction and a window to a new world. We could feel the passion and enthusiasm in the participants when we introduced the power of the open web, science and technology to them. We covered the following topics at the event :

  • Mozilla and its mission
  • Introduction to programming
  • Webmaker
  • Hands-on Thimble and Popcorn
  • Web design using HTML
  • Inspirational personalities
  • Trendy tech beats
  • Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Robotics
  • Simple game development
  • Playing with drones

We were able to provide an overview awareness about the technical community and government support we had in empowering school students. The government sponsors Raspberry Pis to the school students of Kerala who love tinkering with hardware. The government aims in developing a love for the technology and molding the student’s future to the trends of the industry.

The response from all the host schools were over-whelming. We were simply amazed by the enthusiasm such young children had towards technology. The most enlightening fact was that they even formed Mozilla Clubs the very next day to promote technology among their peers. We elected a core team as club leads. They even requested us for follow-up events already. This made us super-excited as well as delighted. We were very happy that the time and efforts we spent into the event was totally worth it.

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Foundations of Mozilla – My Heartbeat Update & Volunteer Opportunities
Emma on August 04, 2015 08:59 PM

Saying I’m excited about the Participation Team’s goals for the remainder of the year would be an understatement.  And I’m especially excited about the emphasis on community leaders and the development of leadership curriculum that I’m working on. I thought I would write a quick post to provide insight into the work I’m starting this heartbeat, as well as some cool opportunities to get involved.

Goal: Launch the basics of a refreshed leadership program.

Participation at Mozilla has always been an opportunity to ‘learn by doing’, and ‘learning to lead’ is no exception .  Being a part of Mozilla Reps program for a number of years now, it’s been incredible to see the transformation of  people who arrive with ideas, and through the program’s empowerment, transform into leaders.  These are people who’ve had (and continue to have) real impact, not only on Mozilla’s mission, but on their own personal goals for success. That last part is important to the theory I’m working with:  when the personal development goals of a volunteer align with outcomes needed by Mozilla , there is a greater likelihood for sustainable impact; a base for scalable momentum.

So, when do we start being more deliberate about leadership development at Mozilla?  Right now ! Our Heartbeat started this week, and you can follow the leadership tag for Github issues in coming months.  I’m starting on the research phase for a Foundation of Mozilla curriculum will be the first step to connecting motivated, creative and goal-oriented individuals with events that can shape the future for Mozilla.  As part of this, we’ll also be developing a standard for community education curriculum, which includes a centralized way to both find, and plug-in community education opportunities.


Both links (in the previous paragraph) point to Github tasks that can help you follow our progress, find planning documents and get involved.  You’ll see that the curriculum task also links to ‘volunteer’ sub-tasks,should you want to get more involved in  researching, developing curriculum standards, or bringing the Community Education Portal to Mozilla Design standards.  I’m also looking for nominations of  people who you think would be valuable to consult during this research phase – on which skills, attitude and knowledge should be built into this curriculum. You can nominate people here.



‘Arrow’ credit: Daniel Kulinski / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA


Rep of the Month – July 2015
mkohler on August 04, 2015 10:10 AM

Please join us in congratulating Mohamed Hafez for being selected as Mozilla Rep of the Month for July 2015.

Mohamed Hafez is an incredible Rep with great capabilities from Egypt, he has being part of the big Mozilla tour in Egypt to spread the Mozilla love and mission all over his region.
His latest big event was Mozilla Egypt Iftar (Arabic: إفطار‎ ) in which they talked about Firefox OS and ways to get involved with Mozilla and also a formal Mozilla Egypt meeting. Additionally, he is involved in the coordination of the local launch campaign for Firefox OS in Egypt.

Don’t forget to congratulate him on Discourse!

MozillaWiki team update, call for new leadership
Lyre Calliope on August 03, 2015 05:02 PM

From July 14-20th, I was in Mexico City for Wikimania 2015 with the MozillaWiki team. I’d been disengaged for a number of months and was excited to re-engage that week to help figure out our long-term plan.

The work done by the MozillaWiki Team this past year and a half has been a labor of love, but like so many things at Mozilla, love alone unfortunately isn’t enough to sustain forward momentum. The MozillaWiki is currently at a crossroads, and we want to ensure it has a chance at a strong future. Before I get into the details of what’s next, I’d like to share some recent history.

For a number of years, the MozillaWiki lacked stewardship. It fell into disrepair. Spam was rampant, the deployed version of MediaWiki was rapidly approaching end-of-life, integrations were beginning to break, and wiki gardening best practices around metadata and namespacing were non-existent. And yet it remained one of the most accessible comprehensive records of work at every level of Mozilla and a significant entry point for contributor participation.

While the former Community Building Team seems to have been swept under the historical rug as a failed effort, it did have a number of successes. The MozillaWiki is one of them. As the lead of CBT’s Education Working Group, Christie Koehler recognized that the MozillaWiki was a critical piece of participation infrastructure needing some serious TLC. In the past year and a half, she built a team of Mozilla staff and volunteers, established a product roadmap emphasizing collaboration and participation features, and brought the MozillaWiki into modern times.

Last year in August, the MozillaWiki team had a work week in London that coincided with Wikimania 2014. In attendance was Jennie Halperin, Joelle F, Gordon P. Hemsley, C Liang, Christie Koehler, and myself. We created and deployed a new sidebar nav and main page, planned and tested the upgrade from Mediawiki 1.19 to 1.23 (without any downtime!), and planned our roadmap through the beginning of 2015. This week was a major milestone because we were finally able to get past a lot of technical debt enabling us to concentrate on adding new features.

In the year since, the MozillaWiki team has: streamlined the deployment process, closed all open security bugs, audited and adjusted user group rights to improve security and usability, deployed widget capabilities which enable Google Doc embeds, added flowchart and diagram creation capabilities via the GraphViz extension, and added the ability to create pages from Etherpads.

In November 2014, Christie wrote a blog post celebrating the 10th year anniversary of MozillaWiki with screenshots showing its evolution.

At the outset of 2015, the following executive summary slide deck was created outlining MozillaWiki’s usage statistics across the org as well as the MozillaWiki Team’s accomplishments and long-term goals.

Fast forward to this year’s Wikimania. MozillaWiki team members in attendance were Christie Koehler, Gordon Hemsley, Jason Crowe, Janet Swisher, and myself.

Recently, life changes have made continued progress difficult. Gordon Hemsley and I, both module peers for the Mozilla wiki, have been disengaged for a number of months as he found demanding work and I’ve been focused on personal development projects. Christie Koehler, module owner for MozillaWiki, joined the MDN team and has new staff responsibilities that don’t include stewardship of MozillaWiki. Other team members have had similar developments. We find ourselves facing the fact that there is no one able to commit to actively push things forward, nor passively maintain responsiveness.

Given the lack of resources and firm commitment on the part of staff and volunteers, the MozillaWiki team has decided it makes more sense to dissolve its current form and prepare for future stewards to take ownership of the MozillaWiki.

For our last hurrah in Mexico City, we launched a mobile interface for MozillaWiki! We also began taking steps to freeze active development, maintenance, and administration of the wiki. We are preparing a transition document so the next team of people, whoever they might be, can build upon the foundation we’ve established without having to start from scratch like we did.

We also visited the Teotihuacan pyramids outside of Mexico City.

I hope this development can help fuel discussion on the role of critical participation infrastructure (such as MozillaWiki, Mozillians, the Heartbeat dashboard, the Reps portal, etc) in Mozilla’s future and the critical need for it to be resourced and aligned/integrated with other Mozilla infrastructure.

There is so much opportunity for continued work on the MozillaWiki that would make it a better tool for participation and cross-team collaboration at Mozilla. Things like a mobile interface, real-time collaborative editing, and tighter integration with other Mozilla infrastructure are realistic opportunities for a small technical team. Additionally, there’s also plenty of work left undone that aligns with emerging Mozilla Participation and Learning strategies in the areas of leadership development, curricula+workshop dev, and building collaborative bridges between volunteers and staff.

This wiki page has a section, ‘How is the Wiki a critical resource to the Mozilla Project?‘ which succinctly explains what motivated my participation on the Wiki Team. My personal story with Mozilla started with years of lurking on MozillaWiki, and I know others feel as strongly about it as I. It holds so much of our history, and this is an active living history with a great many people relying upon it as their primary resource for understanding Mozilla, where it’s going, and how to get involved.

There are outstanding questions regarding who will do daily maintenance including handling account requests and content related tasks, as well as long-term upkeep so MozillaWiki doesn’t again fall into disrepair. If you’re interested in helping to steward the wiki, check out our in progress transition document and get in touch.

Reps Weekly Call – July 30th 2015
Ruben Martin [:Nukeador] on August 03, 2015 10:23 AM

Last Thursday we had our weekly call about the Reps program, where we talk about what’s going on in the program and what Reps have been doing during the last week.

  • Participation team Q3 goals.
  • Featured events.
  • Help me with my project.
  • What’s up with Council this week.
AirMozilla video

Detailed notes

Shoutouts to Flaki, Michael, all Webmaker party organizers, Ankit, Dian Ina, and Reps Portal devs.

Participation Team: Q3 goals

Rosana and Ruben talked about the Participation Team and the goals for this quarter.

Some highlights:

  • George is here to stay and will be leading the team in the long term.
  • The team will work with partners in the functional areas to develop relevant initiatives volunteers can chime in. WilliamQ and Brian will focus on this.
  • Global-local work will focus on supporting Reps and regional communities working together, supporting and coaching volunteers to be able to work in top initiatives. Rosana, Rubén, Guillermo, Konstantina and Francisco will focus on this.
  • Special focus on developing leaders to have more impact, running workshops around this. Emma will be leading these efforts.
  • To support more technical opportunities the Participation Tech Platform will work on this front, with Pierros leading and with the help of Tasos, Nemo, Nikos and Emma.
  • In order to be more effective there will be more focus on 10 specific countries to enable more impact.
  • The main initiatives will be: Firefox OS Ignite, Brand building in Germany, Firefox for Android in India, Midterm plan for 3 communities, Leadership program and Technology group.
  • The team will keep working using Hearthbeats.

Check the presentation and the team’s github.

Featured events
  • Maker Parties/Webmaker events
    • Dehli: From July 31st to August 15th.
    • Bacolod, Philippines: July 31st.
  • WebAssembly for humans. PereiraJS. Pereira, Colombia. July 30th.
  • Firefox OS introduction in Maseno University. Kisumu, Kenya. July 31st.
  • Firefox OS Africa Workshop. Paris, France. July 31st, August 2nd.
  • Weekly MozTW Lab, Taipei. Community space Taipei. July 31st.
  • Stumbling in a box, Kerala. Kerala, India. August 2nd to 22nd.
Help me with my project!

Reps portal

Currently there is a lot going on with the Participation team tooling and the Reps portal devs need help to fix bugs and add new features.

They can devote some time to mentor new people to get involved with the portal development.

Check the repository and current bugs.


The new bug triage tool is now live. The idea is that users sign up to get a list of untriaged bugs to move them to the proper category and make them actionable.

Give it a try and let them know what do you think.

What’s up with Council this week
  • Mentor selection criteria: The feedback has been discussed and a final draft will be shared soon.
  • Update of the Budget SOP to make it clearer and easier to read it
  • Blog post for ROM of July.
  • Working together with Francisco to be updated about future, important events and get more background from him
  • Helping out with the Participation Team Goals for Q3

Raw etherpad notes.

Don’t forget to comment about this call on Discourse and we hope to see you next week!

Things leading to Interest-Driven, Connected Learnings and Active Participation in Clubs
Gauthamraj ( on August 01, 2015 06:43 AM
In our club @coderdojoerode, we empower learners with technology awareness to different age groups, mainly to 7-17. Even though, we do sessions every sunday, the topics covered differs every time (i.e) Topic covered in the last session might not be useful in the following sessions. This is because, we focused only on creating awareness not on call for action which can lead to impact.

As days passed, we found our learners are losing interest and not showing up at further classes. Our team decided to take a step back to identify what's missing, by talking with learners who is no longer interested.

Here is what we figured out :

Our initial sessions, focused on the basics of computer, laptop and Internet. Kids and Youth ageing between 7-14 Years are new and never learned the basics in a engaging and inclusive way. They showed a lot of interest. But, there are couple of university and high school students also. For them, basics doesn't seem to be fancy and exciting to learn again.

We found this out early, in forthcoming basics sessions we asked these people lead. When we moved to coding/technical part, mentors of the club lead the sessions. For some high school and university students, learning html doesn't seem to be as cool as playing cricket with friends. So, most of them didn't turned up.  

Later, talking with them help us realize we are forcing everyone to learn the same thing. For some, they aren't interested in coding but wish to learn about Privacy, security and tracking. We have plans to cover those topics but not sure when since we don't a proper lesson plan.

Key takeaway here - club should offer what learners are interested to learn. Club can show, how they can learn better using the web by using examples in learners field of interest which will drive participation.

We also found, those who come everytime aren't progressing much, i.e we see lack of learning, interest and participation. It didn't took much time to realize the problem - again, we are forcing everyone to learn the same thing at sessions, which looks like traditional method used for teaching at schools.

Key takeaway here - Learners should first gets the curiosity to know about something that leads them to ask questions and start the learning process. When learners ask questions, it is easy for mentors to explain and easy for learners to understand the same.

How do we drive learners to ask questions ?

Recently, when we got our learning space, more new learners who want to learn from basic joined us. We found, only few are actively participating at the sessions. After few days, we put up some posters of our club logo inside the space.

After that, 10 year old little guy (who never talked anything before) came to me and asked about the logo. When I explained, he started asking more and more questions that lead him being very active and participatory that day.

As a trial, we decided to put posters of different computer components in the space. Next day, as expected almost everyone started asking questions about each poster.

Surprisingly, some learners itself explained others if they know the answer. Everything here, leads the first step to interest-driven, learn by making and connected learning.

How do we identify learners interest ? 

We all learn better, when we are taught of a concept with examples from our area of interest. Agree ?

But, challenge is, how do we find the interest. As a possible method, we asked everyone to talk about their hobby for 2 mins. For some, this was hard due to shyness and fear. What do we do now ?

Slate Prototyping : Next, we made everyone to draw something of their interest on paper. We realized, things reflected on paper is highly relevant to area of interest. We took the advantage and used examples while teaching the web and it proved to have positive effect. We also realized, 1:1 mentoring is the best method as it avoid fear and shyness. 

Recently, we moved to re-usable slates instead of paper to support #gogreen.

Connected learning:

To encourage the habit of connected learning, after slate prototyping we pair learners. They exchange their slates and they explain about "what they see on the slate" with one mentor supporting them.

When one finished sharing, the other (who initially wrote on the slate) will explain the things he drew on the slate. This will leads to a constructive discussion and idea sharing among learners, all by themselves. We believe, this leads to creative thinking, collaboration and connected learning. 

Curriculum/Lesson Plan for sustained Participation:

In the beginning, I have mentioned about university and high school students who lost their interest. I have also mentioned, there is a big gap between topics covered at each session.

We think, to make learners sustained, curious and interested to learn more, got to have a curriculum or lesson plan for atleast next couple of sessions. Sharing this plan at the beginning, will help learners to expect what's coming.

Having mentors at the club from various educational background will be helpful. Mainly, to #teachtheweb with example from their field of interest. Luckily, Our club has more mentors from Non-IT background.

Hope this post, will ne of some help. Especially, for new club captains who aim to form club with Non-IT mentors/learners and/or outside of university or school.

If you have comments or criticism about the post, feel free to share it with us. Either as comment or you can tweet us @gauthraj and @coderdojoerode


@mozilla club RC

Maker/Learning space in the village : Arise of Mozilla Erode club & Coderdojo Erode Club
Gauthamraj ( on July 29, 2015 11:46 AM
                         CoderdojoErode & Mozilla Club Erode

What ?

Coderdojo Erode/Mozilla club Erode is one of the few active and recognized Dojo by  global coderdojo and Mozilla foundation in india. This club offers free computer programming skills and technology awareness from basics to the age group of 7 to 17 from the district of erode, Tamilnadu. Dojo also provides free technology related assistance to everyone in and around the region who reaching out to Dojo for help.

Hand-made poster on the occasion of inaugural.
HTML Chalk Puzzle in streets.

A bit of Background :

Some of the issues found with education system in rural places is the lack of exposure, awareness and opportunity. The core team, formed the dojo are the victims of this. Due to lack of exposure and awareness they are unable to express their full potential with their skill. So, they end up taking a educational degree that was highly recommended by others. They are not able to find a suitable opportunity on successful completion of degree with good grades. They end up working in a job/opportunity with very less pay, for what they had studied. Because, their college learning has nothing to do with their current work.

Why ?

This group of people, came together and tried to understand the reason for their current position. They came to conclusion that lack of awareness, exposure and opportunity to express their skills - innovative, creative and chances to improve their communication and interpersonal skills.  There seem to be a huge gap between skills, education and opportunity. Core team believes this can be fixed with the implementation of technology in the learning process.
Our Club Logo

Why Clubs ?

When the team decided their goals they are in need of a platform to express their ideas  and to get help from others who does the same work. By the time, they came across coderdojo and mozilla clubs platform which seem to align with their set goals and also gave them a lot of freedom to work and do things the way they want.

How the team formed ?

Key things that brought the team together was,

  1. Triggered  Emotion - Current job not related to their qualification
  2. Awareness about Clubs - how we can help next gen to come out of this and what’s it in for us now ( Interpersonal, leardership skills, etc )
  3. Call for action - let’s do series of classes once a week for basic knowledge on computer
  4. Twitter - share how/what you feel right away

Twitter hold the key in keeping the enthusiasm, passion alive to move forward towards the goal everytime - retweets and favorite from official accounts making them happy and make them continue “what they are doing”. 
Core team of Six.

 What’s happening in the club ?
  • Every member of the club showing interest to share what they know :)
  • Shyness and fear for english gone down tremendously
  • Weekly classes happening and every members takes up a responsibility on their own
  • Different age groups with similar interest together
  • New ideas, projects are being planned up on collaboration of members from different streams
  • English skills got better because of frequent twitter usage
  • Their leisure time getting productive as they plan and discuss about club and it’s activities
  • Continuous and Constructive learning

Bunch of future stars of open web

Mozilla Web Journey as the reference :

First, club will identify every learner’s present skill set to classify them in one of the four stages in Mozilla web journey. A curriculum was developed for each stages, inorder to make the learning experience easy and fun for both learners and mentors. Connected learning and learning by making are the two main things behind each curriculum.

Curriculum and classification process ensures everyone in the club reaches the level of web literate through continuous and constructive learning process along with peer mentoring.

Work flow of a computer system in a participatory and learn by make method.
Update :

We tested the above plan, figured out we are missing some important pieces - majority of our learners are new to web and technology and classification process which seems in effective. As a fix, we decided to take the maker party curriculum model as example - it has three parts namely, Read, Write and Participate in the web.

Like said before, our learners are new to tech and need some assistance with the basics. So, we decided to start with the basics and walk through the rest.
Basic of Computer and Internet ---> Read --->Write --->Participate in the web ==> Web Literate
Learning Journey we aim to walk our learners in.

We will share more info on curriculum, later this month when we create a report with our experience in making and using our own curriculum.

What can a Mozilla Club/Dojo Club offer ?

  • A platform to gather like minded folks to teach about technology and also the  learners who are interested and looking for an opportunity to learn about technology
  • Place to master the web as  web literate
  • Place to share, express you ideas to core level
  • Offers a chance to collaborate or partner with local/regional like minded organizations
  • Being a part of the club, can help improve interpersonal and communication skills
  • You can master the web, no matter which stream you are from or what age you are in
  • Gives global exposure that might bring new ideas/projects in turn brings more carer opportunity in the field of interest
  • Set of tested Curriculum that you can use directly or remix according to your learners
  • Community support and mentorship
  • And, much more here - and

 Our Own Space in the village:

About our Village: Perundurai is a small town in the district of Erode. Erode is located in the state of Tamilnadu in South of India. 20-­30 Mins road travel from Perundurai will take you to a village, Sullippalayam. That's where core members were born, grew up and still live there with their family. In the past, agriculture use to be the main source of work and income for people in the village. Due to poor rainfall and low cost of crops, alot of people stopped doing agriculture and went out of village to work in industries. There is one elementary school that teaches up to class of 5, located in the village. Beyond 5 th class, students should go out of the village to either of two high schools, located 2-­4 kms away.

Our club activities, usually held in temple ground every sunday afternoon. We realized, due to high temperature, unwanted distractions and sunday being holiday, number of learners went down every week. Majority of young ones, want to spend their sunday morning for playing. We planned activities on Sunday because mentor available during day time only on those days. For learners, doing classes in weekdays in the evening at  open ground is not good and advisable by their parents.

We decided to find a safe place for both mentors and learners to hang around. Having such a place, will help more learners from near by places to join us. We found a unused storage room in the middle of the village. It is about 40 + years old though. When approached, place owner is more than happy to offer us the place for the activities.

Our old, sweet, little space

 On one fine Sunday, everyone in the club joined to clean the place. Luckily, we already electricity connection. I took my home PC  and white board to the place. As expected, when we open the place around 6 PM our little will be eagerly waiting outside.

Space Activities:

We don’t have much resources there. Some of our friends, on seeing our posts came forward to donate 100 INR or so ( ~ 2 USD). With this money, we got few slates for little ones to draw and script things they want to do on web later.

As expected, each day we got new kids as well as youth coming in and willing to share something they know. Few days back, we had about 15 people and each one gave a talk for 5 mins on their fav topic from computers to power plants.

We aim to make this place as an inspiration for others to try and do the same in their regions. More likely, in rural areas. In few weeks, we have seen a big difference in our learners who never exposed to technology before but now started talking about it. They are growing their habit of learning/working together with others that they find hard to do in their schools. We are not limiting their creativity to coding, we allow learners to do and learn what they like. 

We have celebrated, International Yogaday in our Club. You can know more about it here -

  Most of all, so far everything we did and doing is of zero-cost involved. We managed to do this,  by finding the potential resources around us and mapping it with the passion to #teachtheweb to help upcoming generations get exposure and opportunities through technology. We dream about making multiple places, empowering people through technology through connected learning, collaboration and interest - driven teaching, with the help of technology and web.

We are running #makerparty all day in our space from 15th and we plan to close in a high note this weekend. But, our activities varies due to different age group we get and keeping the sustainability of learners as a key thing. 

While we script a blog about our #makerparties  early next week, you can get quick updates by following our twitter handles :

Gauthamraj -
Coderdojoerode -

We are learning and implementing in our each step forward. If you have any suggestions or criticism please share it with us and help us grow better.

Thanks a lot in advance !

Behalf of Erode Club

TW Mozillians @ 香港開源年會 HKOSCon 2015
Irvin Chen ( on July 28, 2015 01:41 PM

In the end of June, totally 7 Taiwan Mozillians (5 reps, 2 core contributors) flew to Hong Kong to host a Mozilla booth at HKOSCon 2015 (Hong Kong Open Source Conference). The following are 2 blog posts from Yao Wei and Ernest.

Mozilla Links 正體中文版: Showing off Firefox in HKOSCon 2015
Participating HKOSC 2015 — Medium

日前, ErnestBobChaoOrinRJ魏藥Peter 等共七位 MozTW 成員,一同前往香港開源年會,並擺設 Mozilla 攤位。關於活動的情形,歡迎閱讀以上魏藥及 Ernest 的直擊文章。

Here I will add some of my own experience & observation.

Booth 攤位

(TW Mozillians with Sammy Fung, Bob & Ernest is not in this photo)
(台灣成員與香港的 Sammy,Bob 與 Ernest 不在這張照片中)

Create big banners from FoxYeah stickers to demostrate, is indeed good try on our booth. We can take chance to sharing ideas with people on those topics of banner (security, customize...), and ask people to choose their favorite one to take photo, has really positive feedback.

將 FoxYeah 標語製作成大扛棒在攤位上展示,並讓人拿著最喜歡的標語拍照,是一個準備簡單,卻非常有笑點的小活動。不但容易吸引目光,也成為與參觀者的交流話題。

(We even got a "Gandi love Firefox" big thumb up from's Asia COO Thomas)
(我們甚至獲得了 Gandi 的 Asia COO Thomas 的「Gandi Love Firefox」認證)

Hong Kong local mozillians were basically all workers for HKOSCon, so we had to self-help on organize booth. Carry those Firefox OS devices and Firefox souvenir were not easy - the stickers are so-heavy. We had to separate them to everyone to carry in luggage when flight. Printer big stickers and make slogan banner on sight is good idea.

香港當地的 Mozillians 都是 HKOSCon 的主辦成員,我們只好自力救濟。要把這麼多展示品(包含近十台 Firefox OS 裝置、與各類 Firefox 紀念品)從台灣帶到香港,的確是蠻麻煩的一件事,貼紙卡片又重又多,要讓大家平均分攤裝行李箱托運。印貼紙跟買瓦楞版當場製作,又快效果又好。

We also got 21 filled contribute forms at the booth. Hope that we can get some more contributors at Hong Kong. (BTW, on our contribute form, we had various contributed area for people to choose their prefer, and most of people select multiple area. We should improve our [online form]( to accepting multiple choices too.)

本次攤位上,我們亦收集到 21 名有意貢獻者的聯絡方式。希望未來在香港能有更多 Mozilla 貢獻者。

Webmaker Workshop 工作坊

Host a Webmaker workshop is one of my main topic in HKOSCon. But the lecture room is under "speak" mode, and not too easy for workshop that it's hard to see how attendees' status. Fortunately that my content is half exercise and half lecture intro.

主講 Webmaker 工作坊,是這次參與 HKOSCon 的主要任務。可惜的是,雖然參加者大多都有攜帶電腦,但是演講形式的座位安排,不太好掌握台下參加者的參與狀況,還是不太適合工作坊。幸好我準備的內容是實作與演講兼具。

This is also my first time to connecting Keynote, iPad (remote control and viewing keynote speaker note), Firefox, iPhone (share internet to mac), Reflector 2 (receive Chrome Cast mirrow from Mi2S), and Mi2S Android phone all together on stage. Perhaps the environment is too complicated thus my Mac hang for twice and it tooks me 5 mins to reboot when in 2/3 of workshop. Too bad that it cost me too much time and I cannot play last video in slide. I'll need to simplified the environment next time.

這也是我第一次同時使用 Keynote、iPad(連動 Keynote 看講者備忘)、Firefox、iPhone(分享網路給 Mac,再作熱點給 iPad 與 Android 手機)、Reflector 2(用於接收 Chrome Cast Mirrow 展示 Android 手機的 Webmaker App)與一台小米 2S Android 手機等六項裝置與軟體,在進行到約 2/3 時,遭遇到電腦當機了兩次,浪費了約五分鐘,讓最後一片短片來不及播放。環境太複雜,下次最好還是精簡一點,避免再次發生。

Here is my workshop slide,

Webmaker + Workshop @HKOSCon 2015

Accommodation 住宿

Our accommodation "Royal Park Hotel" is really really valuable! Locating in central Shatin, 10 mins walk from train station all inside mall (cool and easy for luggage!), half hour metro to downtown, 1 hour Airport bus directly to hotel door. The best is price, 4 star hotel with large room (twice as large as hotel room in Kowloon) equipment with bathtub, the price only about 130 USD per 4pax room per night. (Almost same price to 2pax room.)

這次我們的住宿「帝都酒店」真的非常超值!極力推薦給四人以上一起到香港的朋友。地點位於沙田市中心,沙田車站約只要走十分鐘,全程都是室內商場(又涼又好拉行李)。搭地鐵不用半小時就能進到九龍,且 A41 機場巴士一小時直達飯店門口。最棒的是,四星級飯店,兩間四人房共定七晚,稅前一晚不到一千港幣(跟兩人房價格差不多),而且房間是九龍飯店的兩倍大以上(甚至有浴缸!)

Thank you Emma, Arturo and Raj
Ruben Martin [:Nukeador] on July 27, 2015 04:40 PM

Being part of the Reps Council is a great experience, it is at the same time an honour and a challenge and it comes with a lot of responsibility, hard work, but also lessons and growth.

We want to thank and recognize our most recent former Reps Council members for serving their one year term bringing all the their passions, knowledge and dedication to the program and making it more powerful.

Emma Irwin

Emma was a great inspiration not only for Reps, but specially for mentors and the Council. Her passion for education and empowering volunteers allowed her to push the program to be much more centered towards education and growth, marking a new era for Reps.

She was not only advocating for it, but also rolling up her sleeves and running different trainings, creating curriculum and working towards improving the mentorship culture. She was also extremely helpful helping us navigate some conflicts and getting Reps to grow and put aside differences.

Arturo Martinez

Arturo’s unchallenged energy and drive were great additions to the Council. Specially during his term as Council Chair he set the standard for effectively driving initiatives, helping everyone to achieve their goals and pushing us to be excellent. Thank you for the productivity boost!

Gauthamraj Elango

Raj’s passion for Web literacy and for empowering everyone to take part of the open web helped him lead Reps program to work more closely with Webmaker team, showcasing an example on how Reps can bring much more value to initiatives. He drove efforts to innovate our initiatives both in terms of local organization and funding.

These are just a few examples of their exemplary work as Council members, that not only helped Reps all around the world to step up and have more impact, but also inspired new Mozillians and all the Reps around the world on how to lead change for the open Web.

Once again, thank you so much for your time, effort and your passion, you left an outstanding mark in the program.

You can share your gratitude with them in this topic on Discourse.

#MozLove for April
Emma on July 26, 2015 02:22 PM

This month’s #mozlove post is for April Morone.

I wrote this post with  inspiration from the first version of ‘Participation Personas . Personas (V1) is a  list of contributor profiles I use to design participation opportunities.  For each persona I also suggest a series of ‘lenses’ which, I believe can help us design with, and for greater diversity and dimension.

A lens can be anything from gender identity and age, to what I called a ‘toxic rating’, which changes the flexibility and value of collaborating with someone.   Another lens is what I have (so far) called ‘accessibility’, which encourages thinking about physical challenges of contribution.  This could be anything from asking ourselves if resources are ‘screen reader friendly’, to building in a respect for periods of time people may ‘disappear’ to take care of their wellness.  

In that light I would like to highlight the contributions, enthusiasm and dedication of April Morone. April describes herself as a ‘disabled contributor’ living with partial blindness, hearing loss and neuro-muscular problems . April is also advocate for helping other people living with disabilities contribute to the Mozilla project.   April was kind enough to take time to answer my questions, the first of which was “What got you started contributing?”

“What got me contributing was this insatiable need to help and insatiable need to learn more in the IT field, as well as to DO more in the IT field. I’ve always been helping others, from my cousins, helping teach them at the age of twelve on up, to teaching and helping others.”

You will find April embedded in the project helping others, especially focused on new contributors people setting up local environments for bug-fixes.  When I asked her what sustains her participation, she felt equally as motivated by people who ‘want to learn’, as her own interest in teaching and helping.

When listing the challenges to contribution, April identified the continual challenges posed by health issues which include the emotional effects of  surviving domestic abuse.  On the more predicable scale, April also listed issues with technology fails and limited time as worthy opponants.  What’s I think is very inspiring about both April and the community around her is how she describes her continued involvement and the people making a difference for her:

Abishek Gupta, Gautam Sharma, David Walsh, Luke Crouch, Janet Swisher, Hagen Halbach, and Daniel Desira have kept me going. They have been contributors and now also friends who have supported me through difficult times when I might have otherwise have given up contributing. I had thought of dropping out of contributing and even just giving up. But they stood by me, listened, and gave support, which help.  What also kept me going is my love of helping others, my love of Mozilla, and my love of IT and web development.

I think this is really, really special in that the community is as much a place to find ‘your people’, as it is a cause to contribute to.   I know April is among a small group of volunteers at Mozilla with ambitions of creating a more supportive network for contributors living with disability through directed documentation and on-boarding –  which I think is just amazing.  I am grateful to be a part of a community that includes April and many of the people she listed who help her be successful.


Next month I hope to write a couple of these posts – we’ll see.

“Felt Heart” Image credit: Lauren Jong



MozStumbler Jaipur - Mozpacers Stumbling V 1.0
anupmishra ( on July 25, 2015 10:23 AM

Mozilla Delhi aka Mozpacers planned to contribute in a New project and the Project name was Mozstumbler which is related to improving the location services for Firefox OS.

We planned a sprint of a week and we started stumbling with a lots of energy and excitements . The sprint started on 15th JUly and just after the 2 days of the sprint , we were able to see the results of it - " Mozpacers in the list of top 20 weekly contributor and that count was not 1 but 5 Mozpacers " . The whole feeling was awesome.

Then we planned a 800+ Km of trip on the weekend where we stumbled all the way from Delhi to Jaipur including awesome heritage buildings. We started at around 3 Am for the trip and played so many games on the trip along with stumbling . We came to know so many interesting things about each other during the trip. At the start of the trip Mozpacers had 50K Reports already submitted to the Stumbler Application.

We reached hotel at 11:30 am . We got refreshed and then again started for the real stumbling from 1 PM after taking lunch. We visited so many monuments like Jantar Mantar , City Palace , Nahargarh Fort etc and after that we finally came back to hotel to spend more time within the team .

We discussed about the status of our website and other projects that Mozpacers are working on for an hour and then we went for a team Dinner. It was a awesome buffet over there. After the dinner we can back and shared the critical tasks of the projects among each other.

After that we start sharing fun moments and ghost stories . Came to bed at around 1:30 am . Not to forget  , some of them were still sharing the stories at that time. This was the consecutive day of being insomniac as due to excitement I did not slept last night as well .

Next morning we checked out the hotel after having breakfast and stumbled at some more places including Amber fort and started Journey back to Delhi . It was an awesome and one of the most memorable journey of my life. Not to forget our Younger Mozillian ( 2 Years Old ) whom we call " Mozboy " was also full of energy in-spite of the fact that he also did not got much time to rest. Hats of to such energy and enthusiasm.

Returning Journey was even more awesome and we played so many team games during the trip. Everyone put a positive impact and hence the overall trip was successful . When I came back and checked the Stumbling Leader-board again , Mozpacers had submitted more than 2 lac's report. It was such an awesome feeling which can't be expressed with some words.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the trip in-spite of the fact that this was not a fully sponsored trip .

We are awaiting for the Mozstumbler V 2.0 where more community members can participate and we can stumble together lots of new places and gather more than 5 lac's reports together.

Major Recaps of MozStumbler 1.0

1) Submitted more than 3 lacs reports  , we had promised only 1 lacs report submission ( target achieved 3 times. )
2)6 Bugs raised by Mozpacers
3)6 Mozpacers were featured in weekly top 20 contributors all over the world.
4)Reports can be checked by visiting the leader-board and searching "Mozpacer " keyword.
5)Traveled total of 1500 KMs.
6)Total no. of new cells discovered was more than 38K.
7)We have shooted a video of the whole projects and that is going to be out soon.
8) 16 Blogposts and 1 wiki page would be shared soon by the community team members.
9)39 team members participated in total  (some of them forgot to add mozpacers prefix , the limitation of application is that it doesn't links the email id to username.)
10)More than 100 tweets on twitter . More than 20 were Favorited by @MozServices.
11)Pictures shared on stumbling activities got more than 1000 likes in Facebook.
12)Social Media outreach of the stumbling pics were more than 10000.

Thanks to Ajay ( for managing the sprint with me) , Bhuvnesh ( who is the core of our Creative Team , credits goes to him for all the flickr photos and stumbling video ) ,Archana (Mozmaa), Pushpita (Angry Young Woman), Nikhil(Batman) , Sanyam (Mr. API) , Prateek (Actor) , Chirag (Mr Descent), Shubham (Mr. Bluff Master) ,Tanshul ( Our Beloved Poet) ,Vikram (Mr.Quiet Dancer),Kunal ( Mr. Security),Shivika ( Miss Womoz), Jay (Mr. PoutMan) , Lovnish (Mr. Silent) and Aarav (Mozboy) for these wonderful moments and increasing the bonding of Mozpacers Community.

Photos of the Stumbling Activities can be found here.

Reps Weekly Call – July 23th 2015
Ruben Martin [:Nukeador] on July 24, 2015 11:16 AM

Last Thursday we had our weekly call about the Reps program, where we talk about what’s going on in the program and what Reps have been doing during the last week.

  • Firefox OS Foxfooding.
  • Featured events.
  • Webmaker app launch in Indonesia.
AirMozilla video

Detailed notes

Shoutouts to Ahmed Nefzaoui and Yofie Setiawan (@yofiesetiawan) as the Reps of the Month!

Firefox OS Foxfooding

The Foxfooding program started as an employee initiative but it will be expanded to mozillians soon.

A good way to contribute now is check the Foxfooding dashboard and help to triage bugs, we also have an app (Triagr) to help with this login with your bugzilla user, you can install or try it. Feel free to follow @foxfooding on Twitter.

Discourse topic about Foxfooding.

There is also the B2gdroid initiative to be able to experience Gaia directly on an Android device.

Future for Firefox OS is very interesting, like NGA (New Gaia Architecture) and new features like stream apps, share apps, hack apps, share modifications (Hackerspace).

Featured events
  • Maker Party Events:
  • Kathmandu (Nepal), 25th. Rep: Surit Aryal
    • Stockholm (Sweden), 25th. Rep: Åke Nygren
    • Kanpur (India), 28th. Rep: Chandan Kumar Baba
    • Sertaozinho (Brazil), 29th. Rep: Sergio Oliveira
    • And many more events in:
  • HackDehli – New Dehli (India). 25th-26th.
  • Mozilla Hindi Community Meetup – New Dehli (India). 25th-26th
  • Firefox OS Launch week 6 in Mauritius – 25 July 2015 in the South of Mauritius at Mahebourg.
Webmaker app launch in Indonesia

The launch is going to happen in August with the training help of WilliamQ, Bobby, Paul, Kevin.

The preparation is still in progress, including localization, planning for events content.

Raw etherpad notes.

Don’t forget to comment about this call on Discourse and we hope to see you next week!

Firefox Spring Campaign- Indore & Bhopal
faisalaziz4ever on July 22, 2015 06:28 PM

I am thrilled to share my experience during Mozilla’s Firefox Spring Campaign held at Bhopal & Indore. I’d like to thanks Chelsea Novak for encouragement and support to conduct this event.

FoxYeah Team Indore: Venue: Vatsana Technologies

  • Shafique Patni (Mozilla Rep)
  • Mrinal Jain (Mozilla Rep)
  • Yaseen Khan (Mozillian & FSA)
  • Shubham Geete (Mozillian & FSA)
  • Shashank (CTO Vatsana Technologies)
  • FSA & Mozillians of Indore

FoxYeah Team Bhopal : Fresspresso Cafe

  • Vaibhav Bajaj(Mozilla Rep)
  • Rahul Talreja(Mozilla Rep)
  • FSA & Mozillians of Bhopal

FoxYeah Indore:


Council at Whistler Work Week
mkohler on July 22, 2015 03:15 PM

From the 23rd to 26th of June the Reps Council attended the Mozilla Work Week in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada to discuss the future plans with the rest of the Participation team. Unfortunately Bob Reyes couldn’t attend due to delays in the Visa process.

Human centered design workshop

At the beginning of the week Emma introduced us to “Human centered design” where the overall goal is to find solutions to a problem while keeping the individual in the focus. We split up in groups of two to do the exercises. We tried to come up with individual solutions for the problem statement “How might we improve the gift giving experience?”.

At first we interviewed our partner to get to the root of the problem they currently have with gift giving. This might either be that they don’t have ideas on what to give to a person, or maybe the person doesn’t want to get a gift, or something entirely different. All in all, we came up with a lot of different root causes to analyze.

After talking intensively to the partner, we came up with individual solution proposals which we then discussed with the partner and improved based on their feedback.

We think this was a valuable workshop for the following sessions with the functional area teams.

Sessions with other functional areas

With this knowledge Council members, as part of the Participation team, attended more than 27 meetings with other functional teams from all across Mozilla. The goal was to invite these teams to a session, where we analyze their issues they have with Participation.

During these meetings we provided feedback to the team’s plans for bringing more participation and enabling more community members into their projects. We also received a lot of insights on what functional teams think about the community and how valuable is the work of volunteer to them. In every session the goal was to come up with a solid problem statement and then find possible solutions for it. Due to the Council being volunteers each of us could give valuable input and ideas.

Some problem statements we tackled during the week (of course this is just a selection):

  • How might we increase the Code contribution retention so people come back to us after doing a code contribution?
  • How might community approach organizations who already touch the “socially involved” audience to infiltrate their systems so Shape of the Web can touch people so that it can have a lasting impact?
  • How might we improve the SUMO retention ratio from 10% to 30% in the next 6 months?
  • How might we deliver operational capability to run suggested titles in German speaking countries by the end of the year?

Our plans (along with the Participation team) are to continue working with most of these teams and the community in order to accomplish our common plans for bringing more participation into these functional areas.

Council meetings & Leadership workshop

During the week we also held council meetings where we prioritised tasks and worked on the most important ones. Mentor’s selection criteria 2.0, new budget SOPs, Reps recognition and Reps selection criteria for important events are some of these tasks. After completing these important tasks we would like to focus on Reps as leadership platform and set our goals for the next (at least) one year.

On that direction, Rosana Ardila run a highly interesting workshop on Friday around volunteer leadership and the current Organisation model within Mozilla. In three hours we tried to think outside the box and come up with solutions to make volunteer leadership more effective. We haven’t started any plans to incorporate this with the community, but in the coming weeks we will look at this and figure out which parts might work for community as well.

Radical Participation session

On Wednesday evening, a lot of volunteers and staff come together for the “Radical Participation” session. Mozilla invited several external experts on Participation to give a lightning talk to inspire us.

After these lightning talks we evaluated what resonated with us the most for our job and for Mozilla in general. It was good to get an outside view and tips so we can move forward with our plans as best prepared as we can be.

At the end, Mark and Mitchell gave us an update on what they think about Radical Participation. We think we’re on a good way planning for impact, but there is still a lot to do!

Participation Planning

This was one of the most interesting sessions we had since we used a new and innovative post-it notes (more post-it notes!) method for framing the current status of Participation in Mozilla. Identifying in detail the current status and the structure of Participation, was the most important step towards having more impact within the project.

By re-ordering and evaluating the notes we managed to make statements on what we could change and come with a plan for the following months. We looked at an 18-month timeline. George Roter is currently in charge of getting the document which describes the 18-month plan in more detail finished. Stay tuned for this!

Unofficial meetings with other teams

During the social parts of the Work Week (arrival apero and dinners), we all had a chance to talk to other teams informally and discuss our pain points for projects we’re working on outside of Council. We had a lot of talks with different teams outside our Participation sessions, therefore we could move forward with several other, non-Reps related, projects as well. To give an example: Michael met Patrick Finch on Monday of the work week to discuss the Community Tile for the German-speaking community. Due to several talks during the week, the Community Tile went online around a week after the work week.


All in all it was crucial to sit together and work on future plans. We could get a good understand of what the Participation team has been working on and could share what we have been working on as a Council. We could set the next steps for future work. After a hard working Work Week we are all ready to tackle the next steps for Participation. Let’s help Mozilla move forward with Participation! You can find other blog posts from the Participation Team below.

More blog posts about the Work Week from the Participation Team

Participation at Whistler
Storify – Recap Participation at Whistler

Preview of Firefox OS 2.5
on July 21, 2015 09:45 AM
Firefox OS 2.5 will be released on 30th of October 2015. Here is the first preview and a list of new...

Reps of the month – June 2015
Ruben Martin [:Nukeador] on July 20, 2015 10:14 AM

Please join us in congratulating Ahmed Nefzaoui from Tunisia and Yofie Setiawan from Indonesia for being selected as Mozilla Reps of the Month for June 2015.

Ahmed has been involved in the Tunisia Community for 3 years now. He contributes fixes to the RTL (right-to-left) UI, various other user experience related issues and fixes bugs for Firefox OS. He’s also known as “the RTL guy” within the community. Additionally he helps out with the Arabic localization for several projects and Mozilla websites. He was also involved in the Firefox OS launch in Tunisia with the help of other awesome contributors, localizers and supporters.

Yofie has been involved in the Indonesian Community for more than 4 years. Passionate Mozillian and hard-working as a Rep. Based in Jakarta – Indonesia, Yofie has been actively spreading the word and getting people involved in the Mozilla project in schools, local communities, mobile shops and basically wherever he can. Within Reps Yofie is mostly known for his great work designing for several Mozilla projects and helping out growing the Mozilla Indonesia community. He recently was the lead for the launch of the new Indonesia community website at

Don’t forget to congratulate them on Discourse!

#MozKopdarJKT: #FoxYeah Jakarta
Rara on July 19, 2015 09:06 PM

To celebrate the latest Firefox update we are creating a campaign that helps fans of Firefox invite the people in their networks to download Firefox. You can find events all around the world with hashtag #FoxYeah for this occasion.

In Indonesia, we did in 5 cities: Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Madura, and Sinjai. In this post, I will write about the #Foxyeah event in Jakarta. We have mozillians meetup regularly in Jakarta. Like once in two or three months, we organize #MozKopdarJKT event. And this time, #MozKopdarJKT felt so different with #FoxYeah.

For the first time, finally, we held our event at Jakarta Digital Valley, Menara Multimedia fl.6 – Kebon Sirih. Thanks to Jakarta Digital Valley (JakDiVa) and DBB Accelerator for the venue.

#MozKopdarJKT started with introduction with each attendees, and I start to explain about what’s new in Firefox 38, such as Pocket Integration and Firefox Hello with tab sharing.

A new integration with the popular save-it-for-later service Pocket will allow Firefox users to save articles, videos and more right from Firefox. A user can retrieve saved content by clicking on the Pocket icon in Firefox or by installing the Pocket app on their smartphone or tablet. You can access Pocket through your Firefox account.

Pocket Integration

We’ve also added tab sharing to Firefox Hello, our WebRTC based video communication platform that allows a user to converse without downloading software or creating an account. Just start a conversation, send your friend a link and ask them to click it. The addition of tab sharing provides users with the ability to share content while chatting on video.

Firefox Hello with tab sharing

After my presentation, Rizki Ariestiyansyah, our new Indonesian Rep, spoke about how Firefox gives you choice and control, also how Firefox gives you tools for transparency. And of course, along with the demonstration for duckduckgo, forget button, private browsing, Do Not Track, lightbeam, showing the open code and the process, etc.

Next, William Quiviger as Global Community Manager for Mozilla, sharing about the Participation at Mozilla, which is very interesting to learn.

Dian Ina and Eriska got a chance to share about Mozilla Club that night. More about Mozilla Club, you can check here.

The coolest thing that will be launch next month, Webmaker App for Android. Arief Bayu introduce a glimpse of Webmaker App for Android with some app demo.

At the end of the event, Yofie Setiawan launched our new community website. Yes, it is new and fresh! Please check it out at :) Thanks to Yofie for the big effort in redesigning and rebuilding our beloved community website :)

And of course, the group photo!

..and enjoy this! ;)

Thank you XNAWorld for the awesome video :)

Mozilla Weekend Berlin – Day 2 / Feedback
Michael Kohler on July 19, 2015 06:38 PM

At the Community Meetup of the German-speaking community back in February we decided to organize a Mozilla Day or Mozilla Weekend in 2015 to get more visible in Berlin, tell people about Mozilla’s mission and projects, and recruit new Mozillians. We did this on July 11th and 12th. This is the post about Day 2. You can read about Day 1 in a previous blog post.

Day 2 On Sunday we had several workshops going on in parallel in the Mozilla Office in Berlin. Around 30 attendees joined us and hacked on Firefox, Firefox OS and brainstormed about involved in the Community Creative Team. Since we had coders and designers there, we had a good balance of workshops to participate in.

Work done (or started) in the workshops:

  • Bug 547401 – worked on by Stefania and David Bryant
  • Bug 1180314 – fixed by David Bryant, his first patch on Mozilla code (as it is for all other volunteers)
  • Bug 1170460 – worked on by Nils, but was blocked due to unclear specifications
  • Bug 965211 – fixed by Nils, I love this, already tested that one on my Flame with Nightly
  • Bug 796319 – Asma has started to do this after our introduction into Gaia
  • Bug 1055357 – worked on by Oleksandr who had great ideas on how to improve code not in the scope of this bug
  • Bug 1044275 – worked on by Claas who is an experienced Android developer

Florian will send out an invitation for a follow up in Berlin later this week. See below for more information.

Further Elio started the Community Design Creative in Germany. They will have their first meetup (physically with Vidyo participation) at the end of the month. This was a group of about 7 persons interested in design. Since we currently only have 2 designers in our German-speaking community I think this is a great addition and has great potential. Let’s keep focus on this and keep them engaged!

Followup with potential new contributors

Florian, Markus and Mario will follow up with the code contributors in Berlin and organize regular meetups. We still have to figure out a few location questions, but we’re on the right track. We had 14 people from the workshops interesting in meeting up again and talk about Mozilla and writing some code. Like that we could also have a group that meets regularly to help out with contribution problems and talk about new things they’ve been working on. I think that at least 6 people will stick around long-term. This would basically be a 300% increase of volunteers in Berlin!

As already written, Elio will follow up with the designers to create amazing creative assets and improve UX.

Further I think it might be beneficial to organize another Mozilla Weekend style event next year. Let’s see how that turns out.

Feedback from participants

At the end of Day 1 we asked people to give feedback. Here’s the result (out of 14 responses):

What people liked:

  • “Ask us anything” session (mentioned as best session by more than 50% of feedback givers)
  • Speech Recognition talk by Kelly
  • Firefox OS talk by André

What people would improve:

  • More technical talks (for example Servo)
  • Introduction session to get to know all the participants
  • Have a session on Webmaker
  • Reach more people (Michael: not sure what exactly is meant by that, maybe attendence?)
  • More live demos

How the understanding of Mozilla and its mission changed:

  • A lot: 7
  • Somewhat: 6
  • Barely: 1
  • Not at all: 0

Other input:

  • “Please less audience involvent next time :-)”
  • “Much more interactive. Much much more interactive.” (mentioned by 2), also less slides
  • “Don’t let speakers use the hand microphone”
  • “Don’t give the mic to audience to avoid them giving monologues.”
  • “Does any meetup really need a talk about women in X? Really? Please give us more *tech*, less replacement topics.”
  • “i expected a more technical insight into mozilla projects. i am just a web developer / mozilla user”

For day 2 I think that all participants were involved enough and could do whatever they wanted to contribute to. We did not do a specific survey for the workshops though. Judged from the interest to follow up I think this was amazing!

Lessions learned

  • Organizing a 2-day event takes quite a lot of time
  • Finding a free venue for talks for a whole day in Berlin, contrary to our initial believes, seems impossible
  • People are interested and we need to keep doing follow up and do more local events in Berlin. Berlin is a big city with a lot of IT people who are interested in learning about Mozilla and contributing. Until now we haven’t done enough there.
  • For the next event we should have a budget which is laid out for a 50% no-show rate.
  • It is easy to get people starting on contributing, but we need to do good follow ups to keep them.
  • We can achieve our goal to have more women in our community when we continue like that. But we need to make sure that we stay inclusive.
  • There is a demand for recordings for these kind of talks, fortunately we have :)
  • People want to know information directly from the leadership team, since not many know what’s going on behind the curtains.
  • Have more demos for topics we talk about
  • We should keep going and have fun with it!

Thanks again for everyone who made this possible! We achieved a lot, let’s keep the momentum going!

Mozilla Weekend Berlin 2015 – Preparation & Day 1
Michael Kohler on July 19, 2015 05:24 PM

At the Community Meetup of the German-speaking community back in February we decided to organize a Mozilla Day or Mozilla Weekend in 2015 to get more visible in Berlin, tell people about Mozilla’s mission and projects, and recruit new Mozillians.


First we had a “Call for Speakers” which did not turn out as hoped, since we didn’t have a lot of proposal for talks. Further we were missing quite a few people to facilitate the workshops. Fortunately there was a Mozilla Leadership Meetup on July 10 in Berlin, so we contacted the Leadership team and asked, if they wanted to participate and have a few talks about Mozilla and its projects. This worked out really well and it was great to have part of the Leadership Team at the event as well. I think this helped to get contributors as well.

It was the first time we created a website for an event in the German-speaking community. We decided on which we will be able to use also for future Mozilla Weekends in Germany. I think we need to do that as well for future, big events since we had quite a lot of visitors and registrations. Until one day before the event we had about 120 registrations.

Day 1 – July 11

For the first day, we had planned talks to introduce Mozilla, and dive deeper into the different projects. Since we had about 120 registrations we applied our standard 33% no-show rate and expected about 80 participants. In the end, we had around 55 participants, but nevertheless the attendees were very interested. This is a sign that quantity is not always the goal, quality is way more important.

Begin Topic Presenter
10:00 Welcome & Introduction to Mozilla Elio Qoshi & Michael Kohler
10:15 What’s new in Firefox? Michael Kohler
10:30 Speech Recognition at Mozilla Kelly Davis
11:15 Ask us anything Mitchell Baker, David Bryant, Axel Hecht
12:00 Lightning Talks Elio Qoshi & André Fiedler & Axel Hecht & Mario Behling & Per Guth/td>
13:30 Firefox OS – Current status and the future André Fiedler
14:00 Why I am at Mozilla David Bryant
14:30 Shape of the Web Mary Ellen Muckerman
15:00 WoMoz – Women at Mozilla Kristi Progri
15:45 Leaving behind the designer ego in open source communities Elio Qoshi
16:00 Opportunities to Contribute at Mozilla George Roter & Michael Kohler/td>
16:45 Closing Session Michael Kohler


All these talks will be available on once their uploaded as well! I think we had quite a good mix of projects, even though Firefox was not represented as good as it could have been.

The “Ask us Anything” session was very important and it was great to have Mitchell Baker, Chairwomen of the Mozilla Foundation, and David Bryant (VP of Platform Engineering), and Axel Hecht (contributed since the beginning of Mozilla). We had a lot of interesting questions from the audience.

You can find all the pictures and tweets with the hashtag #mozweekend.

Go ahead and read about Day 2 as well!

A big thanks goes out to the organization team and the 10 speakers, you all did great work! And thanks to everyone who showed up even though it didn’t rain!

#FoxYeah in the German-speaking community
Michael Kohler on July 19, 2015 04:19 PM

Back in the beginning of June Mozilla has released Firefox 38.0.5, together with a campaign to promote Firefox all over the world. This also included offline events, which we did in Zurich, Bern and Berlin.


On June 3rd we met in Zurich to talk about new Firefox features and why you should use Firefox. Unfortunately my planning wasn’t that good and we picked a date where there were 4 other meetups going on in Zurich. This is one thing we definitely need to keep an eye on for the next events. Nevertheless we could talk to a few people and have great discussions about Firefox and the Open Web. We basically hijacked a work session at (amazing company which hosts us for our Zurich based meetups) and involved them in the discussion.

For this meetup I baked some cupcakes and tried to decorate them with a Firefox logo. I won’t share any pictures of this, since it was not really that good. Nevertheless the attendees liked them. But hey, I knew I had a second chance for the Bern meetup!


5 days later I organized the next event in Bern, my hometown, to talk about how Firefox and Mozilla impacts the Open Web. You can find the slides on my other website. We had about 10 attendees, most of them not familiar with Mozilla and Firefox. I thought that I can take this chance to begin an “Open Web Meetup” group in Bern. This is also how the event was promoted.

There were a lot of interesting questions, which I tried to answer to my knowledge. I’m sure we can have another Open Web Meetup after the summer break to discuss more on Open Web technologies and Mozilla.

For this event I had my second chance to bake cupcakes, this time I had some advice on how to improve from a professional. I took Marzipan, colored it and cut out the Firefox logo out of it. Since it was quite hot, the Marzipan was not easily cutable without breaking, so not all of the logos looked like a fox. Nevertheless it was still recognizable. This took about 4 hours in total, but it was totally worth the effort! But psst, let’s not show that to the Brand Engagement team ;)

Also many thanks to (my employer) for hosting us there!


Since I’m not based in Berlin, I delegated this event to Florian Merz, who did a great job on June . Here’s his recap:

We held a nice meetup with a talk about “What’s new in Firefox” . Located in the Berlin Mozilla office we gathered a round of diverse people, regarding both background and motivation to attend this meetup. From addon developer, contributor, to “I just wanted to see what’s going on with Firefox, since I switched to another browser a couple of years ago”. During the talk we saw some of the newer features of Firefox like “Firefox Hello” or the Pocket integration. Furthermore, we discussed the privacy implications of such features and Mozilla’s contribution to the users ability to maintain its privacy in general.
Florian also baked amazing Firefox cupcakes, which I’m sure they tasted fantastic!


After the talk we had some time left for discussion and some cold beer along with home made firefox cupcakes. Thanks for a great evening to all attendees. And also a great “Thanks” to Florian for pulling this off all by himself, great job!

Even though there are reports for #FoxYeah from other countries which were a lot more focused on #FoxYeah graphics, I still think that we had quite some impact in Switzerland and Berlin. If you would like to spread the world even though the #FoxYeah campaign is over, you can do this on! Let’s keep rocking the free Web together!

Reps Weekly Call – July 16th 2015
Ruben Martin [:Nukeador] on July 17, 2015 12:04 PM

Last Thursday we had our weekly call about the Reps program, where we talk about what’s going on in the program and what Reps have been doing during the last week.

  • Webmaker tools.
  • Featured events.
  • What’s Council up to this week?
  • Whistler Recap take two.
AirMozilla video

Detailed notes

Shoutouts to the Uganda Community, all Moslem Mozillians and Nuke.

Webmaker tools

Bobby (@secretrobotron) joined that call to remind that there are plans to take down Appmaker & Popcorn Maker, but simply “move” Thimble & Goggles. Don’t expect these to be accessible after August 31st.

They are building a way to users to access their old makes — they will all be stored indefinitely.

Read and share the old blog post if you haven’t already.

Reach out to Bobby if you have more questions.

Featured events
  • MozFest East Africa (17th to 19th). Kampala, Uganda.
  • Hack in India (18th, 19th). Bangalore, India.
  • OSCON (21st, 24th). Portland, USA.
  • Campus Party Mexico (22nd to 26th). Zapopan, Mexico
  • Campus Party Recife (22nd to 26th). Olinda, Brazil.

Don’t forget to add your event to Discourse, and share some photos, so it can be shared on Reps Twitter account.

What’s up with Council this week?

These are some of the initiatives Council is working this week:

  • Brainstorm about recognition.
  • RoTM June blog post in the works.
  • Mentor selection process 2.0 (shared on reps-general)
  • Blog post about Reps work at Whistler Work Week.
Whistler Recap take two

We have some videos and articles about this Work Week that we recommend to check.

More blog posts about Whistler:

Raw etherpad notes.

Don’t forget to comment about this call on Discourse and we hope to see you next week!

Participation at Mozilla- Let’s Empower the Youth!
Faye on July 15, 2015 03:01 PM

As it is a trending topic at my Mozilla channels lately and with the Whistler Workweek buzzing with ‘going into space’, I thought it is just so timely to express my thoughts on participation. Participation-wise, here’s what I think we should really put a spotlight on: our young contributors. Okay I may be biased because I am with the Firefox Student Ambassadors team (LOL), but I’ve been actively involved with it for a reason. I believe that helping our young contributors grow with Mozilla is a way of investing on the organization’s future. I strongly believe that taking actions now to engage and develop them as the next leaders is a way of securing the opportunities that may come up in the future.

Empowering the youth as they are obviously ‘the world’s future’ may sound cliche, but I think by this time generations have proven that indeed, to have a more proactive and involved citizens you must nurture them when they’re young, during the time that they are still a sponge absorbing everything and still forming their own values. Same goes for Mozilla. I believe that by sharing our mission, the relevance of what we do and providing them opportunities to do something, we can have long-term contributors, who not just help improve the organization but also pass on what they have learned from their rich experiences with Mozilla.

Perhaps the Mozilla Philippines Community is one of those communities who witnessed the power of empowered young people. Most of our volunteers are either still students or young professionals. We have witnessed great transformations from being a shy volunteer to assuming a big sister/ brother role as a facilitator of our FSA Leaders Camp. We have Reps who started as Student Reps/ FSAs and come to think of it, I was a student when I joined the Reps program. Mozilla fascinated me years back and now I have set the Mozilla values as my own.

Alright great, exploring the youth’s potential looks like a promising strategy, now what?
I think we have two problems though, young people tend to be shy… and underrated. In some places it might be the seniority culture and for some, maybe we’re just not inclusive for them.

It is now our responsibility as the (errrr) older people of this community to assess if we are really trying to include participation on what we do, specifically with the generation younger than us. Do we activate the potential of our community members in what we do? Or do we just do things to get work done? Do we really acknowledge the fact that as a community with a diverse set of members, people have varying needs to fully participate? Do we give time (and some patience) guiding people as they start their Mozilla journey? Do we provide opportunities based on what our community members are capable of doing? Do we show enough support and encouragement?

These questions are the things that bug me when I think about participation at Mozilla. Are we youth-friendly enough?

Of course as a ~*passionate*~ Mozillian I tried to find answers to rest my case. To not sound too biased, let me just say that the FSA program is one of the answers that I have been looking for. Thousands of young people who are very motivated to leave their mark + a very dynamic team of creative thinkers who experienced the impact of the youth first-hand = a program that addresses youth participation head on. From support, training, activities, up to recognition, all of the things we do revolve around the profile of students, their needs and interests. I realized that this is the perfect way for me to give back to the community who nurtured me with skills, knowledge and experience.

I really believe that taking steps as what the FSA program does is one of the biggest steps to improve participation, as this addresses the inclusion in our community with a diverse age range. I’m not so sure how to address this to adults as it’s like requesting to babysit the younger generation (yeah actually, maybe), but I think if we want to go to space, we should nurture those who we will be with us by then, now.
(note to non-Mozillians: going to space is a metaphor)

I really look forward to the things that will come up from the things we realize as we make the community more participatory and inclusive. I think this is an extension of what was discussed in Whistler regarding ‘dating our users’. How about we ‘date’ the volunteers?
I think I could use this random brainfart to kick-off my series of blog  posts to tell stories of what the FSA team does to engage Mozilla’s young people.


Oh, if you are interested to contribute to the Firefox Student Ambassadors program feel free to contact TJ Lee, the FSA Community Manager at tilee [at] You can also check out this link for information on the FSA Regional Ambassador Leads. And oh! I blogged about our FSA Leaders Camp 2015 here and here.

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Personas for Participation
Emma on July 15, 2015 04:07 AM

For a few months now,   I’ve been slowly identifying, and compiling a set of Participation Personas to help me, and hopefully others build quality contribution experiences for people, representing various stages in their Participation journey at Mozilla. In addition to the Persona ‘stories’, I’m insisting that  a number of ‘lenses’ need  be applied if we are serious about improving dimension and diversity.

Dimension & Diversity ‘Lenses’
  • Age
  • Gender Identity
  • Accessibility
  • Communication Skills
  • Geography/Regional Identity
  • Language
  • Active/Inactive Status
  • Project Association
  • Skill level
  • Primary Motivation {Personal or Mission}
  • Skill-set
  • Aggression/Toxic Rating
First Version of Seven Personas

Each Persona has the attributes:

  • Persona Name
  • Description (which includes ‘Participation’ Style)
  • Participation Characteristics
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Opportunity for Participant
  • Opportunity for Project
  • Risk for Participant
  • Risk for Project

These Personas were created with love and feedback of a number of people – you can see the ‘raw’ version here.

This really the first draft, and would be interested in what Personas you feel are missing, and especially how to dig into, and help people apply ‘diversity and dimension’ lenses.  Yes you can suggest ‘name changes’, I know they’re a bit odd but it helped me start.

There’s  probably a bit too much ‘story’ in each Persona, but I hoped that by making each a web-based  it would be easier to digest, and also easier to give feedback.  If you do have feedback, which I would LOVE,  you can leave comments here or create an issue on the associated Github account.


Reps Weekly Call – July 9th 2015
Ruben Martin [:Nukeador] on July 14, 2015 11:01 AM

Last Thursday we had our weekly call about the Reps program, where we talk about what’s going on in the program and what Reps have been doing during the last week.

  • Heartbeat process.
  • Featured events.
  • Help me with my project.
  • What’s Council up to this week?
  • MozFest planning session.
AirMozilla video

Detailed notes

Shoutouts to Dian Ina (@alamanda), @Christos, @konstantina, @bobchao, @irvin, @orin, Ernest, Peter Chen (@petercpg), @flore and @qudahmahmood.

Heartbeat process

Emma introduced the heartbeat process the Participation team is using to move forward.

Usually the process is each 3 weeks and the projects are based on the team quarterly goals, allowing to measure the success in an agile way.

At the end of the 3 weeks cycle demos of the most relevant project are presented.

The process is open to anyone to participate, simply add a comment on the project github issue you are interested in.

Featured events
  • MozCoffee spring Campaigns in Bangladesh (Dinajpur, Rajshahi). 10th
  • Mozilla Egypt Iftar (Cairo) 10th
  • TuxCon 2015 (Plovdiv, Bulgaria) 11th-12th
  • Mozilla Weekend Berlin (Germany) 11th-12th
  • Mozilla L10n and QA Hackaton (Lima, Peru), 11th-12th
  • FirefoxOS Launch Campaign ( Mauritius) from May 9 – 25 July 2015

Don’t forget to add your event to Discourse, and share some photos, so it can be shared on Reps Twitter account.

Help me with my project

Emma needs help turning Marketpulse four week course into a self-study resource, 90% there just need extra set of eyes to figure out what would be most intuitive. If you are interested in curriculum (qa, grammar, organization), please reach out to @emma_irwin or @Ioana.

What’s Council up to this week?

This is a quick summary on what the Council is working this week.

  • Documenting the mentors selection criteria both current one and an improved.
  • Mentors’ accountability to help mentors improve.
  • Report from Council’s work in Whistler.
  • San James and Bob are working on Kolkata space experiment.
  • Improving the swag form (Konstantina and council)
  • Improved Budget SOP (Konstantina and the council)
  • Michael is brainstorming on recognition and how to improve it within the program.

Questions about what is happening? Ask on discourse or trello.

MozFest planning session

Mozfest Planning happened in Anstruther Scotland, it was the first of it’s kind because usually Mozfest planning is done remotely between the teams and individuals involved.

They were there to think differently about how we can plan sessions and the experience through Personas and pathways.

Raw etherpad notes.

Don’t forget to comment about this call on Discourse and we hope to see you next week!

You Do Not Need to be a Rep to be an Awesome Mozillian
Bob on July 11, 2015 04:06 PM

In 2011, Mozilla launched a program called the Mozilla Reps (ReMo). The Mozilla Reps program aims to empower and support volunteer Mozillians who want to become official representatives of Mozilla in their region/locale. The program provides a simple framework and a specific set of tools to help Mozillians to organize and/or attend events, recruit and […]

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So, you wanna join us?


The Mozilla Reps program is open to all Mozillians who are 18 years of age and above. Before you become a Mozilla Rep, you must complete a short but rigorous application process in order to demonstrate your interest in and motivation for joining the program. Are you ready to take on the challenges and rewards of advancing your leadership to the next level in Mozilla? If your answer is YES, apply to become a Mozilla Rep today!

Not sure if you're ready for Mozilla Reps? There are many other ways to take the lead in the Mozilla Community. If you're a student, register for the Firefox Student Ambassadors program to gain experience leading projects at your school. And all of our contributor opportunities are available to you on the Get Involved homepage.

The Mozilla Reps application process involves three simple steps:

Thanks for your interest in making the Web better with Mozilla!