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Reps Weekly Call – December 18th 2014
Ruben Martin [:Nukeador] on December 19, 2014 11:44 AM

Last Thursday we had our regular weekly call about the Reps program, where we talk about what’s going on in the program and what Reps have been doing during the last week.

  • Privacy Day & Hello Plan.
  • End of the year! What should we do?
  • Mozlandia videos.

Note: Due holiday dates, next weekly call will be January 8.

Detailed notes

AirMozilla video

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#mozlove for Nigel Babu
Emma on December 15, 2014 06:32 PM

Two weeks ago some 1000+ Mozillians gathered in Portland for a workweek.  Attendance was, as usual, from all over the world – staff  and volunteers all working really hard, together,  to visualize 2015 – and in the evenings we met at various restaurants all over town to unwind and socialize.  It was on one of these nights at the Deschutes Brewery , I met and was inspired by Nigel Babu and the story of Mozilla Sheriffs.  ‘Sheriffing’ is not just the coolest contributor title – but a truly amazing collaboration of people across the world working to ensure the Firefox & B2G trees build correctly each night.  Across the continent – there is always Sheriff watching.

Nigel made me aware that even for the most impactful contributors – recognition is sometimes rare, or  is limited to specific areas of the project – rarely does that news bubble up.  I would say that most of us don’t turn up expecting recognition – but it is nice to feel appreciated, and valued. I’m imagining a 2015 where recognition is something we all practice.

To that end, I am writing this blog post, an interview to recognize Nigel but also to start a challenge to others in the community – to write about, tweet about – ‘make some noise in some way’ about a community member (staff or volunteer) making impact on Mozilla’s mission, or someone who has inspired you personally.   Tag it with #mozlove , and nominate someone else. I am nominating       to do the same.

Let’s end 2015 with love-stories about community members like Nigel.

Nigel, can you tell me a bit about yourself  ?

I live in Delhi, India (just recently moved from Bangalore) and I work as a Senior Systems Administrator at Open Knowledge. I’ve been an open source contributor for several years, starting by contributing to Ubuntu in 2009. Since then, I’ve been active in the open source world and it’s now part of my day job.

I learned about a very cool contributor title in Mozilla called ‘Sheriff’s’ and that you are one!  Can you tell me more about this role, and what is it that inspired you to contribute?

Every time someone commits code to Firefox or B2G, there’s an array of builds and tests kicked off on various platforms. Sometimes, these tests take hours to run and the developer may not be aware that they broke something. As a sheriff, we watch the trees to ensure that our tests and builds don’t break. The Sheriffs team also helps folks land their patch onto repository if, for whatever reason, they do not want to land it themselves.

The inspiration for contributing to Sheriffs team is entirely incidental. At the summit in Santa Clara last year, I was sitting in the lobby next to Wes Kocher. We started having a conversation and he invited me to his talk later that day. When I attended the talk, I realized I knew Ed Morely from the London office. During the talk, Ed, Ryan, and Wes convinced me I could help. There was a bit of a gap in coverage between Wes in the US West Coast and Carsten, in Germany and I was in a perfect timezone to help.

The team got me the access I need to start marking failures as intermittent and wrote documentation from the conversations and questions I raised. Over the months, I’ve made plenty of mistakes and I’ve also gotten more confidence in fixing issues. There’s been a day when I’ve had to call up Nick Thomas in New Zealand followed by Chris Cooper in Toronto because there was an infrastructure issue needing all trees to be closed.

How long have you been contributing to Mozilla – Is Sheriffing where you started contributing to Mozilla, or was there a journey here?

I’ve been contributing to Mozilla since 2011. I started my contributions by helping with developing The codebase has changed drastically since then and I’ve blogged about my initial story already.

I also learned from our conversation, that Sherriffing takes global cooperation, for timezones – can you tell me a bit more about that?

Sheriffing is handed over from shift to shift throughout the week. I watch the tree in the mornings in my timezone (almost all the time with Phil for company). Around afternoon, Carsten, takes over from me. After him, it’s Ryan’s turn, and finally Wes. After Wes, it’s a mix of Phil and I watching the tree again.

What feels most rewarding about contributing to Mozilla?  I suppose what I’m wondering is – what sustains your involvement – keeps you involved?

Sheriffing has it’s own feedback. Every day as we do backouts and keep the tree green, I know that while it temporarily disrupts work, in the long run, it’s helping developers merge their code into Firefox sooner without issues


Thanks for all you do Nigel!






Reps Weekly Call – December 11st 2014
Ruben Martin [:Nukeador] on December 12, 2014 01:06 PM

Last Thursday we had our regular weekly call about the Reps program, where we talk about what’s going on in the program and what Reps have been doing during the last week.

  • FOSDEM update.
  • Portland Work Week.
  • ReMo/Mozillians websites testing.
  • End of year receipts campaign.
  • Remo challenges.
  • Stumbling in a box events.
  • Reps Monthly newsletter.

Detailed notes

AirMozilla video

Don’t forget to comment about this call on Discourse and we hope to see you next week!

Mozilla Portland Workweek
birajkarmakar on December 10, 2014 10:04 PM

Last week, I was in Portland, USA for attending the Mozilla Coincidental Workweek aka #mozlandia . This was great event with thousand of Mozilla staffs and a hundred Mozilla volunteers. Now I am going to share what was my role there.

Hello portland ……….

At the very first day, I went to portland art museum, where over 800 people were gathering for breakfast. I met with many amazing people whom I know them by IRC. But that day, it was my great chance to meet personally. Then headed to attend opening addresses of Mitchel Baker, Mark Surman, Chris Beard, David Slater and many of them.

Click to view slideshow.

Then I joined the MDN team meeting. It was great that I saw many faces of MDN people there. Nice to meet them also. Then started brainstorming the ideas with them. That day I had my first meeting with FSA E-Board meeting with members. This was also great.

Next day we started with our December Office Hour . That day was cool for me. But I am excited for. Many FSA around the globe actually attended this and we have given the answers for their questions. Then headed to join the MDN team with different meetings. After lunch I again joined FSA hacksession day1 meeting with discussion of lots for new upcoming features for FSA and all. If you have missed then check it out December Office Hour .

Next day, again started with MDN learn area meeting. As a learn area mentor, I had given my thoughts how we can go ahead this project and all. Then followed with FSA hacksession day2.

Last day, I joined with L10n team meetings. Then I was at the Final meeting for FSA e-board. That day great foe me. Where We documented all our 2015 planning, how we can empower this program and all.  After all, in every day I had tight schedule of several meetings .

Last night was awesome experience of “MACKLEMORE AND RYAN LEWIS ” live performance ‪of #‎rapper and #‎DJ‬ ‪#AmericanHipHop‬ duo in Portland USA. Thanks mozilla for arranging this.

Click to view slideshow.


Some awesome moments for me……

1. First event where I got a chance to meet with awesome mozillians

2. Dancing with Mozillizns

3. MACKLEMORE AND RYAN LEWIS  live performance

4. First USA trip

5. Visiting Mozila Portland office

6. Roaming around Portland with mozillians

Some more pics …..

Click to view slideshow.

This whole event was awesome place for me where I learnt a lot and I was the in community discussion ideas, for which I am responsible to execute those in 2015.

Some pictures credit goes to my fellow mozillian friends.

Great event indeed for me :P :D :) :D


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Say Hello with Firefox Hello :)
Gauthamraj ( on December 10, 2014 09:52 AM

Say Hello with Firefox Hello :)

It's been quite long since I wrote something *interesting* here. But, it is worth a wait ! Yeah, I am going to write about " Firefox Hello " - a new feature that is landed on Firefox Beta recently. You heard it right - Firefox Hello I am sure you must be wondering, what Firefox Hello is... Firefox Hello is based on Mozilla's Web RTC that let's you to have a video and audio chat inside the Firefox browser with out the need of installing any addons or additional softwares. Cool, right ?

With Firefox Hello, you can start having a video call immediately from your browser. All you need is to share the generated link to the person with whom you want to talk.... No more headaches of installing additional software and creating/registering new accounts.

Woohooo...Tell me how can I say Hello with Firefox Hello ;)

I am sure you are excited and eager to try out Firefox Hello !! Before you can start saying Hello's, you need to get the Firefox Beta version. Latest Firefox Beta version can be downloaded from here . Get it and install it on your computer.

Note : Firefox (stable) and Firefox Beta are different so Beta version will not replace the Firefox (if you already one installed on your machine) but installs as a separate application.

You're all set for a Hello !!!

When you have the Firefox Beta installed on your machine. You're all set :) Open Firefox Beta, don't get confused if it resembles like Firefox (of, course it will look alike). But, in Firefox Beta you must be able to see a chat box icon on right side of toolbar at the top. That's Firefox Hello ;)

If you can't see, click the menu icon (four lines icon) at top right and then click on customize. There you should see Firefox Hello (chat box icon). Drag and drop it to the toolbar.

Click the icon, you will get a hanging window with a unique link generated for you. Share this link to the person with who you wish to say Hello ( video chat ) by Firefox Hello ! When the other person opens the link in "Firefox Beta". Window will popup at the bottom of the browser and start the video call ( or Audio call if no cam ).

Note : Firefox Hello requires both the parties involved in the call to run Firefox Beta !

1. Video and Audio chat inside the browser
2. No additional addons / software required
3. No registration required

That's it ! yeah..simple and easy right ?

Now you know everything needed to say Hello with Firefox Hello :) Let Hello's begin...! I hope you agree "Firefox Hello" a good reason to make a switch to Firefox browser ( if you aren't using it ). If you have any questions/comments/feedbacks let me know :)



P.S - Firefox Hello will land on regular Firefox (stable) in next few months. Until then, enjoy Firefox Hello in Firefox Beta !!

Rep of the month: November 2014
Ruben Martin [:Nukeador] on December 07, 2014 12:31 PM

Again, it’s that time of the month where we show gratitude to the best of the Reps program.

Flore Allemandou is one of the oldest mozillians around, being a Mozilla Rep for a long time too. In the last months she took lead of the WoMoz project coordinating our activities in this area. She also organized our presence at the Adacamp editions in Berlin and Bangalore.

At the MozFest she was one of the most active Reps around, helping out by leading sessions from community Building and diversity to even flash around 80 Flame devices. As part of the Mobilizers in France she organized several event in Lyon and Paris helping with our Firefox OS Launch there.

As this wasn’t enough, she organized Mozilla’s presence at Open World forum and Code of war. Locasprint was also another of the last months events together with some great photos for the Firefox 10 Celebration.

Thank you Flore for your amazing work!

Don’t forget to congratulate her on Discourse!

Radical Participation – Scaling the Human Network
Emma on December 02, 2014 09:50 PM

Co-written with Larissa Shapiro

At Mozilla we’re always thinking about how to improve our products, how to continue a legacy of innovation and quality while shipping often. That said, we can’t talk about Mozilla’s history, or future without acknowledging the critical role of our global volunteer community in our success, and of it’s importance to our future. Software is made by people, and community is made both by and of people.

This year’s learnings around the challenges of contributor growth and retention, come with a recognition that we have two very different tracks of ‘shipping Mozilla': How we ship product, and how we grow community are distinct, and there is no doubt that the betterment of both lies in the scaling a human network.

Designing for participation is really about designing for people , it’s about building an ecosystem of empowerment. We’re learning that our most successful pathways reflect diversity of community background, skill-set, available time and motivation.


The aha-moment of open source contribution is when someone feels successful in ‘doing a thing’. Be it connecting to a chat room with an IRC tool, or building a local copy of, it’s that first success that drives the next. These successes need to happen long before a first pull request, even before taking a ‘mentored bug’. We need to get better at helping people reach their first ‘Mozilla moment’, through deliberate and predictable teaching and learning ‘by doing’ opportunities. We’ve already started doing this in person with Open Hatch events and curriculum,  but scaling this means building online opportunities.

We need to provide ongoing, predictable, transparent and inclusive educational opportunities for volunteer community and product teams working with volunteers


Mentoring is core to the success of our community. Staff AND volunteers, go farther when someone is there to encourage their success, to answer their questions and to help strategize for the future. The Mozilla Reps program is a great example of how we can scale participation through thoughtful and ongoing mentorship .

The Mozilla Guides project is proving that by offering a searchable, scale-able, organized resource for brand new Mozillians who need encouragement, coaching, and mentors, to take their first steps and find the projects they want to make an impact on .

Mentoring is done well already in some places at Mozilla. The Reps program has done an incredible job of building a network of mentors, and mentoring is at the core of its success. We need to make mentors and mentoring easily available and usefully structured for all Mozillians at all levels of skill and participation.

Designing Participation Tracks

Designing participation for a college graduate is much different than designing for an experienced C# engineer interested in transitioning strong technical skills to open source ecosystem. Making pathways as simple as possible for the episodic volunteers , is as important as providing long-term opportunities. What other types of participation should we be considering? Is Mozilla contribution accessible for those with disabilities? How do we plug one into the other?

What does it look like to show up as an organized group effort? How do schools and companies interested in lending skills to a project on an single, or ongoing basis get involved?

We suggest that we framing Mozilla contribution as an opportunity for individuals and organized groups. Corporations can lend time and technical talent for skill & team building , while universities across the world can their better help students for the job market through the opportunity that is – contributing to Mozilla. Mozilla in kind, can define on-ramps for organizations (corporations, universities, other open source projects, and more) to be able to easily find opportunities and make an impact – and develop mutual benefit.

A Community Building Community

We’ve been saying that community building is everyone’s job at Mozilla, but what we haven’t explicitly said – is that we’re building a community around ‘community building in Mozilla’. This means, we need to get better at sharing resources across the project. We need improved communication mechanisms to help avoid duplication of efforts. We need to be more deliberate about reaching out with what we’ve learned.

Designing for humans ensures that those who want to go fast (move fast and break things, if you will) – can, and those who want to be more deliberate in their process will get there too. Our collective speed of innovation, development, and impact will increase when we are deliberate about mentorship, teaching and growing a connected community of community designers – as core tenets of participation design, human infrastructure, and volunteer empowerment at Mozilla.

Larissa and I would love your feedback on these thoughts around radical participation at Mozilla.

Reps Weekly Call – November 27th 2014
Ruben Martin [:Nukeador] on November 28, 2014 01:05 PM

Last Thursday we had our regular weekly call about the Reps program, where we talk about what’s going on in the program and what Reps have been doing during the last week.

  • End of the year – Metrics and Receipts.
  • Reminder: Vouch and vouched on Mozillians.
  • Community PR survey.
  • AdaCamp.

Detailed notes

AirMozilla video

Don’t forget to comment about this call on Discourse and we hope to see you next week!

Firefox OS App Day Frankfurt – 22.11.2014
Michael Kohler on November 25, 2014 08:58 PM

On the 22nd of November we met in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) to have a Firefox OS App Day. This is an event where we have talks in the morning to explain Firefox OS and Web APIs and then we hack for the rest of the day creating amazing apps for Firefox OS (and the open web).


I asked Jan Bambach if he wanted to help out to organize a Firefox OS App Day. He gladly accepted even though he had some stress in school since he has to write exams. After figuring out a date, we started to plan the event. We started with the agenda.

09:00 – 09:15 Welcome / Introduction to Mozilla

09:15 – 09:45 “What is Firefox OS?”

09:45 – 10:15 “How do I develop for Firefox OS?”

10:15 – 10:30 Break

10:30 – 12:30 Hacking your own Firefox OS app

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch Break

13:30 – 17:15 Hacking your own Firefox OS app

17:15 – 17:30 “Firefox Marketplace – How to submit an app”

17:30 – 18:15 App presentations


We did a lot of advertisement for the event, but unfortunately that didn’t turn out as we expected. We only heard about another event taking place the same day a few days before the event. This was too late to reschedule. Next time we’ll check better and avoid having an event at the same day as a big Barcamp going on. I’m sure that we’d have more participants if it was on another day. Additionally we found out that asking Universities to advertise it to their students doesn’t scale as well as it should. We didn’t get any feedback from them.


App Day

On Saturday we were 9 persons. We expected to have 25 persons, but I’m going to explain to you why this is actually not as bad as it sounds.

After a talk about the Mozilla community and Firefox OS from me, Colin talked about Web APIs and showed some examples. This was very interesting to all the participants since most of them were native App developers and not web developers. There were some “I can do X on Android, is that possible with Firefox OS too?”.

Since we could support every developer without having a “question queue”, the overall turnout of the apps was a lot more advanced than at other App days with more people where we sometimes had multiple people waiting for an answer to a question. This was also the first time where we had two Marketplace submissions with a fully functional app.

Apps created:

  • Wasserwaage - an app to measure if something is even
  • Clownfish – a game where you need to swim around fishes and need to avoid them  (still awaiting review in the Marketplace, make sure to check it out once it’s reviewed!)
  • A game where you need to clear your side of the table of all balls so that the other person has all the balls (not yet pushed to the Marketplace, but already a very exciting game even though there are no points yet)
  • A quiz app where you need to find out the capital or country by identifying the flag of the country (this was already developed before, but he did a lot of fixes and adapted it to Firefox OS)
  • An app to upload Creative Commons pictures to the Wikimedia Commons page. Unfortunately we had a problem with the Wikimedia API and couldn’t finish the app. He promised to finish it once it’s possible. The Wikimedia Commons API doesn’t send a CORS header, so systemXHR doesn’t work if cookies are sent.

At the end we showed how to upload an App to the Marketplace. Let’s hope that everybody else uploads their app too once it has a better state and is not a prototype :)

Thanks to everybody who attended, great event!


Lessons learned

  • Check better for “competing” events during the event days
  • Re-check location (fortunately this wasn’t a problem even though the reservation wasn’t confirmed)
  • Smaller groups are better since you can support the developers way better than in a large group
  • We should advertise the Flame better, there is a lot of interest!


Codemotion: becoming a reference
FrancJP on November 25, 2014 02:52 PM

Over the last weekend (November 21st and 22nd), it took place the third edition of Codemotion in Madrid. An event that aims to be a reference for developers events in Madrid, and in Spain specifically. While the format is kinda “imported” from Italy, we can surely say that it has its own place, and it becomes a reference on technological events nowadays.

That implies that is interesting to participate, be there and be part of it. Although this year, they tried to open the participation scope, I think that for next year, it would be ideal to keep the spirit from the first edition. Focus only on development, and bring more people from outside so they can share their experience, or talk about their work. In any case, I would suggest to include an intermedium level in the talks, since the program has begginer talks (even though, I can’t say which kind of basic skills they thought), or advanced. If your audience has already a good knowledge, you can have the risk of setting the bar too high.

Regarding our community, we have decided the participation since they’ve invited us to the first event planning. That meeting was more intended to bring together all the communities, and have some feedback previous to the actual planning of the event. And I think it went very well. Communities had the opportunity to present in some talks at the event, so people can know that behind those projects, there is a group of people fighting for moving that forward, or at least to let them know that there is passionate people behind those projects.

In this opportunity, we had 2 talks and a booth, where people could see and test some Firefox OS devices, get stickers, buttons, and other surprises. For this time we’d thought that a good way to connect with the audience would be having a contest to upload their apps to the marketplace, so they could have the chance to win a Firefox T-shirt. In one of the talks we proposed this idea: create an app from a webpage already made. With a few simple steps, create an app, with a manifest included.

Along the event, around 5 to 7 people came by and won a Firefox T-shirt, only for uploading their web to the marketplace (to name a few: a productivity timer, and a local newspaper). Only this proved the power of the web, that allows to easily create an app for Firefox OS.

All in all, we connect with the people thanks to that idea, we also met with old friends, and we’ve enjoyed an event that is creating its own space in the tech events ambience. We hope that in its next edition they maintain the level, so we can definitely say that Codemotion is a reference in Spain.

FUEL GILT 2014 conference
birajkarmakar on November 24, 2014 09:15 PM

Today I am going to share about “FUEL GILT  2014 , November 14-15,
Pune, India , the largest FOSS event in India for language technology.

Last two week ago, I attended this conference and this was great event. Also in last year I attended “FUEL GILT 2013” as a participant but this time I participated as Speaker of  one topic and as Mozilla’s presence organizer.  Basically The organizers of FUEL GILT Conference were Red Hat and C-DAC GIST and supported by mozilla in this year.

Let me tell a brief what FUEL is. Before that we need to know some true facts. We loves consistency,  The consistency of any product can only be achieved by standardization of its process and components . We always would like to follow this in Software localization . So for that standardization of commonly used terms in software localization, FUEL community has taken this initiative. But what is “FUEL GILT” —  This is annual gathering for all about language technology world, all about GILT industry – G11N, I18N, L10N, and translation world and this event also shows us the pain and conflicts of different cultures and languages.

Let’s dig more into it ….

Very first day, the event was started at sharp 2.30 pm with registration.Then Rajesh Ranjan , the main person behind this Fuel, gave the Welcome Address . FUEL GILT Conference 2014 was inaugurated by Dr Vijay Bhatkar, Professor Arun Nigavekar, Professor K P Mohanan, Raiomond Doctor . Also Mr. Mahesh Kulakarni was there from C-DAC Gist. They were all key note speakers. Everyone of them is  one of the most highly profiled person in india. Then Ankitkumar Patel, Chandrakant Dhutadmal started with Mission of Fuel. This was exciting to learn what Fuel gained in last year and what will in next year. Next session given by Ravikant on FUEL for Film: Learning from History. In his presentation , he used some panoramic sentences from hindi old film which is really really very pleasant and awesome.  Then we jumped on dinner with delicious food items.

Click to view slideshow.

Next day, we had two several tracks one was talk and another workshop. Started with “Why globalization? – The world wide picture” by Pravin Satpute . Then it was run by several talks. Besides workshop was going on also. There was basically 6 workshops. I had one workshop on ” Localization of Firefox Marketplace Apps / WebApps ” . My presenation also has been hosted here .

Click to view slideshow.

after all talks and workshops done, Open House was started. It was great discussion.

In both days some group pics were taken and swags were distributed among the participants.

Click to view slideshow.

Then Chandrakant  ended  this conference with vote of thanks.

As  a part of this fuel community I have learnt so many things and will learn in future also.

At last. I would like to thank here Rajesh, Chandrakant and Ankit for supporting activities around Mozilla in this conference. Also I would like to thanks Ani for controlling this event periodically.

For photos special thanks goes to Krishnababu. More photos here.

I have taken some photos here.

After reading my blog, I hope you like it.

Bye. have a great time.

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Being a Mozilla Rep Mentor – Training & SOP Updates
Emma on November 22, 2014 03:57 AM

This post has been a long-time coming, as there are important changes to the Reps Mentorship program SOP and process as a result of RemoCamp Berlin.

A quick background!  I believe very, very much in the power of mentorship in general, and in Reps specifically I know that in mentorship lies the potential to unlock the possibilities of all Reps can achieve together if we value the opportunity of empowering each other.  That said, this role to-date, has been loosely implemented as more of a administrative role – and that’s about to change.

In Berlin we ran a carousel for Rep Mentors, where my station was labelled ‘Mentorship’.  I asked each rotation to speak to their best experiences of mentoring and being mentored through storytelling. I love storytelling in facilitation – not only as a way for people to share their experiences, but as an opportunity for story-teller and listener alike to build a collective vision for the future.

As people shared their experiences, we identified and documented themes.  I also asked everyone to share a non-positive/learning experience about the same, which in the end told us a lot about what people really valued in the mentorship experience .  Everyone was different, but core  attributes emerged:  communication, empowerment, listening, feedback and respect.

Based on the feedback, I have updated the Mozilla Mentor SOP , and added a Mentor Training SOP.  BOTH are ready for feedback, but if you’re not dedicated to reading every line in the wiki here are the important highlights.

Mozilla Reps Mentor SOP(s)

Update of the Role Description.

Mozilla Reps recognizes that our primary goals are best reached through the support, encouragement, and empowerment of community through mentorship. Mentoring is a process for the informal transmission of knowledge, made possible through regular and supportive interaction.

We encourage mentors to be as open to learning from their mentees, as they are to teaching, for the benefit and growth of both individuals and the program as a whole.

Being a Mozilla Reps mentor also requires a familiarity with different tools and processes that the Council has put in place to better streamline the way Mozilla Reps can document their activities, request budgets for projects, order swag and interact with other Reps.

In the SOP, you’ll notice that the mentor roles has been broken-down into two specific categories ‘Mentorship’ and ‘Administration’.  Previously, all tasks were related to the administration-focused tasks, these changes reflect the feedback from Remo Camp on what helps make a good mentor – humanness.

Addition of an Orientation Call.  To facilitate some of the goals we had around communication empowerment, listening and respect – we’ve added an Orientation Call to the new Rep orientation process.  This occurs 2-4 weeks after a Rep has been accepted, and this new SOP includes recommendations for creating efficient feedback loops, and goal-setting.  The orientation call is very, very important in setting expectations for both sides.

We also decided to REMOVE the ‘no-brainer’ option in the interview process for Reps.  Previously, this was based on existing knowledge of someone’s ability to perform as a Rep, but without consideration that interview helps start the conversation about the mentor relationship which is new.  ALL applicants must be interviewed.

Finally, based on ALL the feedback at Remo Camp and ALL the things I could gather on mentorship I created an initial Mentor Training SOP.  We’ll be running through this for our next group of mentors, and continue to improve it based on their feedback  – with hope we can eventually have one or mentor-training videos.

So that’s it!  Although, trust me that a lot of work when into this at RemoCamp and beyond (special thanks to Ankit & Sara and all the Mozilla Rep Mentors who helped define this new direction!)  we welcome feedback, but most of help making this even better.  Happy Mentoring!



A little contribution
FrancJP on November 21, 2014 01:30 PM

Thanks to Mozilla, I had the pleasure to participate in Øredev. An event that took place in Malmö (Sweden), on November 4th to 7th. And not only that, I also had the opportunity to be at the same event with Soumya Chakraborty and Oliver Propst, the most active members of the nordic communities nowadays.

It was interesting to realize that events that are intended for the same type of audience, people asking almost the same questions everywhere. Happened on Mobile World Congress, and in Øredev too. As occured to me at every spanish event tech oriented (or web-developer oriented), people were curious about Firefox OS and its road map, express their interest in know a little more about the project, and what Mozilla is doing.

On Wednesday 5th, I’ve been requested to go to help the swedish community for this event, and after a long trip of 9 hours, and 2 layovers, I finally arrived to Malmö, a nice city, with a vibrant activity, and this event proves that there is a lot of interest for new technologies in Sweden.

I was helping at the booth with Soumya and Oliver, shared some stories about my experience at other events in Spain, and tried to help them as much as possible with the amount of people that stepped at the booth.

The booth looked pretty awesome and it was one of the busiest stands at the event. We had a TV monitor that leaks the new features of the Developer Browser edition, which also caught the attention of many of the people that ask for a button or sticker. Or simply look the Flame devices that we have there.

All in all, a good experience for me, for the travel, and the experience of having the opportunity to attend an event in another country. I also had to thanks Soumya and Oliver for being such awesome reps, and for make me feel like I’m at home

I probably go back to Malmö to visit the castle, and taste swedish food, but that’s for the next time.

Reps Weekly Call – November 20th 2014
Ruben Martin [:Nukeador] on November 21, 2014 12:26 PM

Last Thursday we had our regular weekly call about the Reps program, where we talk about what’s going on in the program and what Reps have been doing during the last week.

  • FOSDEM update.
  • Post-event metrics and receipts (Important reminder)
  • Firefox Tiles Reps FAQ.
  • 10 days of Mozillians.
  • Yahoo agreement.
  • Community newsletter.
  • #fx10 Jakarta
  • Pending Reps applicants.

Detailed notes

AirMozilla video

Don’t forget to comment about this call on Discourse and we hope to see you next week!

Mozilla Guides Call – Nov 19, 2014
Emma on November 20, 2014 10:41 PM

In an effort to make the call more accessible to other timezones we had an early call (7AM PST) today.


We covered a few things I want to highlight:

Guides Update

Guides continues to get busier, and as we’ve had an expected drop-off of Guides from our original group, I want to thank those who are really championing the development and leadership so far in Guides

    • David Teller
    • Vesper Diziewonski
    • Ioana Chiorean
    • Julien G
    • Stefan (Costenslayer)
    • Jennie Rose Halprin
    • Abhishek Potnis
    • Saurabh
    • Diane

With a special shout-out to Ioana, who swept in and saved the day with our many QA questions – Thanks Ioana!

We have more and more people coming through, so building workflows is important – special shout-out to David for helping coders get on the proper pathways, those associated with the Get Involved Page, but also through ‘What can I do for Mozilla‘.

We continue to share success stories, including Jennie’s Journalism group which has started to function even outside of her prompts to get involved, which is fantastic.  We were fortunate to have Jennie on our call, to share some of her experiences.  Thanks Jennie!

I’m thrilled to see more Guides taking the lead in inviting participation through sharing of events and news including Open Science, because the ‘invitation’ to participate is made much clearer through opportunities (vrs not  waiting to be asked).

Guides is very connected in spirit to SUMO, so we’re collaborating closely on how our two areas can work together, and sharing mentoring best practices. Of course if you have questions about contributing to SUMO you can ask in Guides Forum for Helping Users.


A few updates in Discourse.

  • We Split Testing for FIrefox and Firefox OS into two Categories.
  • Added additional headers (New) and (Unread) to help everyone recognize new and unanswered posts.
  • I’ve started posting Guide Call updates,  in the Guides Forum (moderator access needed to view), so as not to email huge lists of people .
  • We have a Bug submitted to setup a Dev instance of Discourse so we can test .
  • We also covered a ‘Best Practice’ for sharing responded to repeated questions with a single answer.  All Discourse Forum posts have ‘links’  and so instead of cutting and pasting text, adding the link to responses will all direct to a single place.  The benefit of course, is that should you need to update your answer, you only have to do it on one place.

    Link Posts

We also added a new category ‘Open Source’, aimed at helping answer questions about the tools, culture and philosophy of working in open source , and Mozilla.  We had a good discussion about perhaps creating a few training missions to get started ( Create Bugzilla Account, IRC Cirriculum) among other things.  I’ll be working on this next week.


We reviewed the Logo proposals by the very talented Elio Qoshi.  You can find his mockups here, I sent him some feedback which generally came down to the blue compass or the red torch.   We’ll vote on this in the next week.

Guides Resources as Mozilla Learning Resources

Every Guide needs to read this blog post from Christie on the Learning Resources Wiki, *this* is where we will be adding resources for our functional areas.  Please take time to add resources for your functional area, or add them to this Etherpad where I will be collecting my own list.  This is a really exciting opportunity to

  1. Avoid duplication of links
  2. Design quality resources through collaboration between functional areas and community.
  3. Align Contribution with Web Literacy – contributing is learning by doing – and contributors do become more web literate as a result of helping Mozilla.  Let’s make raise the profile of that.

We’re very busy answering questions and improving workflow, feedback is very much appreciated.  In addition to the requets for a Dev Discourse to play with, we’re awaiting an opportunity to evaluate Kit Herder (thanks amazing Community IT!)  , for mentoring matches.


Photo Image Credit: M0les


EuroPython 2014
Michael Kohler on November 20, 2014 07:39 PM

Disclaimer: this is an event report from Marco Perez.

Even though we were very happy to see that Mozilla was a sponsor of “EuroPython 2014″ and even got its own booth, it felt somehow strange to see it all empty. We hoped that maybe it would be equipped and manned in the afternoon or maybe on tuesday.

But wednesday arrived and the booth remained empty. So I contacted Michael, our rep of the swiss Mozilla community. After he asked me to get some swag from the local Mozilla office in Berlin, Marcel and I formed a plan.

After the last talks we went to the office at Voltastr. Fortunately not everybody had gone home yet. Georg showed us around and provided us with an ample supply of stickers and pins. We even got an original Mozilla lanyard each.

So armed with all those goodies as well as some stuff I had brought to Berlin (a t-shirt, a hoodie and the grand-daddy of all B2G phones (a Samsung Galaxy S2, modified to dual-boot a heavily patched nightly build of Firefox OS)) we prepared a surprise in the attic of the bcc.

Thursday saw a slightly different Mozilla booth with a variety of stickers, pins, a Firefox OS mobile phone, posters with some hints (,, and QR codes. Unfortunately we couldn’t attend the booth all the time, since there were so many interesting talks we didn’t want to miss.

But the stickers and the pins disappeared almost as fast as I could resupply the booth. I began to suspect that maybe just a few afficionados helped themselves very generously. So in order to spread the remaining pins and a few hundred stickers as effectively as possiblr i had to switch tactics: Welcome to guerilla style! :-)

During the breaks i wandered around on all three floors and discretely placed some stickers on the tables where folks were working, reading, coding, eating, drinking, discussing or having fun. Some didn’t want them while others asked for a few more to give away.

On friday afternoon I gave the last remaing stickers to the volunteers that had helped keep everything going smoothly and we went to clean up the booth.

Lessons learned:
– We must always assume that Mozilla is a sponsor of such events and that there may be no official Mozilla staff available to prepare a booth, especially if there’s some “competing” event (e.g. OSCON).
– There may be no access to the resources (swag, large color printers, demo equipment, competent people) needed to make the booth look “professional”, especially if there’s no time for serious preparation.
– So next time I’m going to attend such an event, I should either coordinate my efforts with my local rep or their local office or have my Bugzilla permissions upgraded so I can check whether there’s some open bug for the event I’m going to visit.

Million Mask March Zurich – 08.11.2014
Michael Kohler on November 20, 2014 07:35 PM

On the 8th of November (yes, 2 days before #fx10), we met in Zurich to provide a tea booth for protesters. There is a new law coming up in Switzerland which would negatively influence everybody’s privacy, which was the reason for the protest. A few days before the event I asked Martin and Gion-Andri from the Swiss community if they’d like to help out with the tea since two other members couldn’t make it that day. Fortunately they said yes and did a great job!

Reminder for everyone who wants to serve tea some time: cooking 28 liters of water for the tea is easy. It took us only about an hour to finish the tea. But since nobody of us is allowed to drive a car (we don’t need to have a car in Switzerland), we had to think about transportation. Since we also had to transport a table we needed a car and couldn’t use public transport. We didn’t find anybody with a car, so we took a taxi. The taxi driver did a great job driving steady to not spill anything. Making any other driver believe that it’s a weird taxi driver driving so slowly? We did it!

There we’re about 80 to 100 people attending. Since Switzerland is quite cold these days, our tea was greatly appreciated. We had a great evening and we’re surprised how many people don’t know the values of Mozilla. We need to have more events like this and show that Mozilla stands for Privacy.

Mozilla Hacking Day 2 – 11.10.2014
Michael Kohler on November 20, 2014 07:32 PM

On the 11th of October we organized a “Mozilla Hacking Day 2″ in Berlin. This was the follow up of the first Hacking Day in Berlin in April.

On Friday we met and went to dinner and talked about the next day. Since we had to wake up early on Saturday we didn’t stay up long (*cough*). On Saturday we had a quick delay since we couldn’t have our room at TU Berlin yet at 9am. Fortunately we could have it at 9:30am and had interesting talks before that while waiting. This was organized together with MeshCon, so we could talk to a lot of people that generally don’t get in touch with Mozilla.

We devided the tables into “Firefox”, “Firefox OS”, “Firefox Addons” and “Other”. All hacking tables had attendees present. Many of them didn’t know what to hack on, so we helped them out. Someone asked me about Popcorn.js and I could show him how to fix a bug (he found it himself!) in Popcorn Maker. On the other tables people were busy hacking on other stuff. I think most people enjoyed this day.

At lunch we had great quiches from Florian, who suggested to cook them for us. These were amazing, thanks again to you, Florian!

From the around 35 attendees, 2 said that they will continue contributing to Mozilla (Add-ons) and one even registered to be an add-on reviewer.

According to the feedback we have decided the following:

  • More specific hackathons (for example “Firefox Hacking”)
  • Since we didn’t do any localization there will be a localization sprint next year
  • It’s hard to get feedback (only 4 people have filled out the form) – how can we improve that?
  • The next time, prepare a “Good First Bug” list beforehand instead of using the bugzilla search

All in all, it was a great day and we’ll certainly provide this opportunity to learn in 2015.

Hacking Day & MeshCon

LibreCon, las empresas se interesan por el Software Libre
FrancJP on November 20, 2014 03:14 PM

El pasado 11 y 12 de Noviembre, tuvimos la oportunidad de participar desde la comunidad, en el evento LibreCon, que se celebró en Bilbao. Un evento para mostrar que el Software Libre también tiene su lugar en las empresas, gobiernos y que hay más oportunidades de trabajo de las que se suele pensar. Las charlas abarcaron desde casos de éxito como el del gobierno de Munich, a proyectos nuevos como Tumaker (Impresoras 3D de código abierto).

Desde Mozilla Hispano tuvimos la oportunidad de participar con 2 charlas. Una a cargo de Pablo Bernardo, que trató sobre Firefox OS y como es posible hacer un Sistema operativo libre para dispositivos móviles, y la segunda fue una retrospectiva de los últimos 10 años de Firefox y hacia dónde vamos, presentada por quien les escribe.

Si bien el evento era más orientado a demostrar casos de éxito y cómo era posible introducir el Software Libre en los organismos públicos, con el ahorro que ello conlleva, se presentaron también varios proyectos nuevos basados en la filosofía de que otra realidad es posible y que no hace falta depender de Software privativo para llevar adelante una administración.

Tuvimos la suerte de que ambas charlas tuvieron bastante buena aceptación, con gente escuchándonos de pie, buenas preguntas y gente interesada por saber más sobre Firefox OS y Mozilla en general. El nivel de la audiencia también permitía esa convocatoria, ya que encajábamos fácilmente en la temática del evento.

Definitivamente necesitamos más eventos como estos en España, que den a conocer los beneficios del software libre, y echen por tierra el mito que una migración en un organismo público es más costoso, o difícil por el nivel técnico que se requiere. Teniendo en cuenta que Microsoft poco a poco está cambiando su filosofía, quizás dejemos de ver tanto lobby en las administraciones públicas y comencemos a ver un poco de sentido común y buenas prácticas.

Próximamente estaré escribiendo más sobre eventos, ya que tenemos el Codemotion a la vuelta de la esquina (este próximo viernes y sábado más específicamente).

Maker Party SVCE
Ajay Kumar Jogawath ( on November 17, 2014 10:39 AM
Maker Party SVCE is organized on Oct 18th 2014, at Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering, Bangalore. An enthusiastic Mozillian "Nishchal Gautam" from SVCE college reached me to organize a maker party in their college. Then we made a plan to organize this maker party.

Event Name : Maker Party SVCE

Event Link on Reps Portal :

Venue : Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering, Bangalore, Karnataka.

                                          Event Poster 
I Started with my fellow mozillians Hemanth  and Bhargav in the morning and reached the venue by 10:00 AM .  The Organizers came to receive us and accompanied till the Auditorium.

                                           #MozSelfie ;) (Right to Left- Ajay, Bhargav, Hemanth)

 We also met Head of the Department of Computer Science in their college and we got a lot of support from them in organizing this event and future events as well.

 We also met an open source enthusiast and a member of FSMK (Free Software Movement Karnataka) Mr.Vijay and he also joined us in spreading the word as an open source as he does always.

Initially, an introduction of speakers to the audience was given by me to everyone and gave a clear picture of the agenda that we had planned for them on that day.

Vijay started with Introduction to Open Source by relating with the real time examples of the open source products which included funny examples too, where the audience became more excited!!!

Thus, it was my chance now to make their excitement reach to the peak by introducing them to the Mozilla by the Mozilla Story and then the Mission of the mozilla.

I continued with the Products of the mozilla and then showing them the newly designed page of Get Involved page of Mozilla, which tells how to contribute and what to contribute depending upon their interest.

Showing about the different kinds of projects to them, we moved on to the Webmaker Project and told them about the amazing tools using which they can create, remix, design webpages and create videos using popcorn maker and apps using appmaker.

Initially, we told them to register on the webmaker portal by signing in using persona. Also told them what is persona? and how it works. They were really excited about the persona login. They have created their user profiles on webmaker portal. Since, it was Lunch time, we gave a break for the lunch and informed to come back after lunch.

Post-Lunch, it was really surprising that the attendees are already present and started using the tools. We gave demos on the each tool and then told them to remix the Webpages, create the videos and hack the pages using x-ray goggles. Due to time constraint, we couldn't move on appmaker. We gave them some time and them to remix the webpages and submit in google form.

It was surprising that we got plenty of makes from them. Moving on, i spoke on the Maker Party and how it is organized globally with number of mozillians through out the world. I have displayed the Maker Party Video which i had with me.

List of Makes can be found here : Webmaker Profiles and makes

Later, i continued with FSA Program, introduced them to the FSA Program, like what is this and how it works and the structure, activities, benefits being an FSA. The thimble make by TJLee was very useful to me in explaning them. Thanks to TJLee.

 FSA Beginners Guide

Then, we had an Q&A session, where we gave them swag for them who answered the questions and later collected the feedback from them. Distributed Swags to all the attendees and they were very happy to see the Laptop Stickers and Badges. The Feedback Video can be seen here  .

Moving on, we had a Photo Session with the participants and it was really fun meeting them and sharing the knowledge with them. The Organizers and the FSA team were very happy for organizing this and wants to organize more such events from Mozilla.

Then we bid a good-bye to them by saying "Bye-Bye Mozillians".

More Images can be found on Flickr here

Best Regards,
Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Mozilla Reps

Reps Weekly Call – November 13rd 2014
Ruben Martin [:Nukeador] on November 14, 2014 12:45 PM

Last Thursday we had our regular weekly call about the Reps program, where we talk about what’s going on in the program and what Reps have been doing during the last week.

  • New Reps dashboard
  • Portal UX initiative
  • WoMoz update
  • FX10 celebrations

Detailed notes

AirMozilla video

Don’t forget to comment about this call on Discourse and we hope to see you next week!

Hack the MDN and Celebrate Firefox’s 10th Anniversary
birajkarmakar on November 12, 2014 07:02 PM

Hi Friends,

Now I am back with blog post.

This was my first MDN event in my life. I am very glad that I have organized it successfully on 09 NOV 2014. This event was not only MDN event but also we had done our Firefox’s 10th Anniversary celebration in kolkata. Let me tell more about this event.

The agenda of this event :

  1. Brief discussion about MDN
  2. How to start hacking in MDN
  3. Intro to MDN glossary
  4. let’s hack on MDN glossary elements together
  5. Celebrate Firefox’s 10th Anniversary
  6. Lunch
  7. Continue hacking on MDN glossary element
  8. Group photo session and swag distribution

So, we have started this event at 11.00 am. Ohh ! sorry I forgot to tell one thing I have made one #MDNglossaryHackingKit for this event. So first I shared this kit with all the participants. Then started with “Brief discussion about MDN” and gave a description  about basic things of Hacking MDN. Now jumped into MDN glossary. In the mean time, there were some question & answer round between me and participants . So every participants excited to hack the glossary element . So we started hacking ……………

Click to view slideshow.

First I taught them about “How to tag glossary item”. And then I came infront of them with the bunch of Glossary items which need to be tagged from missing tags  . And they completed almost 68 missing tags article within half an hour.

Click to view slideshow.

Then i jumped to teach them “How to improve the glossary article by editing” . They grabbed it very fast and started to contributing. Then we headed for lunch.

Click to view slideshow.

After lunch we again started with “How to write new glossary element”. Then we took prioritized missing glossary elements and started writing missing articles together from Here . And we completed the first draft of all these within  one and half an hour. Now those glossary elements are in review queue.

Click to view slideshow.

Next part is celebration of Firefox’s 10th Anniversary. In this event basically, FSA joined.So they were very excited about #fx10 and #ChooseIndependent. We started with Photo sessions……….

Click to view slideshow.

Then we cut the so yummy Cake for Firefox’s 10th Anniversary and enjoying a lot.

Then swag distribution happened among the participants and took some group pic.

As a Glossary mentor, this event was great for me. I am always feeling great as a Mozillian.  Special thanks goes to Mozilla MDN Community for supporting me to organize this event.

Though it’s long but I hope you enjoy it

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New dashboard and a first VIP action item: documenting impact
Rosana on November 12, 2014 02:39 PM

We’re very proud to announce that we have a new Reps Dashboard that lists your action items! You will be able to find most of the action items that you have in the Reps program, it will help you organize your activities and plan better your time. We’re also hoping that this will help mentors and council members manage the work load, be able to prioritize and ultimately keep the program running smoothly.

Check out the dashboard and let us know your thoughts. We know there might be some improvements to be done, so your feedback will help us figure this out.

This dashboard comes at the perfect time, we have a first mission for ALL Reps and the dashboard will allow you to do this in no time. We want to understand the impact of the Reps program in 2014 so we are asking all of you to please update ALL the post event metrics for this year. It won’t take much time and at the end you’ll help us articulate better the impact that we’re having with the Reps program. We are introducing text fields, so that you can add important links to your post events metrics. So any links to the makes created, the press articles generated, the social media impact would be of great help!

Help us understand how much reach your event had. How many people attended, how many people did you reach on social media, how many through press articles or blog posts? Let’s work together on making the impact of our work understandable. We have so much to be proud of, let’s document it!

A Web Literacy Pot Luck
Emma on November 12, 2014 02:01 AM

This afternoon I met with a group of parents  – a group of fantastic, involved parents who want to learn,  understand, and just  – ‘get‘ what their middle-school aged children need from them to navigate and survive the web.  At least that’s my take on what they were expecting.

These are also very good friends of mine: home-schoolers, public-schoolers, farmers and many industries of experience between us –  we had our first babies at together, second babies together – and we’ve supported each other through many a thing.   This time, we gathered as a pot-luck with childcare to talk about the web .  We covered resources tools, the concept of transparency, openness, open web, sharing, coding, data and cyber safety among so many other small things.

I think Mozilla Lightbeam most triggered their interest, as well as the concept that our role as parents – isn’t simply a task of teaching  kids to navigate the web  build for by others – but to remix, oppose, listen-to and follow instincts about what  does and doesn’t feel right;  Teaching what it feels like to be ‘free’ on the web, and what it feels like to be a product can better prepare our kids to advocate for that freedom.

‘Intuition and the Web’.  A take-away phrase.

We also came up with an idea of ‘Block Watch’  for monitoring bullying in middle-school – which , why not, make this a peer run program?

Anyway, I wasn’t planning to blog about this except I had one phone call tonight where my friend said this, and it almost left me teary.

“I came expecting to learn about technical ways to block content on the internet, I left understanding this is an issue of literacy.”

It felt like I made a difference.  Parent’s really need this conversation.




MozFest 2014: what a year!
Rosana on November 11, 2014 11:12 AM

MozFest encapsulates many of the crazy wonders of Mozilla and every year new ideas emerge, new projects are created and new communities come together. 2014 was a great year for Reps; not only have the Reps lead many of the maker parties in the summer, but they are also pushing the Mozilla mission forward in every corner of the world. Having the Reps in London added expertise from all our communities

We would have loved to invite everyone who has been doing wonderful things around the Webmaker projects, but unfortunately we had a limited number of invitations. In London we had a great mix of passionate Reps from all around the world making us so proud of this incredible community who will share their experiences with everyone who couldn’t attend this year.

This year the Reps made a very significant contribution to MozFest! Not only did they facilitate many sessions, including one on community building, but they kept the show going in the background. Big kudos to Robby and all the MozFest helpers. On Sunday Reps literally saved the day! As the fox arrived with a bag full of 1000 phones the Reps (a.k.a Marcia’s flashing Gurus) spent Sunday flashing every phone ensuring that the participants of MozFest had the latest version.

The Flashing Gurus in action


It is very humbling to see the energy, the kindness and the commitment of the Reps and we got a lot of recognition, from Mark and Mitchell on the main stage routing for Reps and wearing their Reps hoodies and from the Mozilla community and our friends.

The Reps on the ground also inspired and were inspired by the other participants and brought all the local experiences to MozFest. It is this mix of hands-on work and diversity that opens the horizons for all of us who care about the web and think that this is a critical time to defend the open web and imagine a future where everyone can make active use of this tool for the good of everyone.

We know that the Reps will take their experiences and ignite the Mozfesters in their communities to get together and imagine the world we want to live in. One great example is how our Reps in East Africa pioneered the first MozFest outside of London. This is an exciting model, where Reps and Mozillians take the lead and bring the Mozilla spirit to hundreds of people. And we know that more of this greatness will come in 2015!

There are some amazing blog posts about Mozfest, from the personal experiences of everyone to great descriptions of the sessions, I recommend you check them out. Andre’s blog post is a great read to understand all the amazing things going on at MozFest and how the energy in Ravensbourne leads to so many new ideas. From other Reps we have great blog posts about their experience of MozFest:

Andre Garzia: A free agent at MozFest

Robby Sayles: Behind the scenes

Manel Rhaiem: my first experience at MozFest

Umesh Agarwal: Mozilla Festival 2014

One HUGE thanks to Ioana and Christos who were Chief Reps Wranglers and shined with professionalism, enthusiasm and made us all have a lot of fun. Also, pro tip, if you want to start a party, get some Reps to dance on stage

On Mentorship
Majda Nafissa Rahal ( on November 08, 2014 08:36 PM
A few days ago I stepped down as a mentor in the Mozilla Reps program. I had been a mentor for more than two years, worked with around 15 mentees (overall) from all regions, cultures and... timezones! As with all-things-Mozilla, I learned a lot in the process.
As I am saying goodbye (hopefully a temporary one), I wanted to reflect quickly on my most important takeaways.

1. Push vs. Pull approach to mentorship. It's all in the name. In the push-style mentorship, you act as an external force trying to move an object, to push it in a certain direction. In the pull-style approach, you act as a quiet force waiting to be solicited to exert power in a certain direction. For a less technical analogy, I like the following definition[1]:
- “Push” - directive: solving someone's problems for them.
- “Pull” - non-directive: helping someone to solve their own problems. 
In my short experience, I have found the pull approach to be much more effective. You can only push someone so much, and if you find yourself consistently having to push, then something is clearly not working. In the pull style, you remove yourself as a bottleneck, you're here when your help is needed, the relationship flow is seamless.

2. Defining the relationship from the get-go. The concept of mentor bears different meanings in different cultures. In a global community, it is critical that you be upfront about what this mentorship relationship means. In the context of Mozilla reps, I made it a point to ask my mentees to consider me as a friend before anything else. I am not an administrative superior, I am not here to give orders, I am here to guide and offer opportunities to grow.

3. Patience and time. I see time as a two-dimensional factor here:
- Mentorship, like any relationship, develops over time. Patience will pay dividends.
- Mentorship is time-consuming. Think about it before committing. And when you do, commit for real.

4. Listening is the key. In so many occasions, listening trumps talking. Helping others is a lot more about listening to their needs than it is about imposing your own views of "what works". More often than not, the answer lies there.

5. Availability. A mentor that is not available will not be effective. I cannot stress how important that is. If a mentee doesn't find you when in need, it sets a bad precedent for relying on you in the future.
This is actually the reason why I am leaving today, I cannot be as available as before which makes me rather useless as a mentor.

Now from the other side of the equation, as a mentee, learn to grasp the untold. "Actions speak louder than words" as the saying goes. So much mentorship is implicit, a mentor tells you more by her behavior than by her words. Be someone who observes critically, and who learns through observation.

To all my mentees, thank you for being awesome Mozilla reps and for teaching me so much! I apologize for any shortcomings on my side, we are all learning :)

[1] “More about Mentors and Mentoring | Dormen.”

Reps Weekly Call – November 6th 2014
Ruben Martin [:Nukeador] on November 07, 2014 01:02 PM

Last Thursday we had our regular weekly call about the Reps program, where we talk about what’s going on in the program and what Reps have been doing during the last week.

  • Firefox 10th updates.
  • Reps of the month October.
  • Reminder about Monday Meetings.
  • Community Calls for QA.
  • Reps newsletter coming soon.

Detailed notes

AirMozilla video

Don’t forget to comment about this call on Discourse and we hope to see you next week!

Creativity, Improv, and Firefox OS at FSOSS 2014
regnard on November 06, 2014 07:59 PM

Last month, I had the pleasure of being one of the speakers at FSOSS 2014, one of the largest Open Source events in North America.

FSOSS is already at its 13th iteration and it has been growing over the years. Hosted at Seneca College, this year’s event had a slew of topics in Open Source, including NoSQL, Social Engineering, Linux, Mozilla Webmaker, and Firefox OS.

I definitely had fun giving my talk, and as you would see on the video, the participants did have a great time too. I’ve given over two dozen talks in the last decade or so, but this was the first time I included improv, which made it more awesome.

I did have some minor flubs (contrary to what you may hear, there are NO perfect talks!), but I’ll take this experience and be a better public speaker even more.

Mozilla Guides Community Call – Nov 4th
Emma on November 04, 2014 08:56 PM

Mozilla Guides  was launched recently in coordination with the new (and beautiful) Mozilla Get Involved Page.

Guides is a program to help brand new and potential contributors orient themselves, choose a pathway, and gain confidence in the early days of contribution. Guides themselves play a critical role in helping new contributors overcome both common and personal obstacles, through mentorship. Guides curate content, and resources for their functional area (like coding, testing, writing), but anyone from the community interested in helping new contributors find their way are very welcome.

Guides is currently linked from the email auto-responder,  new contributors  receive after expressing interest in a functional area.  That link takes them directly to the corresponding forum (like Journalism) where they can ask questions.   In the two weeks since we’ve launched we’ve had a trickle of new contributors come in and ask questions, which has been great learning for us .  Behind the scenes, I’ve been having many conversations about Guides,  and so –  disrupted by Mozfest this call community call was packed with information.  Our calls will run every 2 weeks , and  here are the highlights for those who missed, or are want to get involved!

Discourse Best Practices & Things We’re Learning

As we often do with community projects  – we’re learning what works best as we go.   And working to teach new contributors using Discourse is no exception  – here are some of the things we’re learning.

Note: I am currently seeing if there is interest in attending an online Train the Trainer event : ‘Teaching Beginners in Technology‘, if you are a Guide you can express interest HERE.  Otherwise please reach out to me directly.

Think like a beginner

As Guides and experienced contributors, we’re immersed in the language of Mozilla  ie:  ‘grab a bug’, or using ‘Gaia’ instead of FFOS implies a level of knowledge contributors may not(probably won’t have) when they arrive.   Thinking like a beginner means initial instructions for contributing to FFOS *could be:

  • Create Bugzilla Account . Bugzilla is how FFOS tracks tasks.
  • If you don’t already have one , create a Github Account.  Here’s a git tutorial.
  • Checkout the Architecture documentation to understand what’s involved (etc)

To this end, I’ll be chatting with Greg from Software Carpentry soon about helping our community become experts at teaching beginners.  I’m not sure we’re very good at this yet, but I know we can be.  Check out this great post ‘A Joel Test for Grassroots Programming‘.

Ask Questions

Guides & Forum helpers have a lot of experience, but really positioning a contributiong  for success means investing in, and understanding their reasons for getting involved. Do they want to learn? What skills are they most interested in sharing? By asking questions, and not making assumptions we are be better mentors.  It’s also OK to admit you don’t understand, or ask someone else to help you – mentorship is as much about learning as teaching.

Invite Participation & Questions Through Story Telling.

One of the early success stories of Guides is the Journalism Forum.  Jennie Halprin, Journalism Guide has been inviting participation by sharing the work she’s doing each week for the Mozilla Newsletter.  By posting the the stories of her work, people are excited and can literally ‘see’ what opportunities are available.  Jennie is also referencing specific user names of those who have reached out  – which again, just very very engaging.

I’m challenging all Guides to think of what ‘stories’ they can tell about their functional area to invite the same level of conversation.  With the upcoming launch of Firefox 10 – I’m sure there are a few things we can come up with to invite code, testing, writing, security and webmaker contributors in.


On the more technical-fail side of things, many Guides realized they were not getting notices when their forum had questions posted –  and we did a quick walk through of updating participation in Forums as ‘Watching’, with this quick screenshot of what that looks like.  I also recommend ‘watching’ these forums, no matter your role:

Forum Topic Updates

In the initial template for Guide Launch, I asked that each functional area contain:  Guide Introductions, FAQ & Resources.  Here’s how those are shaping up:

  • Guides Introductions :  Title Changed to simply ‘Introductions’ for each area.   People arriving didn’t really grasp what ‘Guides’ where, and really everyone introducing themselves in the same place (Guide or Not) , makes complete sense to me.
  • FAQ :  Removed entirely for now – this as a topic was confusing people, and being empty (something we are building but don’t yet have) gave an inactive feel.  We can figure these out later when we actually have lists compiled
  • Resources:  In effort to avoid the duplication of information that is the Mozilla universe, we are moving away from linking resources in our forum topics, and will be leveraging the Learning Resources Wiki that Christie has been working on.  Guides, functional area stewards and – anyone with resources specific to new contributors can add Learning Resources, and Guides will simply link to a ‘view’ of relevant resources.
Coming Soon & Thinking About Guides Logo

We’re taking ideas for Guides Logo,  so far we have only two : ‘Compass’   and ‘Dino Guiding Dinos’  Please add your ideas to the meeting etherpad, or in comments to this post.

Contribution Learning Series

After running an Open Hatch & Contribution to Mozilla session recently at the University of Victoria, and through the Guides experience, I realize how important it is to provide some training on the most basic skills needed to get started.  But also how important the ‘human’ and ‘learn by making’ opportunities are as part of that opportunity, and so I’m putting together some ideas for what a regular series of online learning events could look like (Guides Calendar?).    Envisioning everything from a half day ‘Learn Git’ with Open Hatch curriculum  session, to a ‘Setting up your Firefox  or Webmaker Code Environment’, and ‘Open Source Culture’ (norms of asking for help/waiting for help, claiming bugs etc).  All tagged with Web Literacies.

Again appreciating Software Carpentry’s post .

I share this should anyone have feedback, or ideas or want to help visualize.

Kit Herder

Very inspired by the work of Renee Cheung & Yvan Boily with Kitherder – I am evaluating this and hope to chat with them both about how we can (eventually) think about mentorship matches as a part of Guides.  Again, sharing this should anyone want to help with that – or have ideas. & IRCloud

As web-based IRC widgets – people can use to get started asking for help in IRC, without the initial learning curve of working with IRC Clients &  Terminology.  We’re thinking about putting this in Discourse, but still need to test. Also it was (rightly) suggested that we ensure that learning a web-widget isn’t more, or the same work required to just  – learn IRC.   Will test!

Guides Landing Page

The Guides profile will increase soon, as we hope to put the link to forums right on the ‘Thank you Page’ of the Get Involved process.  This means we’ll get busier, and now more than ever is the time to visualize the quality of helping and boarding new contributors.


It was great Michal from Sumo was on the call asking about how to direct contributors between Sumo and Guides, and so this is on my list this week to reach out and agree on where one helping forum ends, and the other begins.


So I left the call with a few asks of Guides & Helpers

  1. Please introduce yourself (if you haven’t already) on the Introductions portion of the Guides Forum
  2. For those areas you know you can help (and this is for anyone, not just Guides), please select ‘Watch’ on the topics  – and you will be properly notified.
  3. Please collecting resources for your area, so we can add them to the Learning Resources Wiki (soon, once we’re ready).
  4. Think of ways you can invite participation through storytelling in your contribution area – again, see Journalism for some ideas on how that’s working for Jennie.
Next Call

We were a small group today, and I realize that is a time zone problem sometimes, so I’ll stagger the times between 7AM PST & 10 AM PST  to hopefully reach a few more people – Calls are listed in the Wiki.   A reminder to Guides you are not able to continue contribution to please let me know – it’s important we cover any gaps to avoid sadness of contributors asking questions without response.

This was a call full of information and I’m so grateful and excited to be working with all of you to help teach and Guide contributors into happy and successful contribution at Mozilla!


Image Credit:  Calsidey Rose


Reps of the Month: October 2014
Ruben Martin [:Nukeador] on November 04, 2014 10:33 AM

October has been an amazing month full of a lot of activities from our fellow Reps. For that reason this month we have two Reps of the month, congratulations!

Robert Sayles

Robbie has been leading volunteers at MozFest for the second year, he is the personification of what Reps can do, be and influence. Robbie was one of the hardest working Reps at MozFest. His help at MozFest was above and beyond, there were about 50% less volunteers than expected and he was obviously on top of that, with a smile – always.

Jefferson Duran

While we had a lot of Reps attending MozFest in London this year, there were others doing an amazing work on their home countries as well. During September and October, Jeff has been traveling around Colombia hosting webmaker parties non-stop. It’s just amazing the amount of work that he has been putting into making this happen to teach students and people around his country how to be a Maker.

Don’t forget to congratulate them on Discourse!

Mozilla Awareness Program @ Gram Panchayat
Ajay Kumar Jogawath ( on November 02, 2014 10:58 AM
Hola Amigos,

This post is regarding my experience when I came for Live Telecasting of Election duty from my college (JITS Warangal) and did an awareness program on Mozilla.

I went to a near by Zilla Parishat (जिला परिषद्) School for my duty. Along with me I have Anil (my classmate ) and 14 students from SR Engineering College. We were there for  Live Telecasting of Election duty.

After lunch I started interacting with all the students and while introducing myself, I said - I am Ajay Kumar Jogawath from Jayamukhi Institute of Technological Sciences, and as well I am Mozilla Student Representative from Warangal Community, and I explained about my work role, about 'volunteering work', to make curiosity then I briefly explained about some interactive live projects like browser testing, solving bugs, helping peoples, Localizing, MozCamp. ;)

Now, the actual discussion started About Mozilla
Then I started explaining them about Mozilla and Open source. and then I gave explanation on Mozilla Projects which are on the get involved page of Mozilla. Here is the link
Add caption
Then I said about the club which we have in our college and the events we did in the past year.

Later the discussion went to a technical one. A student from SR asked how this is useful for technical Students. Then I gave the answer with the Mozilla Webmaker Projects.
I explained about the webmaker tools which are thimble,hackasaurus and popcorn.

Anil explaining about the thimble by how to create a webpage using a thimble.

After the completion of Webmaker, anil dealed with NEMO projects and spoke about the Localisation Projects. It was a great experience to me seeing all the young enthusiastic students at one corner.

Finally I thanked all of them for their interest in attending this session.
Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Proud to be a Mozillian

Moz Cafe @ Warangal
Ajay Kumar Jogawath ( on November 02, 2014 10:57 AM

Warangal is city near to hyderabad, being with one of the most interested students for open source, and interested in Mozilla. 
I am Ajay Kumar Jogawath MSR (Mozilla Student representative) from Warangal organized the MozCafe event at warangal on 13th January 2013, as my first Mozcafe Meetup. I could do this with another MSR Mani Raj who helped me in organizing this. About Six members from different Colleges attended this and We gave a session on the above topics.

This MozCafe meetup was intended to knowing about:
About Mozilla
Projects and Getting Started
Mozilla student Representative(MSR)
Support and Rewards.
Finally We felt very happy after organizing this and We feel proud to take further meetups regarding Mozilla. we'll be hosting more events shortly. Thank you.

"Maker Party" with My Students
Ajay Kumar Jogawath ( on November 02, 2014 10:55 AM
Hola Amigos,

This Blog is about  sharing my experience  of my event Maker Party with My Students. The Maker Party Started at 6:00 P.M. The Maker Party was with the students whom I teach daily School Subjects. But this day was for Mozilla. I explained about What Mozilla is and its browser and also the projects and products of Mozilla.
Later I started explaining about Webmaker Project and tools(thimble , hackasaurus and popcorn).
The Attendees were
1) Harish
2) Arun
3) Ramu
4) Aditya
5) Kamal
6) Sai
7) Akash
8) Prem

I started showing the example of how to create a make by signing into a persona account. Then after showing aditya was very much excited to create a webpage. But he was stucked and asked me on what topic shall I create webpage.

Students asking to me about mozilla
 Aditya said lets start now itself I want to create a webpage now. We started creating the webpage by adding the image of firefox os logo and some information regarding the firefox os we collected and created webpage. After seeing the output, he was very happy and started shouting "Yahoo!!! I Created Webpage , I created webpage for the first time ". I can see lots of excitement in him.

Student, Aditya creating webpage using thimble
He was surprised to see how can easily make webpage here, and webpage preview show simultaneously.

webpage created by him
Since it was raining here, there was a power cut, i couldn't continue the session, but students were very much excited about this Maker Party and they want more parties to be conducted so that they can also create webpages on their own.

Successfully done web maker party
 Students Experiences:

  •      Ramu said " Webmaker projects and tools are really amazing"
  •      Harish said that " i want to work for Mozilla by involving in webmaker projects"
  •      Arun said " I am waiting for the Firefox Operating System launch in India" 
Finally the event was a kickoff with schools students. Thanks Mozilla #MozillaFirefox #TeachTheWeb  #MakerParty #MozillaClubWarangal

-Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Proud Mozillian

My Start with Mozilla
Ajay Kumar Jogawath ( on November 02, 2014 10:54 AM
                                   MozParty@Warangal  This is Ajay Kumar Jogawath from Mozilla Club Warangal posting about my experiences in contribution to Mozilla.

My Journey towards Mozilla Started when I was invited to my Colleague Imran's Event MOZPARTY @ WARANGAL
This event was  celebrated as end of the mozilla summer code party campaign. This event mainly concentrates on mozilla's mission, it's products and it web maker projects.
In this event I got to know about the Webmaker projects like Thimble , Hackasaurus and Popcorn .Those were really awesome designing webpages using Thimble and hackasaurus look liked a magic and popcorn to make cool videos. 

Imran and Hema Mozilla Reps from Mozilla Club Warangal(also my colleagues) explained about the  Thimble, Hackasaurus and Popcorn. All the attendees were very much excited.This cake was the remark of my first Mozilla event as an attendee and also we have a group pic of all attendees .
From Right to left  Kranthi,Maniraj,Hemanth,Ajay, Imran,Swetha,Hema,Poojitha and Ramya
We all had a great time learning the tools and had lots of fun . Had a Great Time :)
More Experiences with Mozilla coming soon....

 Best Regards,
Ajay Kumar Jogawath

Mozilla Community Meetup and Action Plan 2014
Ajay Kumar Jogawath ( on November 02, 2014 07:04 AM

Hola Amigos,

This blog is regarding the Mozilla community meetup which was held on Dec 28th 2013 at Bits & Bytes Institute, Hanamkonda, Warangal.
Facebook Event Page: Mozilla Meetup Warangal

Many Mozillians turned up to the meet and started with introduction of everyone. We introduced each other with our past experiences with Mozilla,and our contribution in various projects. Even the new mozillians who turned up for the meet introduced themselves and shared their passion in Mozilla.

Later, we started with the Action Plan of 2014

      "Action Plan 2014"

1.Get more code contributors
2.Increase the number of Reps to improve proper mentorship
3.Improve the global outreach to mozillians blog and MCW Facebook Group
4.Increase the number of people literate about the web and higher number of open source contributions
5.Increase the number of big events to be held to at least 4 a year
6.Application level milestones
7.Increase the number of users of Dev Tools and Firefox
8.Increasing contributors in the field of Publicity and marketing
9.Involve more people into Mozilla’s vision and mission
10.Firefox App Dev Rockstars

We also divided the projects into teams and any of the mozillian who is experienced with the project gonna lead that project so that it will be easy for the newbies to get into their interested project. Here is the image of the teams we made.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           After discussing about the action plan we started with the problems faced regularly by the community and started noting them on the board and the list was as follows

1) How to get started 
2) Publicity & Team
3) No of events
4) Outreach
5) Expansion of Community
6) Social Media
7) Communal Mentor for newbies
8) FSA Program
9) Retain Contributors
10) community mailing list
11) Specific Points of Contact
13) Content Management System (CMS)
14) womoz
15) Stars/Icons
16) Event Managing
17) Firefox OS Apps 
18) Web dev Team l10
19) Own Budget

After noting the problems we started resolving each problem by knowing each other views that what has to be done to improve the community.
Then we discussed about retaining the contributors.Reasons for not having regular meetups and low attendance in meetups, discussed about that.

Finally we discussed about the 4 big events which MCW is planning this year which includes a big outreach program for all the colleges in Warangal though we planned to conduct outreach program in every college in every month(min 2 colleges). Next we planned for another big event,a WoMoZ event which includes app development and guest lectures and then App-days and a training event for all the FSA's. We planned during which months we need to organize these and we also have dates fixed in the dairy.   Then we had a group photo of all attendees.

Images of Meetup

This meetup was very much useful because we could finally make the road map for the community and execute it as per the plan we made. Thanks to all for attending the meet and making it a worthful meet and special thanks to hemanth for the Venue because we were badly in need of venue, Thanks Hemanth!!!!!! and  yea finally Happy Prosperous New Year to all :) :)

Best Regards
Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Proud Mozillian

Firefox OS App Days @ Firefox Club SNIST
Ajay Kumar Jogawath ( on November 02, 2014 07:03 AM
It was Jan 18th and Firefox OS App Days in Hyderabad. I with my fellow FSA Bhargav started from Warangal to Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology, Hyderabad. We reached there prior to the start of the event. There i met Vineel ReddySrikar AnanthulaSrikanth Namu (Mozilla Reps) and Santosh, FSA from Sreenidhi Institute.

As usual the inauguration started by littting the candle and then Dignitaries from college gave talks on the appdays and then Vineel Sir spoke on the Mozilla Community and then Srikar addressed the gathering.

Later, as per the agenda

Srikar started with Introduction to Mozilla and then introduction to HTML5 session by Raghu and then Introduction to Firefox OS by Jay Kashyap

During the Lunch Session Vineel Sir and all FSA's had a small gathering in which all FSA's in and around hyderabad have introduced themselves and asked queries they have regarding the FSA Program.

Later we had the lunch and then the coding fun has started everyone started discussing about the app and then started developing apps.

One Student was very much excited to know about the FSA club and its activities and he interacted with me for half an hour about how to get into Mozilla Projects and then how to grow a local community

I explained him about the structure of the FSA Program which is listed on the Mozilla Wiki Page.
Then it was the time for Firefox Dinner and we all had a north + south Indian dinner With Roti,Sabji and Biryani.

This was the #FirefoxDinner Moment where all the Organising team of SNIST Firefox Club along with Mozillians from Hyderabad and Warangal were having the dinner.

After dinner, inorder to continue the interest we played some TED talks and some interesting games were played inorder to make everyone awake and do coding for their firefox apps.

In the morning, the apps came as a surprise!!! There were 16 apps which were given demos by 16 teams and were uploaded into Firefox MarketPlace and it was time for distributing the goodies (#swag)
Later a cake was ordered previously and we got it at the exact time after completion of event. Then everyone had cake and then had some quick group photos with Organizing team ICC(pronounced as Team IC Square) and with the head of College and all the participants. Finally the event was a great success. Congrats to Firefox Club SNIST.
Here we have
Facebook Event Page  

You can view the images on Flickr

Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Proud Mozillian

My Experiences as a Firefox Student Ambassador
Ajay Kumar Jogawath ( on November 02, 2014 07:02 AM
Hola Amigos!!!

I am Ajay Kumar Jogawath, a mozillian and now a "Firefox Student Ambassador" too. I got to know about the Firefox Student Ambassador few months ago and got registered for it. Recently When the complete program was restructured as the first five activities of FSA(Firefox Student Ambassadors) , i got a clarity about the program and started with the first activity

I got to introduced to mozilla with a
1) Mozilla Story
2) Mozilla Manifesto 
3)Projects in Mozilla
4)Webmaker Project
5)Support Mozilla

Then i did a thimble page of my biodata nothing about introduction about myself.
Here is the Thimble Page

Later, i made myself social by liking the facebook page of Firefox Student Ambassadors , following FSA on Twitter @mozstudents and the Google+ Community.

 I have attended Firefox OS App Days and have interacted with the FSA's of Other Cities and discussed about what activities are exactly happening in their Firefox Club and many of them didn't do anything till now and were asking what is the very first thing that need to be done. The Best Part of this event was i met Vineel sir who guided us on our questions and queries. Thanks a lot to Vineel Sir.

When i checked the FSA Directory for a Firefox Club, i can see that a club is already registered with a name called "Jayamukhi Firefox Club". Then i joined in that club as a member.

After doing these five activities i claimed for an open badge and then got a cool open badge for FSA

Firefox Student Ambassador Badge


Thanks Kate for sending such an awesome badge. Completed my next activity too and this short story will reward me a Certificate of Identification . Thanks Mozilla

Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Firefox Student Ambassador
Proud Mozillian

Jayamukhi Firefox Club - FSA Meetup
Ajay Kumar Jogawath ( on November 02, 2014 07:01 AM
Hello Everyone!!!

I am Ajay Kumar Jogawath, Firefox Club Lead - "Jayamukhi Firefox Club" hosted the FSA Meetup on Feb 04,2014 in the College Canteen.

This was an informal meetup of the students who have registered for the Firefox Student Ambassadors and not yet started with any activities as everyone was unaware of the wiki page.
In this meet, i started with my introduction as the Club Lead for Jayamukhi Firefox Club and told about the projects that i am contributing. Then i asked them to introduce everyone.
Everyone started introducing themselves and then i started with the Introduction of Mozilla, because i directly cannot go into the FSA Program.

So, i gave a glance about Open Source, Mozilla, its Projects and Products. Then i told them about the Firefox Student Ambassadors Program. Only few were registered for the FSA Program, so i told them first to get register for the FSA Program by going through the above link
 Firefox Student Ambassador Application Form

Then i told them to complete the first five activities that an FSA should do after getting registered .
I gave it as a Start-up guide to all the FSA's.

Then i talked about the recognition that they get as an FSA by explaining the above link
Recognition to FSA

Later on, i have shown them the cool videos of Mozilla,the first one was the Mozilla Story Video, and everyone was very much excited by watching the video and one of them Aravind  asked about how we can get involved into the Mozilla Projects and actually what projects that mozilla has??

Here comes the actual question and then i explained them about the Get Involved Page of Mozilla

Get Involved (link for the projects of mozilla)

Many of them were very much interested in Webmaker may be because of the demo that i have showed them, they got excited by the thimble webpages and the x-ray goggles.

Later a small brief about the projects from SUMO i.e., Army of Awesome, Support Forum and the Localization (KB )

And Finally, i concluded with the I am a Mozillian video of Mozilla Summit, they were feeling happy by seeing Indian Mozillians saying I am so and so and i am a mozillian.

Finally, at the end of the meetup, everyone said their name and "from now i am a mozillian too".
I really felt very happy because of this meetup was a successful one because we have planned it just half-an-hour back. Now, that we have a good number of contributors and FSA's are asking more about Mozilla, i am planning for my next meetup very soon.

Best Regards,
Ajay Kumar Jogawath,
Firefox Club Lead,
Jayamukhi Firefox Club,
Proud to be a Mozillian

Mozilla Club BIES Enthusiasts Meetup
Ajay Kumar Jogawath ( on November 02, 2014 07:00 AM
Hello Everyone!!

I am here to share my experience about the meetup that was organized today in Asian Mall,Warangal.

The Students( also FSA's -Firefox Student Ambassadors) Wanted to start a club in their college. So they want to inaugurate the club officially in their college.

So, they contacted me and asked to arrange a meet in which they get to know more about the Open Source, mozilla , its projects and how to get involved in projects of mozilla.

So, i (ajay) along with Hemanth and Bhargav, organized this meetup so that they can know more about the mozilla, how to start a club, how the FSA Program going in in other cities, states and countries. Then the activities like Webmaker, localization, app of the month contest were discussed one by one. We also told them about the recent apps that we made in this month "App of the Month" Contest.

Here are the links of the apps, which we told to them.

Then,i shared about how a club is formed and how to share the responsibilites of a club by involving in different club roles.

Then, they asked some questions like how to organize a big event in their college, if so whom to contact for organizing an event and some few questions, which was like a queries session, me hemanth and bhargav answered to their questions and then planned about the event i.e., Inauguration of Firefox Club in their college and the sessions we are planning on that and then we winded the meetup.

And then Yay!! We had a group Photo with all enthusiastic mozillians.Here it is 

For more images, Click here Flickr Images
 Waiting for Feb 25th to inaugurate the club in their college, and getting more contributors from Mozilla Club BIES. I thank Sonu Sandeep, Bala Subrahmanyam, Vijay Martha, Sai Sharan for their interest in mozilla, and Hemanth and Bhargav always being at the back of me by supporting always. Thank You all. 
Special Thanks to Mozilla Reps Hema Bhanu

Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Firefox Student Ambassador,
Club Lead, Jayamukhi Firefox Club,
Webmaker, SUMO,L10N
Proud to be a Mozillian

Mozilla Meetup - A Pre-inaugural Meetup for KITS Fox Club
Ajay Kumar Jogawath ( on November 02, 2014 06:59 AM

Hello Everyone,

I am here to share you all about the meetup held on February 11th 2014. Today, we had an informal meetup with mozillians of KITS Warangal. So, the mozillians wanted to inaugurate the Firefox Club i.e., KITS Fox Club Offcially. So, they had many questions about the mozilla and all stuff.

So, Mozilla Reps Hema Bhanu spoke about Open Source, Open Web and made them know about Open Source. Then it was my turn to speak, introduced about the open source project i.e., Mozilla to them, I spoke about What is Mozilla, its mission and projects of mozilla, they were very much interested and excited to start their contribution in mozilla.

It was really a great interaction with all the enthusiasts of mozilla. We had Pujith, Spoorthy, Keerthi, Indraneel, Anusha and Satheesh and they were like very much interested to contribute in mozilla. we wished them for getting into open source and we are planning a inauguration of their club in college. Eagerly waiting for that event. Then we had a group photo at the end of meetup. 

Thanks Hemanth and Bhargav for always being support for me and Hema Bhanu (Mozilla Reps) for motivating the new mozillians.

Other Blogs related to this are: 


Flick Link : Images of Meetup

Ajay Kumar Jogawath 
Firefox Student Ambassador,
Club Lead,
Jayamukhi Firefox Club

Inauguration of Firefox Club - KITS Firefox Club (KFC)
Ajay Kumar Jogawath ( on November 02, 2014 06:58 AM
Hello Everyone!!!

This Blogpost is about my experience during the inauguration of Firefox Club at Kakatiya Institute of Technological Sciences. This was the output of the meetup Mozilla Meetup with KITS Students Where new mozillians like Pujith, Spoorthy, Keerthi, Indraneel, Anusha and Satheesh took the initiative of Starting a Firefox Club in their College.

This Inauguration Started with the Speech of  Head of Department, Dr. P. Niranjan. The talk was amazing made us get inspired.

After Inuaguration, it was Hema Bhanu's turn to speak about Open Source, FOSS and its importance and then started about mozilla and its projects. Later talked about WoMoz.

Girls became enthusiastic by listening to WoMoz Session and that happens everywhere.
After Hema, Sudheesh grabbed a white board and started explaining all the geeky stuff. From data structures to projects available in Mozilla everything was covered by him. The best part was that he helped the students to relate what they have learnt so far to the needs of the industry. His talk on firefox and bugzilla was definitely a piece of cake.

Then it was my turn to speak about the Firefox Student Ambassador Program. I told about the activities that an FSA should do and the projects that they can get involved as an FSA.

And then a girl asked we as electronics student, how can we contribute to Mozilla, then i answered by starting with Webmaker Project because we need not to know any programming language for this.
Because Webmaker provides basic templates where everything is very easily documented so that even school children can understand the basic tags in html. The, told about the Webmaker tools i.e., Thimble,Popcorn and x-ray goggles using which we can make some cool stuff. It was nice interating with the students.

After completion of sessions, we had a feedback session where all the students spoke positive about the sessions, that made us very happy.  Later we have distributed swags by asking some questions regarding the session.
After Swag Distribution, we then had a group picture.

After group photo, everyone left and then we had the group photo with the organizing team of event and the new mozillians and my fellow Mozillians Hemanth , Bhargav and Hema 

Now,students from various colleges are requesting us to come to their college and inaugurate a club. This is really one of the best moments when we are requested to come to their college as a mozilla representative and told to speak about mozilla. This year has been very good to me because from right from January when we made the Action Plan 2014, and i am happy that we are moving as per the Mozilla Action Plan 2014 by getting more and more contributors from engineering colleges all over the city. Thanks Sai Kiran , Sudheesh , Meraj Imran and Hema Bhanu for always supporting me and Hemanth and Bhargav for always being with me.

Awaiting for the Inauguration of Firefox Club in Balaji Institute of Engineering Sciences on March 4th 2014. Yahoo!!!

Images of Flickr : Flickr Photos

Best Regards,
Ajay Kumar Jogawath,
Club Lead, Jayamukhi Firefox Club,
Proud to be a Mozillian.

FSA's Maker Party - Bits and Bytes Institute, Warangal
Ajay Kumar Jogawath ( on November 02, 2014 06:56 AM
Hello Everyone!!!

Now, i came with another successful  event i.e., FSA's Maker Party.

This event was planned on March 9th 2014.

Reps Portal Link :

Webmaker Event Link :

Facebook Event Page Link :

As recently, we had inaugurated a Firefox Club in Balaji Institute of Engineering Sciences, the mozilla fever was on, and students of BIES club were enthusiastic in learning more about the mozilla. The event started at 10:00 am when Mozilla Reps Hema Bhanu Started with a Kickoff session including the topics like how to get involved in mozilla, then FSA and then womoz for girls.

Then it was time to start with the webmaker session, as many of them just know that webmaker is a project of mozilla to create webpages, videos and hack webpages, but they did not have hands on experience with them. So, i started giving Demo's on Thimble , Popcorn and x-ray goggles one after the other.

After showing the demo's on Webmaker tools i asked them to form a group of 4-5 members as we dont have laptops with everyone and then we told them to create their own webpages or remix the templates present in the Website 

Later, they started creating makes by forming group. 

 BIES Club Team 

  KU Firefox Club and Team

 Sai Sharan and Vijay Martha 

Bala  and Team 

We gave them half an hour time after the completion of demo and then we closed the entries of the makes in the etherpad. 

The following are the makes which we got in this event. 

I really felt very happy that the maker party turned out to be a productive one with lots of makes with creative thoughts. Later Nikhil from Sathyabhama Firefox Club told about their Kidzilla Project. Some FSA's from Jayamukhi Firefox Club already do some activities by going to school and teach the students of the School, so they asked Nikhil how they can be helpful to join in Kidzilla Project as they are already aware of the school children's understanding towards the technology and the web. 

After completion of Kidzilla Project, then we selected the best three makes and awarded them with webmaker tees, also we have some stickers of webmaker and distributed them to all the attendees of the Event. 

Students receiving the mozilla webmaker tee. 
Sangamithra receiving the webmaker tee from the hands of Institute owner Mr.Sadashiva. 

BIES Team also made an awesome make and got a Webmaker tee

 Later, Sai Sharan, who was an active FSA from Jayamukhi Firefox Club as well as mozilla club warangal did a popcorn video and awarded with webmaker tee. After, this we had a feedback session, where we got really an awesome response from all the students. 

Some said " I never utilized the weekend, this is for the first time, i have gained much knowledge in short time"
One more girl said " She never knew that making webpages and creating Videos with pop-ups is such easy "
and we also got many feedbacks and i was really feeling very happ for this. 

 An interactive feedback session with the attendees, which was very positive and now the webmaker events are live and we have an awesome venue with systems and internet too, so we will be back with more awesome maker parties. Its time for webmakers to rock. 

And Yea!!! now, time for a group photo with a success event. 

I thank Mr. Sadashiva sir for giving permission to do this event in their premises and my friends Hemanth, Bhargav, Hema for their continuous support for organizing this events. 
I thank Namu Srikanth, Mozilla Rep and Nikhil Patel for giving a session on Kidzilla.
Finally, thanks everyone, i am very happy to be a part of webmaker project. 

More Images  can be found on Flickr  here 

Ajay Kumar Jogawath, 
FSA, Club Lead,
Jayamukhi Firefox Club,
Webmaker, L10n, SUMO 
Proud to be a Mozillian

Foxconn Infocus Firefox OS Tablet
Ajay Kumar Jogawath ( on November 02, 2014 06:55 AM
Hello everyone!!!!

Todays new coverage what i have seen is really made me "happy"!!!

Few months back i got to know about Tablet Contribution Program and i felt very happy and wanted to join in this program. I immediately filled the application form and it was told that after one month the results will be announced and i was waiting

April 1st 2014 2:56 PM

An email popped in my inbox and it said that :

"Congratulations Ajay Kumar Jogawath,

Welcome to the Firefox OS Tablet Contribution Program! Our team has carefully reviewed of all the applicants and we are excited to have you join us. We will be sending you one of the tablet devices in the coming weeks. We'll also be sending you at least one further email to keep you updated.

The tablet will enable you to join us in this exciting project to shape the future of the open web in tablet form factors. With your help we will be able to greatly improve the quality of Firefox OS on tablet experience to be as good as that on phones. We think you will have a lot of fun and look forward to working with you.

Now, this email made me very much excited and i was really waiting for the tablet to come and start my contribution in TCP Program. After 3 months on July 1st i received the Foxconn Infocus Firefox OS Tablet.

Receiving this from mozilla really made me proud  and my college management thanked me for involving in many projects like Localization, Webmaker, SUMO, Firefox OS, Firefox Student Ambassador and leading the Club "Jayamukhi Firefox Club" in my college. All this i could do because of the support that i got from my Team Hemanth Vidyamri, Kodakandla Bhargav,Hema Bhanu,Meraj Imran, Maniraj,Anil Kumar Who have constantly supporting me from the initial stage.

I thank Asa Dotzler, Sammy Tuman and the TCP Team. Thank you . Thank You So Much!!! Happy to be a part of contributions.

Best Regards,
Ajay Kumar Jogawath,
Webmaker Mentor,
Club Lead and FSA @Jayamukhi Firefox Club

Webmaker Session @ JITS
Ajay Kumar Jogawath ( on November 02, 2014 06:53 AM
Hello Everyone!!

I am here to share the experience regarding the Webmaker event in my college. An enthusiastic Mozillian , Sai Sharan who have been contributing to Mozilla from the past few months as an FSA was very much excited to speak regarding the Webmaker tools with his fellow students.

On 20th of March, Jayamukhi Firefox Club, had organized an event in JITS. we had a kick-off start with Sai Sharan who is very enthusiastic in sharing his experiences as an FSA.

He Started with the FSA program and then with the Webmaker Project explaining about the thimble, popcorn and hackasaurus tools. Later, it was my turn to make the session interactive.

I just asked them to share,what they learnt from the previous session, a girl stood and spoke about the tools, and said its really very awesome to create webpages. The students who attended were from 2nd year and they were listening to HTML and CSS for the first time and they felt like "Ooh is it so easy to create webpages?? " I said yes!!!

Then, i started with some normal questions, so what you want to do for mozilla ?? how  u want to contribute to mozilla?? they were all silent, thats what they were lacking "Awareness"

So, i just started with the basic thing,,,What Mozilla is ?? What is Open Source?? How we can start contributing to open source?? What are the benefits if they work for open source commmunities??So,all these questions, i  put them on Board and started explaining one by one.

Later, i started speaking about various projects in mozilla like the Localization,Add-on Development, Web Development, Webmaker and many more. Here comes, the webmaker again. So, i asked again so now u know what the projects are and how u can be a part of them. 

Now, i can see the enthusiasm in their faces,i could see the girls count more and so i decided to speak about the womoz project to them, So,i started with the Womoz Session, by encouraging them to come out of the fear,myths and all that they cant do this or that. After speaking about Womoz, i told them to come on the dais and speak about something or just share your experiences,again i can see no one is coming forward to speak. Then, i said, this is what the thing that stops you coming forward. Suddenly, they realized and started coming to dais and started speaking about their experience of the session.

                                         First girl to come forward and speak

              Now, we can see one by one coming on to the dais and sharing their experience.

I was really very happy if girls were encouraged, then can do anything!! They were happy to be a part of this session and they want to learn more in the future.

Then, i gave the urls for getting updated with the social networking sites, told them to add them in Official Facebook Group Mozilla India and Mozilla Club Warangal and also told them to follow on Google+ and Twitter. 

Next, we are planning for an hands-on session, so that they can create,remix and hack the webpages and also create videos using the popcorn maker. 

Apart from that Jayamukhi Firefox Club is planning for 
1) Localization Day - Which we will be focussing on Localization Project
2) SUMO Day- We will be focussing on SUMO Projects 
3) Firefox OS App Day- for making aware of firefox os apps and make them develop apps.

Finally, after the discussion, we concluded with a group snap. 

Finally i was very happy for seeing the interest in the students, hope we will get more contributors in different projects.

Photos can be found here

Ajay Kumar Jogawath
FSA and Club Lead @ Jayamukhi Firefox Club

Webmaker India IRC Meet July 4 2014
Ajay Kumar Jogawath ( on November 02, 2014 06:52 AM
Hola Amigos,

Today i would like to share my experiences regarding the IRC meet that was organized by Dyvik.
This meet was really productive and nearly 25 mozillians(reps,FSA's and Webmaker contributors) have participated in the IRC Meet.

Link to the Etherpad :

WebmakerIndia IRC Meet is an IRC Meeting where the mission is to spread about the mozilla webmaker project and organize the maker parties throughout India. Maker Parties are events which help us to learn, teach, share and make innovative things using the Webmaker tools like Thimble, Popcorn and X-ray goggles.This is a 6-day IRC meet where we will be solving the issues faced by newbies and those who wants to host maker parties in their region.

The main mission of this IRC Meeting is to make awareness regarding the Webmaker Project throughout the India (29 States and 600 districts ) and organize the maker parties which is going to be kick-off from July 15- Sep 15 2014

Many newbies have attended this and we were successful in answering the queries like how to join webmaker, how to organise a webmaker event. how to host maker parties,etc..,.

Dyvik said about how webmaker is different from other projects

  •  A remix button for everything
  •  A Gallery of makes
  • Common Publishing
  • User Accounts
  • Unique URL's and hosting 

 Also, the concept of Womoz evolved because there are very few womoz in our country and we are planning for the Womoz Webmaker Parties too and that will be updated soon in the above etherpad.

Etherpad Link :

Finally, i thank Dyvik for organizing and all other mozillians, reps and webmaker mentors and newbies who have participated in the IRC Meet and made this meet very productive.

 Best Regards,
Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Webmaker Mentor

Womoz Warangal'14
Ajay Kumar Jogawath ( on November 02, 2014 06:50 AM

Womoz Warangal’14 28th July 2014,
Jayamukhi Institute of Technological Sciences, Warangal.

Hola Amigos, 

Mozilla Club Warangalin association with Mozilla India  have organized a special and a much awaited event named Womoz Warangal'14on July 28th 2014. This event was Especially organized for girls to increase the female contribution in Open Source Communities. The Event have been planned on August 9th 2014,but a shocking news made us to change the date of the event and the shocking news was Hema Bhanu got the Date of Joining on July 31st , so the date was Preponed.

It was cool and rainy day on 28th July 2014, the participants started coming to the venue. After allotting the seats to them, we were waiting for the Chief Guest. Within few minutes after registration, Our Chief Guest Dr.B.Rama Garu, Chair Person, Board of Studies, Kakatiya University, Warangal reached the Venue and now the inaugural function Started.


Inaugural Function started with lighting the Lamp followed by Prayer song. Hema Bhanu gave a report of all the Mozilla Club Warangal Activities from the past 2 years and importance of this event being organized only for girls.

Our Staff Co-coordinator, G.Jose Mary, Associate Professor, JITS congratulated the club members for organizing such a big event especially for the women. Also congratulated Ajay and Bhargav for receiving the Firefox OS Tablets.

Dr.Rangaiah , Director of Jayamukhi Group of Institutions felt very happy that many of the women participants not only registered but also came to attend the event and he in his speech said that 
 “ Upload Talents, Download Future “. 

Later, Dr.T.V.R.NReddy, Joint Secretary and A.O., Jayamukhi Group of Institutions and G.Srihari, Principal also encouraged the participants to involve more in Open Source Communities which makes an individual acquire leadership skills.

Dr.B.Rama, the Chief Guest said women’s contribution in IT Sector is very less compare to men even though equal opportunity is provided to men as well as women. Woman drop-outs are more after their graduation and gave SECURITY as a reason for this issue.

Later, after felicitating the chief Guest, the session started by Hema Bhanu (Mozilla Reps)on FOSS, Womoz and later JavaScript session was continued. The participants felt this as a great opportunity for them contributing to an open source company being a student.

After the completion of session, it was time for lunch and we had a yummy lunch and back to the Lab for sessions.  We divided the 200 Participants into two tracks

[1] Localization

[2] Webmaker

First 100 were sent to Localization lab and remaining 100 were sent to Webmaker Lab. Hema Bhanuhandled the Localization Session along with the support crew Bhargav and Maniraj.

In the other track, it was Webmaker Session and it was handled by me (Ajay Kumar Jogawath, a Webmaker Mentor) with the Support Crew of Bala, Vijay and Sonu.  I started by asking how to create webpages, Videos and how to hack or remix a website or webpage. Many answered that using HTML, CSS and JS and yes they were right. Now I introduced the tools of Webmaker to them

[1] Thimble

[2] Popcorn Maker

[3] X-ray Goggles

[4] Appmaker

 The audience were happy that using simple Webmaker tools they can create webpages by checking the output on one side and source code on other side. Creating a Web Video inserting the popping of the text, images and animations. Remixing the webpages using the X-ray goggles and creating apps for Firefox OS using Appmaker tool. 

Hemanth Vidyamari, a Webmaker Mentor have showed them demos on each of the tool to everyone.

Later, I said them to create a Webmaker profile by signing into the Webmaker Portal using persona and then start remixing the webpages from the gallery section of Webmaker Portal.

Here is the etherpad of the Webmaker Signups :


Then, I spoke on the most important topic Maker Party which is organized globally throughout the world and how they can be a part of Maker Party by attending, organizing and collaborating with the events. 

After Completion of the Parallel tracks of Localization and Webmaker, it was time for Firefox OS App Development. I (Ajay KumarJogawath) along with HemanthVidyamari in one track and SantoshViswanatham (Mozilla Reps) from Hyderabad and Bhargav Gupta (FSA) from Warangal in another track delivered session on Firefox OS, followed by App Development.

After the completion of Sessions, we had a Feedback Session where different attendees gave a positive feedback saying that “Learnt New things just within few hours”, “Creating Webpages using simple tools”, “Developing Apps is never so easy” and many more.

Feedback was followed by distribution of Certificates and then the closing ceremony with a dance on a song from Himmatwala “Naino Mein sapna sapno Mein sajna, sajna pe dil aagaya, ha sajna pe dil aagaya” and all the participants, organizers, staff and everyone made steps with one another on this song. I got a chance to make few steps with the Director of the College Prof. P. Rangaiah.

Now, it was time for the Photo Session where we had a Group Photo with all the participants, Volunteers, Organizers, Staff and everyone.

Atlast, we waved hands to everyone saying “Good Bye!! See You Again”.

 Finally, I would like to thank Mozilla for giving us a chance to organize this event.  I would like to thank the College Management JITS for being so supportive in each and every aspect and making this event a huge success. I would like to thank all the Volunteers and organizers who helped in successful running of the event. I would like to thank the Photographer Samarpan Raj for wide coverage of the event. I also thank the media for covering the event on News. 

Flickr Link :

Ajay Kumar Jogawath,
Webmaker Mentor,
Telugu L10n Reviewer,
SUMO Contributor,
Mozilla India

Indian Independence Make Day
Ajay Kumar Jogawath ( on November 02, 2014 06:49 AM

Hello Everyone!!!
Firstly Wishing you a very very independence to you all :)

Event Name : Indian Independence Make Day
Reps Portal Link :
Webmaker Portal Link :!/events/4935 
Date : 15th August 2014
Venue : Mozilla IRC  -  #WebmakerIndia

Theme of this Event :

Mozilla India came with an idea of hosting  an online maker party to make, learn, teach and share about our Indian culture, history, diversity and every thing that we are proud of.

The Event started at 3:00 PM in the afternoon and i could see many the enthusiasm of many mozillians in creating the makes about the independence day themes.Mozillians collaborated using together.js to create the makes on independence day.

I have collaborated with Hemanth Vidyamari, a Webmaker Mentor from Mozilla Club Warangal and remixed an existing make using together.js. Its really fun collaborating with it. This are the makes we did.


I thank Mozilla India and Ankit Gadgil for organizing these IRC Maker Parties which are really helpful in learning how to create and remix makes in less time.

Flick Link :

Ajay Kumar Jogawath,
Mozilla Reps < >
Webmaker Super Mentor  < >

MozCoffee V 1.0
Ajay Kumar Jogawath ( on November 02, 2014 06:48 AM

Hello Everyone!!!!

After Joining the Mozilla Reps Program, i was feeling very much excited and enthusiastic and wanted to know like how many mozillians from the community " Mozilla Club Warangal" are active and contributing to mozilla. So, i thought of organizing a MozCoffee and named it as
" MozCoffee V 1.0 " [1].

Dyvik Chenna, a Mozilla Reps from Hyderabad was also in warangal and he also joined the MozCoffee. The day before MozCoffee i was with Dyvik and Bhargav ( Mozillian ) and we were discussing about the communities and sharing the works we do in our communities.

Later, we discussed about the problems faced by the community members in general for being active only during event and then disappear. All our ideas were included in the Etherpad [2].

So, MozCoffee started with around 20 members and started with introduction from attendees.

Dyvik Started by introducing himself and then asked the mozillians to introduce themselves.

Dyvik Started with the Agenda that we have planned. The topics included were
1) Community
3)Event Marketing
4)Firefox OS

Dyvik spoke on each of the topic and made them clearly understand to them that how a community works and the kind of projects different people work depending upon their interests. I was documenting the views of mozillians who are not able to contribute to mozilla even they know it from the past 1+ year.

After Dyvik, i started focussing on divide and conquer rule. Like, the one who wants to work for localization form a team, similar with Firefox Apps, Webmaker, SUMO and other projects.They felt this as the best idea. We also had 8 womoz from the Mozilla Warangal now, who are ready to speak and contribute to mozilla,open source. This was the result of Womoz Warangal'14 organized 2 weeks back. Later, concluded by saying that we will have regular offline and online meetups to make the community members more and more involved in different projects of mozilla. 

[1] Event Link on Reps Portal :

[2] Etherpad Link :

[3] Flickr Link :

Best Regards,
Ajay Kumar Jogawath,
Mozilla Reps

Maker Party @ Gangadevipally
Ajay Kumar Jogawath ( on November 02, 2014 06:48 AM

An amazing experience which i felt this week was the "MozRide" to a village i.e., Gangadevipally. Here, me along with Meraj Imran ( Mozilla Reps ) and Hitesh Kumar ( Mozillian) planned to organize an event Maker Party in a Villlage which is one of the best villages in India and it has been awarded as the Model Village. There is 90% of literacy, no alcohol consumption, 100% children going schools, no child labor, purified drinking water at a very low price etc.

 This was actually a 2 day event with a train the trainers event where the mozillians were trained how to host a maker party and how they can be a part of mozilla by contributing to different projects.

                                               MozRide to a Village - Gangadevipally

Me, Imran and Hitesh have trained the new people who joined the program upon Importance of Open Source and the Open Web, Mission of Mozilla and Web Maker Project, different ways to contribute to Mozilla, How to host Maker Parties, Web Maker tools, event guides to plan and host Maker Parties themselves. First day was very productive. All the newbie’s who joined us Day 1 are now in a stage to host Maker Parties on their own. All are satisfied with the training.

                                  You can see the foxes are ready to host maker parties
Second day was the Maker Party. We all were set and were very excited to host the event. Gram Sarpanch (A head of the village) has inaugurated the program. Many people of the village have joined us in the event. Children, farmers, Bank Officials, teachers, House wives were all the part of Maker Party. 

First Imran have given a brief Introduction to all the people about who we are, what we do as part of Mozilla and how we do. We have made four different stalls where our awesome mozillians were present to give awareness on Open Source, Internet, Open Web, Net Neutrality and Mozilla to the people and the rest of the event was showing them live about what Internet is, how to use the web using Firefox Browser.

Ofcourse, it was a village and we cannot find the internet over there and what we did is?  we used paper prototypes – we made a prototype to describe about internet, we used charts to describe about html tags. The second day of the event was also a great success.


Finally we took feedback from the villagers and gave a momento on behalf of Mozilla Warangal. People felt so happy for sharing the knowledge with them.

Best Regards,
Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Mozilla Reps
Webmaker Super Mentor

Mozilla Warangal Community Meetup
Ajay Kumar Jogawath ( on November 02, 2014 06:47 AM
Hello Everyone!!!

This time, i have organized a Community Meetup with Warangal Mozillians, where are all the active and core contributors are invited to make the future planning of Mozilla Warangal.

First we have an introductory session, where all the attendees have introduced to everyone. Later, i gave the clear idea of the reason why we all have gathered.

The Main aim of this meetup was to boost up all the existing mozillians in the community as well as recruiting new contributors. From the past events going on in Jayamukhi Firefox Clubs and Mozilla Club BIES, students from other colleges have been requesting us to inaugurate Firefox Clubs in their colleges. So,but there is no particular team and everyone is contributing in random projects. So, i have made four teams and assigned one mentor for each team so that the mentor will be guiding the new contributors in the particular project.

As per todays discussion, the teams and the team mentors are

[1] Localization   - Santhosh Mediga
[2] SUMO            - Bala Subramaniyam
[3] Webmaker     - Sai Sharan Amaravadhi
[4] Firefox Apps - Nithin Reddy Ganji

The Selection has been made based on their past contributions and their knowledge on the particular project. These Guys will be helping the existing as well as the new contributors for their involvement and contribution in the particular Project.

Later, discussed about the IRC Meetings, and the mentor is responsible for organizing an IRC meeting atleast once in a month to encourage new contributors as well as helping the existing contributors. Since we have four projects, every week , we will have one IRC meeting on one topic.

Also fixed some issues on club activties, vouching profiles and swag & budget requests for small events. Looking forward for qualitative contributions from the new Crew :)

More news can be seen on etherpad :

Pictures can be seen on Flickr here :

Best Regards,
Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Mozilla Representative

Developer Bootcamp Indore
Ajay Kumar Jogawath ( on November 02, 2014 06:46 AM
Hello Everyone!!

I am here to share my experiences of the event where i was invited as a speaker to give talk on Mozilla's mission, projects, products and Firefox OS.

Event Name : Developer Bootcamp Indore

Event Date : Sep 6th 2014,

Event Venue : Indore Institute of Science and Technology, Indore, M.P.

                                                          Event Poster

This event was well planned by Santosh Viswanatham, Kumar Rishav and Mayur Patil, but unfortunately due to some reasons, Mayur and Santosh couldn't make for this event.

 Event on Reps Portal :

As Santosh and Mayur cannot make to this event, Santosh asked me if i am available on that particular date to speak on Mozilla's Mission, Projects and Firefox OS. As a mozillian, i always love to speak on mozilla's mission, openness and projects. I accepted this invitation from Santosh and Planned to speak on Mozilla at Indore Institute of Science and Technology, Indore. I am thankful to Santosh, Mayur and Rishav for giving me chance to speak there on behalf of Mozilla.

Santosh connected me to the local Organizer Shubham Geete who helped me for the next tasks for the event.

It was Sep 5 2014, my tickets got booked and i started in the morning at 5:00 A.M. to the Bangalore Airport. It took almost 10-12 hours of journey to reach the awesome place Indore. I was really feeling refreshed when i stepped out of the Indore Airport. Then, in no time, i reached hotel, got fresh and met Shubham in the evening. We have sorted out the plan and proceedings of the event and checked whether if anything is missing in the event.

Sep 6 2014 - Indore Institute of Science and Technology

I reached the venue with shubham, who was the local mozillian and whole and sole responsible for the event. Kumar Rishav, Speaker on Firefox OS also reached the Venue and then the event started.

The Event Started with introduction of Speakers and i am glad to be a speaker and sitting on the Stage with the college management.

               On Stage with College Management and Kumar Rishav

Then, it moved with lighting of lamp and then started with the sessions.

                                                      Lighting of Lamp 

Then, i started with Introduction of Mozilla, clearly explaining on What is Open Source? What is Open Web? What is Mozilla ? Getting Involved with Mozilla. It was a huge crowd and amazing audience who were very co-operative and enthusiastic to answer the Questions when asked to them.

                     Amazing Audience 

My Session

                                        Me ( Ajay ) in Action

Meanwhile, Shafique, a local mozillian, community leader from Indore and Rahul Talreja, a mozillian from Bhopal Community and an awesome speaker on Appmaker joined us.

Later, introduced Shafique and Rahul to the Audience. Shafique, who is well known to the Indore Community, introduced himself in the regional language making the audience more comfortable with the speakers.

Shafique Patni, Indore Community Leader

Interacted with the audience and asked few questions to them and gave swag to the one who answered correctly.

Now, its time to switch to Firefox OS, Bugzilla, Firefox Apps and Appmaker, so we shifted to the Lab and started with hands-on session. Now,it was Rishav's turn to make the audience feel the Power of Firefox OS.

He Started with Bugzilla and shown them a hands-on how a bug works, how its created and how it helps.

Kumar Rishav's awesome session attracted the developer audience and this made the session very interactive.

Later, started a session on App Development and finally we made them to make their first ever app. "A Firefox App"

        Later, we had our Lunch with the awesome mozillians and the organizing team.

Later, we moved back to the lab after the "MozLunch" , there was a session on Appmaker by Rahul Talreja and he made the session so awesome with his live examples and the audience were successful in developing apps using appmaker.

After the appmaker session, we have cleared the queries that the audience had and finally had the closing ceremony by the College management. All the Speaker were honoured with Memento, an award of appreciation from the college, and we were happy to receive it from them.

Later, we had a group pic with all the participants, organizers and all the mozillians.

Finally, i would like to thank some of the awesome people without whom this event cannot be a success.
[1] Santosh, Mayur and Rishav for Planning the event.
[2] Shubham for taking the complete responsibility
[3] College Management for their Support
[4] Shafique and Rahul for their Sessions and Support
[5] And Yes, the awesome audience without whom this event couldn't happen.

Flickr Link :

Best Regards,
Ajay Kumar Jogawath,
Mozilla Representative,
Mozilla India

Firefox OS App Days at VIT University - Vellore
Ajay Kumar Jogawath ( on November 02, 2014 06:44 AM
Hola Amigos!!

This Blogpost is about sharing my experiences of Firefox OS App Days organized by Mozilla India Community in VIT University, Vellore,India on Sep 27-28 2014.

Event Name : Firefox OS App Days at VIT University - Vellore

Event Link :

Event Venue : Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India

It was Sep 27th , i started my journey in the morning via bus to reach the awesome venue VIT University. When i reached the venue, the awesome mozillians Santosh, Rishav, Harsha, Asrith were already came and were waiting for me. Since the event as per the plan should be started in the afternoon. We had our lunch and went to the Auditorium where our audience were waiting for us for the 24 hour hackathon.

Harsha, started his session by introducing the mozilla, its mission, projects and products to the audience. Also shown the videos related to mozilla and one of the video was " I am a Mozillian" which was the summary of Summit 2013, i shared my experiences of Mozilla Summit as i was one of the attendee of it.

Later, the awesome Webmaker+Appmaker tools are introduced by Rishav and Santosh. All the attendees had signed up and started using tools of webmaker and then Rishav shown the demo on the appmaker to them and then we gave them 1 hour time to create makes using Appmaker tool. After completion of Appmaker

After Appmaker, we gave a tea break which was for around 45 min and since it was a techno cutlural fest, we moved to different stalls and watched all the innovative stuff over there.

After the break, we had an ice breaking session and then moved with Firefox OS Session by Rishav and Santosh.
Later, a session on HTML and CSS by me and Rishav was followed in the night and Javascript session after it. Rishav was very enthusiastic even though it was midnight.

And even the audience were interested in developing apps and they sat whole night and till morning 6 am they developed apps.

Few Clicks of the night

Then, we gave a break to the students to have some refreshments, breakfast. After 1 and half hour we again Again we gave time to them to complete their apps till lunch and we helped them to complete their apps by using API's .
We told them to complete apps before lunch and then showcase their apps by giving a demo on the app they built.

After completion of their demos, it was very tough for us to decide and choose the winners of the appdays and finally we selected three best apps of the event and gave them the Firefox OS Phones to them.

                                             "Winners of the 24 hours hackathon"

After completion of the event, we had a feedback session and the feedback we got was really awesome from them. Many Students were the beginners and they learnt a lot in very less span of time.

The Speakers including me, Santosh, Rishav and Harsha were honoured with token of appreciation.
I have the bus just after the completion of event and left back to home. It was really a big experience for me as well as the complete AppDays Team and it was great working with the Developer Engagement Team. Kudos to Santosh, Harsha and Rishav  :)

Flickr : 

Best Regards
Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Mozilla Reps

Software Freedom Kosova 2014 – Event Report
giannisk on October 31, 2014 08:47 PM

I’m back from my recent trip to Albania and Kosovo and would love to share some of my experiences with you. As you may have previously read here, Mozilla participated in the Software Freedom Kosova conference, which took place between 24-26 October. This was the 6th edition of SFK, with the conference having its roots back in 2009; it has since hosted a lot of well-known international speakers around free and open-source software.

My trip began with flying to Tirana, Albania first, where I was met by local Mozillians and people from Open Labs, the local hard-working and active community whose members spread the love about free and open-source software and content in the region. I was to be joined by Elio, Aleksander, Kristi and also Redon and represent Mozilla at the conference together. That day we had a short meetup on the Open Labs community space and arranged any last details regarding our trip to Kosovo and our presence during the conference.  The next day, in the very early morning we took a bus from Tirana and after an about 4 hrs. trip we arrived in Pristina, the capital and also the largest city of Kosovo. That day the event took place in ICK – Innovation Center Kosovo and was filled only with workshops from other invited speakers, so apparently we didn’t have much stuff to do.

Happy moments at the #sfk14 mozilla booth.

The 2nd day of the conference took place in a different venue, the Faculty of Philology of the University of Pristina. Along with the rest guys we set up a very nice booth specialized in Firefox OS, where we showcased a lot of Firefox OS devices including Keons, Peaks, Flames, a Flatfish tablet and also an APC Rock board hooked-up on a LCD Screen. We were there to represent mozilla and our vision for the open web, to run hands-on Firefox OS representations and engage with the public. Of course we had plenty of mozilla swag to give away to all participants.

That day I held a talk titled “Firefox OS – Unleash the Future”. I started with a short introduction to the Mozilla Project and our mission and talked about our most-known products. Then I moved on to Firefox OS, analyzing some of the causes of the project and how Mozilla aims to bring a change to the mobile market. Moreover I did a somewhat deeper dive into the platform itself, describing it’s architecture and the structure of the mobile web apps.

During the web app development workshop.

The last day, the venue changed to the ICK – Innovation Center Kosovo again and we were the first ones to begin with our Firefox OS Web App Development Workshop. I was surprised that nearly all of our audience were students. I had to make a quick adjustment to our workshop schedule and todo list. I started by making a short reference to the Firefox OS architecture again, then talked a bit about the open web apps. Together with the audience we started by building a very simple packaged hello world app for Firefox OS just by writing a few lines of code and a very basic manifest file. We tested the app on the Firefox OS Simulator. Then we moved to the next level, we built a very simple calculator (four basic operations: add, subtract, multiply and divide) web app from scratch using the foundation responsive framework. In the end of a workshop we held a drawing where a lucky winner won a Firefox OS T-Shirt and four other people won Firefox OS-themed executive pens.

Web App Development Workshop – Group photo with some of the participants.

Later that day we left again for Albania by bus. It seems that every good community-related event comes to an end… or not! Since I was staying at Tirana for an extra day prior to going back to Greece we quickly planned a Mozilla Coffee event at the Open Labs community space to get the community together and exchange experiences. I will be soon writing another report for that, so stay tuned.

Summarizing, I believe we had a great impact on the event, although I was expecting more participants to be honest. The guys at FLOSSK however did a very nice job of organizing the event and I wish them good luck on future activities. Thank you for everything guys. And also many thanks to Elio, Aleskander, Kristi and Redon from Mozilla Albania for their awesome help and company throughout SFK. Cheers!

Reps Weekly Call – October 30th 2014
Ruben Martin [:Nukeador] on October 31, 2014 01:00 PM

Last Thursday we had our regular weekly call about the Reps program, where we talk about what’s going on in the program and what Reps have been doing during the last week.

  • Mozfest.
  • Contributor Survey.
  • Community Content Contributor for the new Tiles Project.
  • Firefox OS BUS update.

Detailed notes

AirMozilla video

Don’t forget to comment about this call on Discourse and we hope to see you next week!

Mozilla at Software Freedom Kosova 2014 (English)
Elio Qoshi on October 30, 2014 12:38 PM

This is a blogpost by Elio Qoshi, Rep and Mozilla Albania’s very own community builder. The blog post is in English.

As with so many open source conferences, Software Freedom Kosova, Kosovo’s biggest FLOSS conference, has turned into tradition after the 2nd edition in 2010. Once something so solid is established it’s hard to abandon it at a certain point. It becomes a common habit of the community.

However, things were a bit different this year, with more and more plans in the agenda of FLOSSK, Kosova’s very own FLOSS community: a super awesome new hackerspace, exciting new times are ahead for the open source movement in Kosovo. Yet, the future of SFK remained unclear, as so many new things kept appearing on the community’s plates.

Luckily, SFK14 was soon after announced, being the 6th edition of the well known FLOSS tradition in Kosovo. Although it was delayed over a month (SFK is usually held in the beginning of September) we from Open Labs Albania, were highly looking forward to it.  So we did our preparations accordingly.

On a side note, I would not be able to attend SFK14, due to my invitation at Mozilla Festival London 2014, a major annual event I was invited to by ReMo as a Mozilla Representative. Unfortunately though, my UK visa was refused in the last days so I was unable to attend. Fair enough, I decided to attend SFK14 instead.







I was lucky to get sponsored by Mozilla in such a quick turnaround as I was not expecting to be unable to attend MozFest (thanks to Brian King for the help).

We were happy to await Giannis Konstantinidis in Tirana, as a confirmed Mozilla speaker for SFK. I met Giannis the first time at FOSDEM 2014 in Brussels, where we were sponsored Reps helping out at the booth and DevRoom. It seems some things never change so it was good to see that our stupid jokes and “classy” Albanian humour were as awesome as always.

As part of the Mozilla team, Kristi Progri and Aleksander Koko were chosen to be facilitators together with Giannis and me at SFK14. Together with Redon, also Mozilla Rep from Albania, we had a very solid team from Albania, strengthening the Mozilla presence in Prishtina immensely.








After a 5h long bus trip, we arrived at Han Hostel in Prishtina (which I highly recommend, super cool staff, great accomodation and very cheap).My mom told me to stay warm, which I remembered of course.

We were prepared with jackets, scarfs and hoodies, however we did not expect Prishtina to be THAT cold. It snowed at certain times and the wind was unbearable with bare skin revealed. However Mozillians stay strong, so we endured at the end (after having several teas and hot chocolates, obviously). Several selfies kept our moral high in the cold also.

The first day was filled with workshops and hands-on sessions.

As a non-coder and designer, I had a little bit of a hard time following, however there were some great sessions which I enjoyed checking out. The fact most speakers were albanian, was also very encouraging for communities like us. For the rest of the day, we decided to relax a bit. It’s worth to say that we also did not eat a single proper healthy meal. Are we supposed to eat healthy at FLOSS conferences anyway?

After having a good sleep, we became ready for the second day. The main conference was taking place at that day, with well known speakers among the mindlike communities and booths impatiently awaiting the attendants between the sessions.

I’m proud to say that Mozilla had the biggest booth with plenty of swag and Firefox OS phones. The Firefox OS Flames were the rockstars, showing off the true potential of Firefox OS.

We socialized a lot and spread Mozilla love since the start. It was exciting and tiresome at some times, especially when crowds would gather around the booth, but with such amazing Mozillians, this was unable to fail.

Later on, Giannis’ would talk about Firefox OS and how it works and what it offers. The talk was solid and an interactive Q&A session followed.

From time to time, we went to check out some talks once we had the chance, however it was a bit disappointing to see much fewer people attending the conference than in the last years ( I attended SFK13 also). With such a quick turnaround and such a cold weather, I could guess why though.

The third and last day was workshop day again and Giannis would hold the Firefox OS workshop right in the start. As being infamously no early birds, we arrived 20 minutes late, however the situation was under control (how couldn’t it?). The workshop was filled with 90 minutes full of fun and coding. Apart the one guy who was trying to install the Firefox OS Simulator on Google Chrome, everything went smooth (hellooo this is a Mozilla workshop!). Also, at the end of the workshop we gave out some limited edition Firefox OS rolling ball pens, and an exclusive Firefox OS Launch T-Shirt. Of course a group photo shouldn’t miss:

A 5h long trip back to Tirana and several hot teas awaited us afterwards.
It was good to be back in Prishtina for SFK14 and the experience was immensely rewarding.
Although the weather was not in our favour (did I mention it was cold?) we came back with lots of stories to tell.
My expectations are however much higher for SFK15, let’s hope the guys can deliver again such a hugely succesful conference. We will be definitely there.

My #Mozfest 2014
Emma on October 29, 2014 08:29 PM

As per usual, the Mozilla Festival was amazing.  I always find attending this event unofficially sets my course for the new year – and it’s already clear that will be the case again for 2015, as a result of Baroness Beeban Kidron’s keynote.

“Young people must understand not only how the web works, but be aware of it’s purposes, it’s social outcomes, and they have to be participants in creating the web of the future.”

“Parental controls do not work, do not build resilience and subsequently block the opportunity.”

“Digital use must be informed and desired, not simply a reward-driving culture for someone else’s bottom line.”

“The right to digital literacy – includes  social literacy, understanding the philosophy, to make it and create it.”

“Digital literacy, the language of their generation, the language which society is being built deserves the same care and attendion we as English litearcy.

I feel like Beeben’s speech confirmed my current direction including lecturing on digital literacy at a parent’s gathering later this month.  In 2015 I want to focus as much on parents and educators as I have been with youth.  I think I’ll be sharing this speech often.

You can watch Beeban’s speech starting just after 6 minutes.

Otherwise,  the Mozilla Festival had more inspiring moments, and people than I can find time to write about, including the Community Building track.  I taught a session on ‘Contributing to Open Source’, which was wonderful but we ran out of time.  I’ll be sharing a teaching kit on the collaborative outcome in the near future.

I was also able to share a bit of the story of my work here in Sooke during the lightening talks on Saturday evening – normally speaking isn’t difficult, but in a room filled with peers and mentors  – unexpectedly nervous!

I want to wrap up to say how amazing the Mozilla Reps are.  This is my 3rd Mozfest, and I am just more and more proud to be part of this volunteer community.   Reps were everywhere at this festival having huge impact – leading sessions, leading volunteers, leading talks, leading Karokee :) – and most impressively staffing the Firefox Flame – Flashing booth. Reps are dedicated, talented, passionate and hard working volunteers and I’m so honoured to have had this opportunity to work among them again for another Mozfest.


Open Hatch & Mozilla
Emma on October 29, 2014 06:41 PM

In recent years, I’ve organized loads of Webmaker events for youth.  And on the opposite end, I’ve also run  many hackathons for experienced engineers interested in contributing to open source, through my work at SocialCoding4Good.

For just as long, I’ve noticed the absence of opportunity for higher education students to get involved, which is why I was so excited to partner with Open Hatch Comes to Campus for an event at the University of Victoria on October 18th.

Open Source Comes to Campus is a one-day workshop to teach the tools and culture of open source development and to help students impact real projects.

The goal of the event was to introduce computer science students to basic tools required to get started on a project, and then to provide them with opportunity to contribute to an open source project.  Our project of choice was Mozilla Webmaker, which included, and Popcorn Maker.

Open Hatch has done a fantastic job creating curriculum for self-directed and event learning.   Our morning  began with an  IRC session led by Errietta via Skype. Errietta is a Webmaker and Freenode contributor.  Learning IRC is not just about understanding ‘text based chat’, it’s about understanding the ecosystem for communication and ways to get and lend support in open source.

I learned Git through paid-work,  and after already using SVN, CVS (among others) for a number of years – so I appreciated the learning curve for one day.  I think Open Hatch’s curriculum works, because it’s learning-by-doing – pushing to a real repo, really ‘seeing’ how things work.

After lunch, we had an invited guest from Open Data BC : Herb Lainchbury , who spoke for half an hour on Open Data.   Open Data and Mozilla communities collaborate often locally, and I thought it would be another great angle to provide students with the knowledge that open data is ‘out there’ and something they can leverage for any number of reasons.  There were some great questions.

The last part of the day was reserved for Webmaker Code contribution.  We tried to make this part as simple as possible, by creating a Virtual Machine of the Webmaker environment.   Our goal was to provide students with as little ‘frustration’ in getting started, as environment-setup can often takeup this entire space.   For the most part, this was a success, as students were able to bring up the Webmaker Suite, and look into the code and test bugs.

What I didn’t expect is that, many students *wanted* to spend their time hacking on, and learning about the environment  – and not jumping right to bugs. Fortunately and I cannot emphasis this enough – having Errietta in IRC to answer questions on everything from code structure to environment errors  – saved the day.

Overall I think this event was a great success, we had lots of good feedback and ideas for next time. I think in a perfect world, this would be a two-day event. I think students needed more time to work with IRC, environment and git, and that an entire day could be for the project piece.

I was surprised to learn that FOSS contribution is really just ‘skimmed’ over in computer science classes, and so I’m hopeful that  events like this can eventually lead to a re-visit of curriculum in higher ed. To that end, I have some personal goals around the Web Literacy Map and running events that focus on contributing to Mozilla.  Here are a few of the literacies we covered:

  • Community Participation
  • Collaboration
  • Open Practices
  • Coding/Scripting
  • Infrastructure

I hope to put together a training mission, based on the event we ran – tagged with these literacies. Until then, if you are interested in doing something similar please reach out to me, or Open Hatch .  If you are interested in contributing to Mozilla, please check out our new Get Involved Page.


Behind the Scenes of Mozfest
Robert Sayles ( on October 29, 2014 02:53 AM
I was asked back in July to come back as one of the Volunteer Coordinators for Mozfest 2014.  So what does the Volunteer Coordinator do during Mozfest? Here we go; I arrived in London from Chicago on Wednesday, first heading to MozLDN office to meet the remaining of the team to get a briefing about the production schedule. Sarah Allen, Mozilla Festival Production Director, who did an excellent job on getting everything in place.  She worked countless hours with a team of experts, such as Marc, Ben, Dan and Chris. This year, I would be organizing volunteers and making sure we have the appropriate staffing to man the operations during the entire Festival.  With that been said, I was responsible for having volunteers at the Registration table, setting up Information Booths, Science Fair, keynote sessions, Catering Food and Drinks around the festival.  It was an enormous task, but I knew from my leadership abilities, I was the right person getting the job done.  This year, which was my second year, so I am now a veteran (smiles), I was prepare to move up and down the nine levels of Ravesbourne College.  Yes, I even lost weight (smiles), even though, it was challenging with my jetlag and lack of sleep, I manage to make it through the day with positive energy.  I had a great time and if I had to do it all again, I would do it in a heartbeat.  This year, when someone needed help, we used the hashtag #mozhelp and we were there to rescue that person.  We had over 120 volunteers, we couldn't have done it without them.   I couldn't be more prouder to be a part of the Mozilla Festival team.  I look forward on many years to come to be the one on the Radio, saying "Robert to XXXX, what's your location."  Well, we did it and we survived another Mozfest and job well done Mozilla!

Mozilla Hispano in Valencia again
FrancJP on October 28, 2014 12:52 PM

On October 18th we’ve been once again in Valencia to present the new features that brings Firefox OS, and to talk a little about our community. The venue that we choose this time was Las Naves, a co-working space with a lot of activities and many events nowadays.

While this time the event was shorter than we used to have, we didn’t missed the opportunity to talk about what is Mozilla, how to contribute in the Mozilla Hispano community, and the development of Firefox OS. We had also the opportunity to demo how marketplace works, and the new version 2.0 of the mobile OS.

As always, we had the priceless help from Angel and Fernando, our local mozillians, who made the arrangements to get the venue, and Adrián Crespo, a Rep that will be mentioned several times from now on.

While the attendees weren’t so many, Adrian and Fernando could explain them where is the development of Firefox OS at this moments, and the new features that includes, and will be included in next releases. The audience were primary web-developers, so we didn’t have to dig too much in the details, or be careful for using tech language.

At the end we had time for networking, and we could talk more with the attendees in a 1:1 way. We’ve found that some of them were working on providing apps that runs on several platforms, and they would like to know how Firefox OS will fit in their development ideas.

So all in all a good event again, we found new opportunities to have presence in Valencia, people are excited to know better about the new projects by Mozilla, and we had the opportunity to show how our community works.

Hopefully we will return to Valencia pretty soon.

SFK ’14 Updates & MozCafé Tirana #2
giannisk on October 26, 2014 09:15 PM

Here’s a quick update: we’ve just been back to Tirana, Albania from Software Freedom Kosova Conference SFK ’14.

Mozilla was present during the conference with a huge booth, specialized in Firefox OS. During the 2nd day of the conference, I also gave a talk titled “Firefox OS – Unleash the Future” and on the 3rd day we run a Firefox OS web app development workshop. Anyway, a detailed event report is to follow up soon.

Since I will be around Tirana until Tuesday morning, we decided we could organize a Mozilla Coffee in Tirana on Monday (yeah, that’s tomorrow). Local mozillians will be there. We’ll discuss about the latest news regarding our project, share experiences and plan future activities. There will also be plenty of mozilla gear for everyone to grab. The event will take place at 6:00pm (local time) at the Open Labs community space. More info at the facebook event page.

A big shout-out to Elio, Aleksander, Kristi and Redon for their awesome help and company so far.



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